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Engine light reads throttle sensor is not closing and opening properly. The cars engine revs up then stops and repeats on occasion. Repair shop states they can only order throttle from dealer, but if I can purchase t...
Catalytic converters not ready, Heated Catalytic converters unsupported, Evaporative system Not ready, Secondary Air injection unsupported, A/C Refrigerant Unsupported. How can i correct this problem so i can pass NJ...
the cover is missing and I need to find low beam headlight fuse. high beams work no low beams. replaced bulbs already but no help.
Was total it is going to be over 700.00 I don't know if I'm being over established or if it is worth putting this much into this car Other wise I love my car
Things have been going wrong, today I have to have steering peer hoes replaced. Should I contin to put money into this car. I love the way it drive. But don't want to have to start paying major money for a car of th...
How do I replace an internal fuel filter?
Gas tank overflows and shuts pump off when I try to fill it. Takes ten minutes to get three gallons of gas in. Anyone know what this might be?
The cheapest est. I've gotten is $352.88 !!! Geez, I just want the thing to quit stalling out, just had a new timing belt put on, now this ! Just curious to find out if it's all that hard for a guy that knows a little...
Just had timing belt changed by a certified mechanic, check engine light came on before I got the car home. Stopped and had it tested and it was a bad coil pack. I just had the one changed as I couldn't afford all thr...
Mostly seems to be on the driver front tire area. we put new/used tires on it a few months ago, and had them balanced with an alignment, but it seems to be getting really bad again. Any suggestions?
come out it does not start or turn over nothing, All lights on in dashboard try jump no Wait 15 min to 6 hours then it will start. Live in florida can it be something getting hot. Thank you any help would be gratefull
I pull into my driveway jump out leave key in ignition later the car is locked with key in it. Extra remote won't open it only spare key. Both remotes work.
had auto zone do a oem and the code is p2112 throttle actuator control system stuck closed whereis this located and faulty throttle valve and ETS motor assembly located
Just replaced the fuel pump and still have no power
My car will not start. I changed the starter and fuel pump and the gas flow is slow. Can you help me.It delayed to crank before this problem.
The tension pulley broke loose and I need to replace it. Can I get instructions on how to do this?
The tension pulley completely came out so I'm wondering how to get it back on. A new tension pulley