The AC stopped working and my wife was told by a shop that we had to replace everything ($2500) when I was out of town. She told him she didn't want to do that and then he backed it down to a little over $1000. I want to recharge it and see if I can find a leak and work my way from there.

bump/seems to be getting louder

Sometimes they function perfectically and they will not work at all. My mechanic had my car today, could not determine the exact cause. They were working perfectically. He attempted to induce the problem through vibration to included tapping on the wiper motor, and the wipers continued to work. He said that if only he could see them when they are not working,then could he accuately determine the cause. He that the problem is in either the wiper motor or the wiper on and off switch. I have also tried to get clues to the cause. This afternoon, I started the car and fliped the switch. They did nothing. I popped the hood, and tapped on the wiper motor----NO GO. As soon as I dropped the hood----WORKING.

Any help would be appreciated as the repair manuals are hard to find and expensive. Thanks

is their a third brake light fuse or what brake lights work but not the third brake light

My alarm goes off periodically for no apparent reason. I did change the battery in the remote but it still is going off. Does any one know why this is happening

my cooling fans are not coming on and my car keeps over heating

just want to change the spark plugs and they are not sitting on top the engine when I take off the wires, where are they??

My G20 starts to idle rough then all the lights on the dash go on then it goes completely dead. It will restart with a jump but dies after removing the cables from the other car. I have replaced the Battery and Alternator 4 times each and the problem continues

engine loses power under load

My wife and I have searched all over to get a rt rear combination light assy. Please help, Thank you Jennifer & Craig

the shift lock is locked it just happened last night how do i turn it off

I just completed replacing the rear engine seal on my G20 with 195,000 miles. The seal was leaking and no transmission problems.
When the car is in park, reverse or neutral it has a severe vibration, but when you put it in drive it is smooth until you brake and as you approach stopping the vibration returns until you come to a complete stop. I put everything back together and replaced the transmission filter and pan gasket and refilled it with DEXRON III. Can anyone help.

My car has this weird thing it idles ruff in drive fine in park neutral and reverse just when I put it in drive

I've brought my car to two different shops so far. the first changes an oxygen sensor. the second was stumped. My car sputters and dies mostly in the morning at high idle. It seems to die more when i put it in reverse. Once it's warmed up it usually drives ok. But lately i'll drive it for a good hour. with no problem, but then i'll stop for like 15 minutes or so and it dies a few times before it warms up again. I've gotten a new fuel pump recently. It seems to me like it's not getting enough of something or somethings clogged. The diagnoses plug in never seems to help or pinpoint the problem. Its been an ongoing problem for three momnths or so.

I have been trying to remove the axle's from the transmission for over a week and i can't seem to get them to break free i have tried a ball joint fork and a heavy duty screw driver and neither worked is there a special way to go about doing this?

I have a 2000 infiniti g20, when you ease the gas it goes fine but when you get on it like taking an exit for example the car will start bogging really bad and lose power at like 5k rpms I put a new maf sensor on it worked fine for two days and now its doing it again I really need help with this one!

I have had this car for four years now. I recently replaced the alternator and battery. But still having power problems. It runs great but it will turn off after 20 minutes (shorter if running headlights,radio,etc.) My infiniti G20 alternator keeps going out and battery dies.
One thing I noticed is the ABS light comes on shortly before the car is going to lose power and die. Please help!

After driving InfinitiG20 for about 15 minutes, the MPH guage, RPM guage and temp guage goes to zero. The electronic guage that tells you how many miles you've driven will not register. There doesn't seem to be any problem with the engine, the car runs fine when this occurs. If you stop the engine for a while and restart the car the guages work fine for awhile and the same thing occurs. the mechanic couldn't find a problem. Help!

car makes rattling noise


The thfet light blinks when trying to start

does this vehicle have a timing chain or belt and if belt when should it be changed

Textbook sound:Knocking while idling, knocking speeds up with acceleration.Appears from parking spot that oil or something is leaking. Adding oil doesn't help, but oil DOES need to be changed. I am really scared. It's an old car, which would indicate I am in no financial position for a new car or costly repairs. Your help is appreciated.

where is the fuel pump relay

The problem with this vehicle is that it starts fine but when the car is placed into gear, it stalls immediately. A repair shop stated without a diagnostic test being done first, that the transmission stall sensor was bad and that the transmission was locked and the car could not be moved. I had the car stall on me, I put it in neutral and pushed it into my driveway - the transmission wasn't locked. Is the repair shop correct in the diagnosis? Could it be the MAF sensor???? Need help in an answer fast!

The check engine light on my 94 Infiniti G20 stays on. Have experienced the car stalling right after it starts so wonder what the possible problem(s) could be.

It has never happened before today, it was while I was driving home today that the light came on and said to check the emission control right away. Thank you for your reply and advice

Is it hard to change out an ignition switch. The key is broke off inside and I dont think we can get it out.

My brake lights will not come on.