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about once a month the car will just die because the alternator quits. I get a new alternator and charge the battery and its fine . a month or so later it dies again.
Ive gotten a tune up, and down im told that it might be the distributor. there are not lights on the dash board, when it stops it turns right back on and i can drive but it will turn off after 20 mins or sometimes less
Twice my 2002 Infiniti G20 has emitted a strong gasoline smell from the ac. Both times it was over 80F outside and the car had been in use for 20 minutes with a 15 minute break and then another 20 minutes. The first...
Has a "Loss of Power", stalls & dies,but runs better in neutral @ stop lite. Passed auto emmissions ntest.Owned for 10 yrs/$152K miles. Maintained religiously.Out of a job so can’t replace auto @ this time. My mecha...
How do I adjust the headlites
Please tell me how can I unhook the factory alarm on my vehicle? When I go to crank my car it'll crank & stay crunk for about 2-3 mins & the car will totally shut down losing power & all, the lights won't come on, the...
My 2001 Infiniti G-20 is approaching 100,000 miles. no major repairs yet but maintenance has been getting more expensive. I heard a rumor that infinitis don't do well past 100K. thoughts? thoughts on paying for repair...
1993 1/2 Infinity G20*Loss of power & speed, rough ideling, stalls, & short in dash. Has 153K. Will not stop if placed in "neutral @ stop light. Passed auto emmissions test. Owned-10yrs & maintained relgiously. Repair...
Have 153,0000 miles on my auto. Car has loss of power & stalls & stops when shifting gears & runs best @ a stoplight if place in "neutral"..... Tachometer appears to have a short .
i need to know where my starter is located
even with oxygen sensor working properly,wiring nd connectors good code will set in ecm
when car is warmed up good, then switched off an left for 15mins and i attempt to restart sometimes it starts and dies twice. i just tap the gas pedal a little to keep it from dying. when released it idles ok. but the...
How imperative is it to replace the wheel bearings in the front right side....can I drive on it a little while and what will ultimately happen if I continue to drive on bad bearings?
When car is running the factory alarm sounds requiring me to stop get out and reset the alarm by putting the key in the drivers side door.
Hello, when I put my car into drive it makes a very loud and forceful clunking noise. I didn't really notice any difference in the tranny prior to this noise....please help me...thank you...p.s. it has an automatic t...
How to Replace the Shocks
How to Replace the Shocks
where is the knock located and do you have picture or diagraphm of it
I just got my 1993 infiniti less than a week ago. The car has auto start and alarm on it. It also came with two remotes the dealer said the other remote must have been an extra. However, the other day I was in the ...
the engine will turnover but not start
When braking, left front wheel makes a rotational scraping sound. Shop that installed brakes said backing plate is touching rotor. Can this be easily adjusted?
I previously asked a question about rubber strip....I rubber strip I was asking about is the strip on the inside of the car along the door and the frame.
The rubber strip came off the whole side of the car. What would it cost to repair this?
The Automatic door lock does not work. I have to go around to passenger side to lock the car with the key. What would it cost to repair this?
When the heater is turned on, a strong coolant smell can be detected in the passenger compartment
HI I can't get my driver side door to unlock so i can open the door. does anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks Rian
i have bought every thing new in the cooling system the raiator the thermastat, the rad hose the rd cap and its still is over heating what could it be?
I'm by no means a mechanic, my 92 G20 top belt broke, trying to save it hard to replace by a novise?
while driving on the hywy, accelerate to 65 mph the car started to decelerate till it stopped , I manuvered the car to the shoulder and the car stopped. The motor would turn on, would not start. Thanks for your a...