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I was driving in the freeway just fine and my service light turned on whIle my engine roar with the rpm going at four not shifting. My car is drivable but can't shift

Makes a loud noise when initially pulling off or turning.

When I press the gas it hesitates a little runs rough for a bit then catches up and is fine until I stop again, and the process repeats. Did oil change, added fuel cleaner & a carb cleaner. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance :)

it doesnt misfire often, but when it does it runs rough and the gas mileage is less even when it isnt riding rough or making the service engine light blink,

Idkes in park 900 rpm drops to 600 while in gear and brake depressed and a/c on

Replaced head gasket no power hard to start

In idle battery light came on and after 20 min engine died and all dashboard lights went out

My wife bottomed out and ripped this and the bolts out of the underneath. 90,000+ miles. Do I need this or did it serve its purpose in not damaging the exhaust??

New fuel pump and still not crank

How much Will it cost?

The car want crank and was accelerating bad n shutting off

after sitting in my car I opened the door and alarm went off and now the car won't start

my clock doesn't have the right time on it and I can't figure out what I need to press to change it

Speakers working fine, car was off for an hour, started it to leave and no sound. Audio will not come up under settings. Adjusted volume and swirched it to dvd. Headphones qork, but not the speakers. Any thoughts?

I want to now how to remove back seat infinity 1993

ive checked fuses connections

2002 Infiniti G20 - 123000 miles
My car won`t start when the engine is warm.
I changed the oxygen Sensor, spark plugs and I`ve checked the car oil and it`s fine.
After I`ve been driving around for a while and stops the car (engine warm), and if I try to start the car after 1 min it won`t start. (In order to get it starts, I have to start the car with press a little gas paddle).
So therefore I ask you guys, what do you think causes the engine not to start when it`s warm? It`s very annoying.
When the engine is cold, it starts up right the way.

I did clean the throttle body and IAC, I still having the same problem as I described above.

Thanks ahead for answering my question.

If there is a fuse where is it located

The alternator belt needs to be replaced

The drivers side key unlock door wont let the key unlock it but the passengers side door will, but when i do the alarm goes off and it wont stop even after i put the key into the ignition and i can start it up and drive it down the road with the lights flashing and the horn going off. How fo i make it stop and disable the alarm?

Issues with clicking near kick panel fuse box when car is running. The clicking seems to kill or draw power with each click.

I was recently told by the dealership at Infiniti that my transmission needed to be replaced. My car is a 2007 G35 with 53,000 miles. I purchased the vehicle 6 years ago, and during that time I put a little less than 23,000 miles on the car. The vehicle has been serviced exclusively by the Infiniti dealership that I purchased the car from. Since 2011, while under warranty it has been documented that I have consistently heard a humming sound while accelerating. This complaint was made 3 times while under warranty, each time the cause of the noise was attributed to something other than the transmission. Recent research has led me to discover that the noise could have been an early warning sign of a faulty transmission. I am seeking advice on how I can effectively advocate for myself. The vehicle has a Blue Book value of less than $8000. A transmission from the dealership will cost $7500, paying for this repair is not an option. If the noise was an early indication of a faulty transmission, do I have a case for the dealership to pay for the repairs or provide me compensation?

should it be done annually

Has 90,000 miles I have a 99 Infiniti I30

I would like the horn to beep when I use the key fob for locking doors. The lights flash twice. The panic button works fine.

My heatee is not blowing hot air

I need to replace fuel level sensor and i want to avoid dropping the tank. Can it be accessed from the trunk or backseat?

My engine is making a loud mettalic rattling noise but,there is no loss of power whatsoever from idle through hard acceleration. The engine runs very smooth with no shaking or hesitation at all. At one point upon very hard acceleration the noise actually stopped for several minutes but, then came back again. Does'nt make sense to me but, maybe it does to you. I would appreciate your input. Thank you: O.Smith


my fuel door wont open ,i have never had this happen, seems like there may be a switch in side panel holding door from being opened