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The car is making a load fan noise and has not stop being load at all and the car wants to skip when I drive when I am at the red light.
It did work for along time by simply pushing in on the switch and holding pressure on it , but now it does nothing no matter how you wiggle it
Took it into Hyundai dealer and they said the trans speed sensors are faulty.
cranks but will not run
I Have a 2001 xg300 with 70,000 miles.Recently the brake, battery, TCS, and ABS lights are coming on, but only when it gets dark.Car doesn't stall, or seem sluggish? Bad fuses maybe
The car jerks when I first start out from a stop light or when I have stopped & and I push on the accelerator. And the check engine light comes on, then it goes off for a while, then comes back on again. Checked that ...
Meu carro teve um problema com a instalação do motor fios partidos agora não pega queima sempre a bomba de gasolina a placa EMC e aquece as bobines das velas como resolver?
popping and wont start. need to check timing marks. help!
my car have hard time shifting out to 3rd occassionally,so i had trnsmission flushed and refilled.That didnt fix my problem,i can drive it for @3 days and it drives fine then it will do it again not shifting and if i ...
How do I change injectors myself? What is the process?
replaceright fronthead light