Connected to the gear chamber. This plastic melted and exposed the prawns not it start whenever it want. When I turn it over there no noise except under hood, in the dash and trunk. But its recieving no power to engine. All the light work pn car,and dash.

What does car check at 64 miles??

When I told my mechanic that the vehicle was rough-idling when it was raining, the mechanic told me that it was due to the variable valve timing assembly. Another mechanic told me that it was due to a faulty EGR switching valve. If that is the case, then why is the hesitation only present during or right after a significant rainfall?

car was running check engine light came on still running i turned it off to go to store came be two hours later to find that there was no spark and no fuel pump priming when cranking

Engine light reads throttle sensor is not closing and opening properly. The cars engine revs up then stops and repeats on occasion.
Repair shop states they can only order throttle from dealer, but if I can purchase this part on my own I may have someone who can replace it for me.

Catalytic converters not ready, Heated Catalytic converters unsupported, Evaporative system Not ready, Secondary Air injection unsupported, A/C Refrigerant Unsupported. How can i correct this problem so i can pass NJ state inspection.

the cover is missing and I need to find low beam headlight fuse. high beams work no low beams. replaced bulbs already but no help.

is it difficult to change the plugs

I already bought the parts I just need to see how much it will cost for labor

The check engine light is on. Ive had to charge the battery the past two days before the car will even start. Then while driving the car it will not shift back down out of third gear. It stays between 3000RPMS and 4000RPMS.

Was total it is going to be over 700.00 I don't know if I'm being over established or if it is worth putting this much into this car
Other wise I love my car

Things have been going wrong, today I have to have steering peer hoes replaced.
Should I contin to put money into this car. I love the way it drive.
But don't want to have to start paying major money for a car of this age.
But otherwise car runs great
What do you all think
Thank you in advance for your opioins

How do I know if this is the TPS or Accelerator position? At this point the car will crank fine, but it will not start.

How do I replace an internal fuel filter?

Gas tank overflows and shuts pump off when I try to fill it. Takes ten minutes to get three gallons of gas in. Anyone know what this might be?

shifts into first and second gear easily

How to remove fasteners on top of hood lift struts.

Yesterday, I was driving at about 55mph and the car shut down with no warning. Engine would turn over and car restarted after 10-15 minutes . Same thing today, I went about 6 miles and as I accelerated, the car slowed down. This time, the engine turns over and when it starts it dies quickly leaving a gas smell. There are no dash warning lights and no codes are showing when scanned.

I also have an ABS sensor light that came on about two day's after I had the front brake pads replaced. I was told it may be a wheel sensor ? Idk. I just want rid of it but can't very well trade with the dash looking like a Christmas tree ! I swear, if it would stay running ( it want due to the crankshaft position sensor )I would cut the wire's to those lights and trade it in as is !!!! I'm kidding, just frustrated

The cheapest est. I've gotten is $352.88 !!! Geez, I just want the thing to quit stalling out, just had a new timing belt put on, now this ! Just curious to find out if it's all that hard for a guy that knows a little and has a regular set of tools. I doubt it makes a difference but it's a 350 L not a base model

shaking and the loud screeching noises occur when my car is cold but it takes forever to heat up, almost 20 to 30 minutes and I dont know what to do. Plus my car has electrical problems, I think theres issues with the connection but my battery is new and my care shorts out.

Occasionally(but inconvientally)the starter won't turn over; albeit the battery is new (3 months), connections are tight, lights and alarm bell operates. You turn the key and all you get is silence...no cranking! Whats the appendage on the positive terminal that connects to the battery. At this location, the wiring splits in two paths; I suspect one path to the lights, radio etc. and the other to the starter solenoid/starter, but I have no schematic. I need to know what components are in the starter circuit to troubleshoot this. Has anyone also experienced this?

Just had timing belt changed by a certified mechanic, check engine light came on before I got the car home. Stopped and had it tested and it was a bad coil pack. I just had the one changed as I couldn't afford all three. CE light came on before I even got home now it's reading Crank Shaft Sensor. The car will start and drive for just a bit and stall, sometimes when you stop, other times just driving down the road. Could the crank shaft sensor cause the car to stall ? It takes about 20 min. before it restarts. Crank sensor or another coil pack ? Any ideas ?

sensor or the input speed sensor ?