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P1212 , p0500, p0300, p1800, u1001,p1574 ascd, p0057 h0252
ENGLISH There is a high vibration and sound motorized stand when more pressure on the brakes and when transport or change to N
My car's AT Check light flashes exactly 16 times when restarting it after running at highway speeds. There are no other lights, stored codes, or problems with drivability other than somewhat clunky shifts in the lower...
Had the speedometer sensor changed and now the automatic transmission wont shift through the gears
First my break lights and battery lights turned on...then my car stopped working with full raise all of a sudden...with my engine still on...
I got in my car and noticed a electrial smell no smoke. I drove to work everything was running fine. Tried all the accessories everything worked. The smell was stronges down on the floor by the pedals. Any idea on...
Lots of the dash board lights came on and now car won't do anything after shutting off
I have to go under my hood and remove parts to get to light bulb area. Trying to find out how to change without doing so.
P0303 misfire need to know location of the #3 cylinder to troubleshoot the DTC.
code 0011 is possible bad camshaft position sensor? Where is this located on the engine and is there 1 or 2 sensors? Engine oil is clean and changed every 3,000 mi.Also it could be an intake valve timing control ...
Out of three estimates that was from 1 to 2 hundred dollars cheaper than the other other two. Is their anything I should know before I have the cheapest price do the work. Thank you for any info.
just replaced a radiator today, purged the system recently, and the ac gages show it working perfect,
This has been the best car I have ever owned however at 120,000 miles the camshaft sprockets began to make terrible noise on cold start. I had them replaced but the engine had to be torn apart to get at them. I have c...
loking for a speed sencor,a little device attach to the trani,i dont have the part # i do have the vin would that help
The alarm is going off at random for no reason. A random person came up to me and said he also has an infinity and his did the same thing. he disconnected his hood sensor and now has no problems. How do i do that?
how do u replace the alternator? is it difficult on this model car?