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Would not stay runing now i turn the car over and get notthing what is wrong how can i fix it
The car will go in gear 1,2,3,4, but won't go in 5th or reverse, after driving a little while car won't go in 1,2,3,4 or reverse but will go in 5th what could be the problem
since yesterday they stopped the car shook a little and then they stopped
The car could be running fine and I will come to a stop and the car will turn off. When I start again I must keep a foot the gas to keep it running.
my daughter broke a tire gauge tool off in the igniton i have tried calling a locksmith but could not remove it so we have to remove steering column and try from backside if that doesnt work i will be needing a new ig...
I just need to know where is located can't find it
car will start-sometimes battery and starter seem fine but sometimes you turn key and nothing happens circuitry between key-battery-starter doesn't always connect
Just start dont have power and stall P0105 code
my electrician removed the fuel gauge meter for replacement.
Where or how can I obtain that piece. Mine is cracked/broken.
Has happened 2 times today. Makes the instrument panel not work. No speedometer or odometer.
a second or two. We replaced the bttery and starter. What would cause this?
just stop in the highway
air flows out the defrost vents up top the dash, but nothing flows from main nor floor vents.
The xmission of the 2001 is not running well and i,ve got a 1992 in good condition. I'ld like to replace it.
My dashboard lights are out and also my tail lights are out. What could it be? i did replace the front small light bulbs but nothing seems to happen, All the gauges work its just the lights.
Bedn at the repair shop over a week now, they say its asecurity issue
have spark at plugs and power at inj puls still will not fire,have fuel presser can start by priming intake with fuel
It jerks anytime I start, in the morning, red lights, stop signs, anytime at all.
Need to replace the power steering hose and feel that it might need a special tool to replace. If that is the case than I need to have a mechanic replace the hose. What is the labor cost to replace the power steeri...
The heater changes on its own all the time. I set it to hot then it never gets hot, it also chnages to a cooler temp or sometimes it gets hot then changes to cold or a higher setting or lower setting or it changes mod...
replacing the knock sensor need new bolt, what size is the bolt..size and length
temp gage moveing up while this was happening but never over heated
If I find a used automatic transmission will an auto repair garage typically install? If so anyone have an estimate for what a garage would charge to do this? I live in Memphis, so if anyone has any thoughts or recomm...
I believe its my heater hose that is cracked. My engine is over heating. I put coolant and I can see it squirting out from a tube behind my oil filter. I've located the tube and confirmed there is a crack in it.
the drops rest on top of my engine oil pan. it doesn't leak from a visible hose.