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What can It be? and is it common in these cars? it is loud enough for me to hear and it bothers me I think other people from outside can hear too. if I put steering fluid it quiets it down some but then it needs eve...
White smoke from the air vents when car was started. Stutter when started and loss of power from engine. Car would not go more than 20 Mph and struggled to get there. Never went over 2 thousand rpm.
My car has had a clicking noise for a while now but it has now become almost a knock. Its been suggested its the Purge Valve and its been suggested I get a new engine. One dealer wouldnt perform the TSB because he kne...
Doing more research, I found that there is a specific fluid for my car and I believe they used regular ATF. Between the huge leak and improper fluid, are they liable for repair costs?
It happens most of the time when half tank or less of gas I stop to fuel up car won't start or starts engine revs then dies takes a few tries finally it starts happening more now when car has warmed up
Even if im not touching the remote goes off and it only does it some times none of the buttons does that accion all of them they make the alarm goes off the only way that i have to lock my car is locking the car from ...
Soon as I replaced it..touched bat terminal.. Blew again??
Do I need to reset it some way, or calibrate it? If so, is that something I can do myself?
what specific tools are needed to replace brake pads on this vehicle?
Acts like it wants to start..turns over but doesn't start