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My 1994 j30 has low engine power. Low acceleration. engine is loud.
I own a 93 Infiniti J30..Ive recently had problems with eratic idling, severe hesitation, and stalling..the stalling would happen in two different way would be right after starting or when pressing the accel...
It was diagnosed with a failed injector on # 1 cylinder
every thing seems work but at night when i turn the light on the dashbord light doesnt turn on and no radio or cd player either
having problems shifting gear into drive from park. the car shifter button jams. after many tries it shifts but after many tries, however other times I get in the car and it shifts with no problem.
During the day, my lights are always on, unless the car is completely off, is there a way I can turn them on and off at will?
This past weekend, I lost power to the car. The thermometer reached near the redline, the battery light came on, the brake light came on, and the car eventually lost all power and quit working. I had the car jumped, i...
my car will not start i have change the knock sensor o2sensor new battery new fuel pump
The passenger side door is shut and not operating either manually or electronically. The lock moves but electronically jams back to lock position again. Also, the radio is not working. Not sure if it is related electr...
Where can I find the parts, at what price and can I us used parts on this job?
I have been told that my car (1995 J30 Infiniti) needs bushings and strut rod ??. I have checked and these items are very expensive, the cost I am being quoted to repair of do a front end alignment on thes car is 1500...
driving on the hiway 60 65 the car will drop speed like theres thers no gas coming through the carb but if you pump the gas it comes back does not happen all the time i have noticed it happens when tank is low ...
I have a 95 j30 and my gas meter does not seem to be working I was told it was the fuel sending switch/unit. I would like to know where it is located in the engine bay, and also if anybody else has experienced this pr...
Hi ,Just turn on the heat and noticed that the fan was not blowing any heat .Please help, what could be the problem?
How to replace the water pump?
where can i find one
My j30 has no power. I turned off the key and forgot to roll up window. turned key on again and nothing! no power at all. trunk will not open or gas filler door, etc... I used a meter to test the battery and it i...
cost to replace water pump
How to change a timing belt? How many days does it take to change it and what tools are needed please. Everyone is giving me the run around and I need to know details on how to change this timing belt on my car to get...
Stop lights remain on at all times, even with car off and key out of ignition. Could this be a brake light switch indicator?
my car just suddenly switches off when I am in traffic. The 'SLIP' and 'TCS' light will show. It will refuse to start untill after about 30 to 45 mins.
where is the fuel filter located on a 1996 j30 infiniti
i cant locate the oil filter on this car. can you let me know please
the sarter is not engaging the flywheel, it just spinning & won't crank up the car
the starter motor just spins, does not engage the flywheel. The belts & pulleys only spins a little.
the belt is new but it makes a sqeeling sound when i drive
had ac replaced last season by an individual that works for a dealership, so i do not think i have any recourse. it never really worked well but it did cool enough until the other day. i put in a can of freon and the ...
all of a sudden power window and sunroof and a/c stoped working checked fuse and they are good what else could it be
Air compressor is fine, but Clutch is worn out & engage the compressor. Can the clutch be replaced w/o replacing entire unit? Thank you
When I'm driving up hills my car starts to jerk and loses power. So i've tried putting it in a lower gear and although it goes up the hills better it still doesnt seem to have as much power as before. Any suggestions?