need specific replacement info for head gaskets and timing belt replacement

Hard to steer and making nosie

My car idles to fast and it gos up and down.. sometimes it stalls.

I'VE had several mechanics look at it, to me it's something electrical however, the last shop said 3 of the 6 injectors needed replacing. when at a traffic light it shakes, when I accelerate it hesitates for 15-20 sec then it gets up to speed. Can any relate to this problem. Also the radio dose not work and there is a constant drain on the battery, I've replace the battery for the last 3 years. help please

The brake booster is unbolted and the master cylinder is removed. The intake and the housing for the strut is causing the booster not to come out. The dealer was no help. The tech told me just unbolt and pull out. It's not that simple. I forgot to mention the pin for the brake is removed as well. Can you or somebody please help me. Thank you. Eric.

i need to charge sys.

Happens every day now. What could make this happen?

I replaced the egr valve per nissans instruction and the egr light is still on I disconnected the battery over nite how do I shut the light off?

I have already replaced all the power steering parts several months ago.

just had the check engine light took off cause of a code on there p0443 but now its still shuts off what could that be i had the part fixed thought i wont lose power any more

Lights and horn will not shut off after a new battery was installed. This was not a problem in the past when I have replaced batteries.

it may start then it want some day's i will crank others it want

My 95 j30 runs gr8 4-5 days on then 4-5 days off....wen it wont start theres nothing i can do to get it to start...battery,ignition,starter..everything works/is only option is waiting 4-5 days and itll start right hesitation and runs perfectly...4-5 days happens all over again...been doin this for 3months now...advice anyone??

Ok...this is exactly how she does....she starts up n run fricken awesome....5-6 days later ill get in her to go to the store & what happens?? NOTHING!! NO SOUND WHAT SO Ever! Battery,terminals,wires,ignition,starter good...plenty premium gas in the tank....Everything is working but the motor wont turn over or even click....4-5 days later after it sits there untouched ill get in it...and get this...she starts right up!! No hesitation nothing..starts n drives perfectly!! Omg....yall i love this car more than i prolly shuld can sum 1 plz help us?? Any suggestions comments will b so gr8ly appreciated!!!

checkn engine light is on while in park it shakes ive never had any problems with my car untill now ? can anyone help me. its driveable but i prefer not to go far..

About 90% of the time, my heat gauge doesn't operate. but sometimes it randomly clicks on and works just like normal. What should I do to try and fix this?

There is no check engine light on and the only thing I did was an oil change. But, the first time it stalled, I thought I had put bad gas in the car. I poured in some gas treatment. What could it be.

won't start, no gas. Replaced the fuel pump still no gas.
could it be in the anti theft fuel shut of system?

bezel wood trim, shift trim, stereo and ac controls are already out

window goes down but not up, i hear the sound: is this pronblem fixable and what will be the cost> thank you in advance!

keep in mind it some ti ames has this kinda knocking sound gets better sometimes when we use a fuel cleaner or injector cleaner could that be the cause of lo of gas

wheres my code connection at on my 1993 j-30

starts right up with short shots of starting fluid,R&Rd used engine,replaced TPS...could bad ajustment of this cause engine not to stay running

could it be?

I was changing the oil on my 94 Infiniti j30 when I took the oil filter off a ball bearing dropped out of the engine I looked and it came from the oil pressure relief valve and the cap that keeps the ball in place is cracked where can I get a new one fast. This is my only transportation

There is no evidence of water in oil

I replaced my 1997 J30t engine last week, but now it shifts late-at 3,000-4,000 RPMs. Autozone got a transmission related code.

My 1994 j30 has low engine power. Low acceleration. engine is loud.

I own a 93 Infiniti J30..Ive recently had problems with eratic idling, severe hesitation, and stalling..the stalling would happen in two different way would be right after starting or when pressing the accelorator, the engine would die down and stall..but I would still have electrical/battery power and with flooring the accelerator I could restart the car...but it would also stall in anohter way..while driving, then slowing down ( not sure if it happened when I pressed the breaks or not ) the car would suddenly and completely die.. no engine die down, it would just cut off with absolutely no electrical/battery power and no interior lights or ignition key reaction. After trying different things, I found that there is a red plastic connector attached to the positive battery cable..when I slide it off it's L shape pin, which is connected to the positive battery cable terminal, then reconnect it, the power comes back on in the car and it will start right back up...I dont know if the red connector is supposed to be able to come off its pin or if it is broken, but everytime the car stalls like this..suddenly and with no electrical power..I can disconnect and reconnect this connector and the power will come back on...but when I wiggled and disconnected it with the car running, it did not stall out the car..
So I pulled coeds from the ECU and got a faulty temperature sensor reading... I replaced it, and cleaned the throttle bodies and MAF ( using proper cleaners for both ) and now the idle/hesitaion/die-down stalling problems seems to be fixed..but the car is still cutting off with no electrical power after driving then slowing down..such as to turn a my questions are..what could be causing this, could it have anything to do with pressing the brakes, what is the red connector attached to the positive battery cable terminal and where does it lead?Any help would be greatly appreciated

It was diagnosed with a failed injector on # 1 cylinder