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My break light, and battery light either stays on or flashes When flashing it dimming my headlights. The occasionally my ABS brake light comes on
have bought more than one new battery. would a ground be makeing my battery lose charge.
Non lsd after trans swap and install i only have reverse but there is no grinding or hard shift any idea on whati can do to get her into drive again. Can i take the old shift solenoids out of my blown trans? Im stuck ...
When my 96 g20 is cold and I back out of the garage I have my foot lightly on the brake all of a sudden I feel a clunk that comes thru the brake pedal. It feels like when your ABS are activated during hard braking.
Hi I have a1993infinty g20 2.0 motor car has 98000 mile car has new cap rotor spark plugs wires and fuel filter no ck engine light on originall fuel pump me hint told me to change tps sensor but didn't help any clues...
Hello the air in my car is working fine, however when I change from air to heat the heat will not kick-in. I heard there is a door needing to be closed. How do I do this? Thanks.
and my oil smells like gas too
Hi, My car started to overheat last week because I hadn't checked the coolant level in a while. I went ahead and filled the radiator and reservoir up per the instructions... I'm out driving on a cool morning (abou...
I have an 02 infiniti g20 my dashboard isn't well lit and lately the speedometer light won't come on. The right side of the dashboard has light (the rpm) but the left side (speedometer) doesn't have light. The radio a...
About 2 weeks ago I noticed my power steering fading, now it is as if the car has died when I try to turn corners and earlier today I started the car and my belts were screaming and smoking. I don't know what the prob...
The car will go in gear 1,2,3,4, but won't go in 5th or reverse, after driving a little while car won't go in 1,2,3,4 or reverse but will go in 5th what could be the problem
The car could be running fine and I will come to a stop and the car will turn off. When I start again I must keep a foot the gas to keep it running.
I just need to know where is located can't find it
car will start-sometimes battery and starter seem fine but sometimes you turn key and nothing happens circuitry between key-battery-starter doesn't always connect
Just start dont have power and stall P0105 code
my electrician removed the fuel gauge meter for replacement.
Where or how can I obtain that piece. Mine is cracked/broken.
Has happened 2 times today. Makes the instrument panel not work. No speedometer or odometer.
a second or two. We replaced the bttery and starter. What would cause this?
just stop in the highway
air flows out the defrost vents up top the dash, but nothing flows from main nor floor vents.
My dashboard lights are out and also my tail lights are out. What could it be? i did replace the front small light bulbs but nothing seems to happen, All the gauges work its just the lights.
Bedn at the repair shop over a week now, they say its asecurity issue
have spark at plugs and power at inj puls still will not fire,have fuel presser can start by priming intake with fuel