I just need to know where it is so I can take a look at it. Thanks!

When the car is turned off there is a periodic beeping coming from behind the driver's seat. As soon as the engine comes on, it stops.

I got this car what a burned head gaskets.
So hade to make overhalling
And I started the engine and it was perfect.
A day after I hade a oil leak between the block from the front and the timming chain cover . So I hade to open it again and I tought I missed a spot to put Silicon on .
After removing I found out nothing is wrong .
I just can't find when is it leaking from .
How will I know .
I'm starting to think that I have a cracked block of a cracked timming cover .
And one can help???

thumping noise coming from the driver front suspension area. Infiniti service manager informed me it was shock. Prior to this I had a 2010 FX35 with the same problem. Another mechanic solve the problem on the FX35 which was the ball joint and the arm had to be replace and not the shock. How do I find a trustworthy mechanic to be honest and resolve the problem. My gut tells me not to trust the Infiniti dealership because I have caught them in several lies in the past. Any help would be appreciated. The FX50 has 54,000 miles. Thanks In Advance

Fuel light stays on constantly

Had someone come and unlock the car and I put the key in the ignition pressed a button alarm system went off and the remote worked fine for a few days but now it's not working again. Seems as if car is dead. Not sure if the remotes are malfunctioning or the security system or electrical systems are the culprit.

The ABS light is on, the brake's antilock l is not operating as it should.

i think its a pulley but not sure

OBD2 shows no code; however, the car still shows Catalyst Not Ready. The car has been driven for more than 300 miles.

Can anyone help?

That is it.

you can move steering column up and down just a little bit but this causes a failed inspection in MD. I have tried to get new bushing from infinity but they don't sell them. They want you to purchase a whole upper column. any help here? this must be a common problem becouse I bought another used steering assy and it has the same problem.

Has a new battery and still cranks but won't start and has no rpm movement. Checked for spark on one of the coils and have no spark, i also checked the fuel pump modulator and it tested good. The fuel pump turns on when trying to crank the car up, but still won't start at all. Any suggestions as which way to go next. Also codes for the Knock Sensor and Fuel Pump Control Module pops up. Thx-

Only see two parallel lines on screen half screen light/dark no picture

Had battery changed recently worked fine for about a month. Sat in garage for a few days and wouldn't start. Went back to shop where battery purchased; recharged and alternator is fine. After a few days would not start, went back, recharged, alternator fine. About three days later same thing happened. Could it be an electrical or switch problem?

Had this problem and my son would rock the car back and forth a bit and it would start. That is not working anymore.

Fob locks-unlocks doors
Intelligent Key Warning light on until fob in port. Car Battery good. Fob battery good.

Everone else is talking bout. Would that cause me to burn oil? I get oil changed every 4 months and I'm always having to add a quart between oil changes.

If the master switch bad what the cost to replace it

This is one of the pumps that lifts and reclines the convertible top. They said that HEAT caused the problem. Really, in Southern California? Who'd expect it to get hot here. They want $4k to fix and I'm looking for options. I have a 3rd-party extended warranty, but it only covers electric motors for the top.

I tried to start my car, the dash board lights were on, but no sound at all, not even a cranking sound. The radio, windows and even the engine fan is working but the car won't start. When i turn the ignition on, only the fans spin but no cranking at all

Was driving my truck and a started to bog out. It died then it started again. Drove around just idle in drive for a bit. Pushed the gas petal and it died out. Now it won't start. Fuel filter is good. Fuel pump is working I guess. I can hear it come on. Please help

With acceleration my 99 infiniti QX4 will make a loud metal rattling sound from under the center front of the car. My best guess is the converter box? Any help pretty please?

After changing, coil, spark plugs, crackshaft sensor. the Idle is high .once i turn on car i will go up till 2.5 then get fixed on 1.1, then when i put drive it goers to 900, once AC is ON IDL goes to 1100 , therefore AC sometimes get disconnected very rarely due to the unstable IDLE. no one knows how to fix it. I changed 3 Throttle Bodies, the repair garage told me they are damaged we need to find another one ( all used) , is there any chance i can fix it ? The dealer here, Nissan asking 500 dollars just for check up and not to fixing.


it happened yesterday. what possibly went wrong?

I tried a different control switch but it did the same thing. What can it be help

Front driver window does not working

Brake light comes on and car shifts while driving it.

Make: Infiniti

Model: FX45

Engine: 4.5L

Year: 2003

Error codes: P0615

Knowledge level: I know little about cars

Help needed: Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it.