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White smoke from the air vents when car was started. Stutter when started and loss of power from engine. Car would not go more than 20 Mph and struggled to get there. Never went over 2 thousand rpm.
The car also smokes when you crank it pretty bad but only if it is a cold start, and when you drive it at the point the car reaches 2500 RPMs in any gear in manual and auto It stalls and drops back down to 2000 rpms a...
Ive read the same issue on the FX models, my dash is crack in every corner.
Hey, the other day after a cruise, I was parking the car, it started to hint as if it was going to stall, when I put it in reverse it completely stalled as if you would stall a manual transmission. I put it in ...
Love this car..but frustrated with this brake noise. Every morning..very loud brake squeal..for several mins..They apply some lubricant or fix for about 2 days..Embarrassing when leaving parking lots or proceeding fro...
looking to purchase a used car and just want to get an idea
I am being told that I need rear brakes with only 19,000 miles. Is this possible so soon ?
how many miles can i drive before replacing rear brake pads