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I have tried to put the ac on auto and changed the mode . It still blows full blast . What is causing this ?

I need to located the STARTER RELAY on my friends: 2008 INFINITI QX6 to check and see if it is bad before I replace the starter!!!

Had the airbag recall repaired yesterday, today had trouble starting engine, then warnings came on for VDC, Slip Guide and Service engine. Dealer says just a coincidence, but have to replace 3 cams for $1000.00. Am I being scammed? Asked for Regional rep contact...they say there is none.

Check engine light is on and the code is 1762 direct solenoid valve and I want to know if I change the valve body would it fix it??


due to code P0463 my 2003 Infinity FX35 will not pass the inspection EVAP System not ready

I turn key, all dash lights come on, I hear one click but starter motor doesn't activate.

I need to know where my spark plugs are located so I can change them.

my car had turned off while driving. My mechanic keeps changing my sensors cause diagnosis keep saying the sensors are the problem. So now Iam thinking that it could be a spark plug issue or a electric issue...

G35 2007 Sedan : Replacing the drivers side window switch panel. I have the part and looking to how to replace. Do I pry the cover off that covers the switch ? I don't see any screws to remove. Thanks

The key ignition switch will not turn to start the engine

Gauges work, but dashboard lights don't.

Would like to be able to plug in from android to stereo to play music

Ac works perfect. Heat in all areas except the front passenger side

why are the OBDII monitors not ready for smog check?

The car sounds like it's about to turn over but doesn't. My son drives the car and is the only one who has the "magic touch" to start it. The dealership from which it was purchased has looked at it and "supposedly" fixed it, but the repair didn't last. Is it possible that it needs a new starter? I've read the check engine light is a common problem. What to do?

When the car is off the ground, and I push the brake pedal down the front brakes will work the rear wheels will continue to turn

The screen is completely black. Could this be a fuse? Also where is the fuse box located?

I was driving in the freeway just fine and my service light turned on whIle my engine roar with the rpm going at four not shifting. My car is drivable but can't shift

Makes a loud noise when initially pulling off or turning.

When I press the gas it hesitates a little runs rough for a bit then catches up and is fine until I stop again, and the process repeats. Did oil change, added fuel cleaner & a carb cleaner. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance :)

it doesnt misfire often, but when it does it runs rough and the gas mileage is less even when it isnt riding rough or making the service engine light blink,

Idkes in park 900 rpm drops to 600 while in gear and brake depressed and a/c on

Replaced head gasket no power hard to start

In idle battery light came on and after 20 min engine died and all dashboard lights went out

My wife bottomed out and ripped this and the bolts out of the underneath. 90,000+ miles. Do I need this or did it serve its purpose in not damaging the exhaust??

New fuel pump and still not crank

How much Will it cost?

The car want crank and was accelerating bad n shutting off

after sitting in my car I opened the door and alarm went off and now the car won't start