I also have an ABS sensor light that came on about two day's after I had the front brake pads replaced. I was told it may be a wheel sensor ? Idk. I just want rid of it but can't very well trade with the dash looking like a Christmas tree ! I swear, if it would stay running ( it want due to the crankshaft position sensor )I would cut the wire's to those lights and trade it in as is !!!! I'm kidding, just frustrated

The cheapest est. I've gotten is $352.88 !!! Geez, I just want the thing to quit stalling out, just had a new timing belt put on, now this ! Just curious to find out if it's all that hard for a guy that knows a little and has a regular set of tools. I doubt it makes a difference but it's a 350 L not a base model

shaking and the loud screeching noises occur when my car is cold but it takes forever to heat up, almost 20 to 30 minutes and I dont know what to do. Plus my car has electrical problems, I think theres issues with the connection but my battery is new and my care shorts out.

Occasionally(but inconvientally)the starter won't turn over; albeit the battery is new (3 months), connections are tight, lights and alarm bell operates. You turn the key and all you get is cranking! Whats the appendage on the positive terminal that connects to the battery. At this location, the wiring splits in two paths; I suspect one path to the lights, radio etc. and the other to the starter solenoid/starter, but I have no schematic. I need to know what components are in the starter circuit to troubleshoot this. Has anyone also experienced this?

Just had timing belt changed by a certified mechanic, check engine light came on before I got the car home. Stopped and had it tested and it was a bad coil pack. I just had the one changed as I couldn't afford all three. CE light came on before I even got home now it's reading Crank Shaft Sensor. The car will start and drive for just a bit and stall, sometimes when you stop, other times just driving down the road. Could the crank shaft sensor cause the car to stall ? It takes about 20 min. before it restarts. Crank sensor or another coil pack ? Any ideas ?

sensor or the input speed sensor ?

Shortly after having timing belt and water pump replaced, my car started knocking off at stop lights.
Then on the way home it started hesitating and losing power. Pulled over and it wouldn't start. Towed it back to the mechanic and he replaced the fuel pump and two cam sensors. Should I get another mechanic? Coincidence or error installing the belt?

What can cause this to happen?
After I can start the car and continue driving.
It can happen anytime.

The electric switch does not work is there a manual switch to override

I realigned the timing marks and checked for compresion ok. It started three times, ran rough, I noticed the TPS at the accelerator and at the throutle body were lose when i readjusted them it wouldnt start cause of no spark.

WHen accelerating?

just bought Hyundai 2004 XG350, which seems to have cruise control as a standard feature. It's got the main cruise control switch and the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel? I follow the manual's instructions, but nothing happens. The switch light doesn't go on and no cruise control icons light up on the instrument cluster. Could this be fuse-related?

A transmission technician identified it as engine problem. They was no diagnostic codes. The auto repair shop changed out timing belt, plugs and wires, cleaned fuel system with sea foam engine treatment. They were unable to change out filter because is was a sock type in the fuel tank. I thought it was a simple tune-up but ended up a three day ordeal. They checked and verified no miss fires in the ignition system twice. My bill was $661. I would like to take the car to someone who knows what he is doing without just changing out parts. I am afraid to get stuck some place. Please help!!

Mostly seems to be on the driver front tire area. we put new/used tires on it a few months ago, and had them balanced with an alignment, but it seems to be getting really bad again. Any suggestions?

I need to know how the plastic comes off. Does it pop off, or do I have to pry it off.

No power to fuel pump

come out it does not start or turn over nothing, All lights on in dashboard try jump no Wait 15 min to 6 hours then it will start. Live in florida can it be something getting hot. Thank you any help would be gratefull

what should i do?

I have no spark

I was checking da spark plugs turned da car on while ideling I pulled one of da spark plug wires out, put it back in idles for like 1 minute then all of sudden shuts off now it wont start checked and see if I was still getting a spark. and nothing no spark at all

I pull into my driveway jump out leave key in ignition later the car is locked with key in it. Extra remote won't open it only spare key. Both remotes work.

I was getting 1193 code and accelerator not responding properly, car stalling, etc. Replaced APS and it's better but still randomly going into limp mode and still throwing code. I purchased a OEM part from Hyundai. Do I need to reset or adjust something? I just simply replaced the part and tried not to change anything else.