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The sound goes away when i increase the speed. I hear it around 1200 rpm
hi how to change the coolant sensor,& where its located. it is a 3.8lt v6,2008 Veracruz.
Occasionally, my dash lights will flash. ALSO, my car locks by itself and unlocks by itself (for example, when I arrive at work I lock my car and double check it. However, when I return to my car to go home, it is u...
How to I change the Time from 24 hour and temp from C to F ?
There a humming noise coming from the engine anyone else have this problem and whats the fix
I was told it was beside the converter. I need a picture showing me.
Is this under warrenty and if it is then will I have to pay to have it replaced
affected vehicle systems including , transmission shift when down shifting, electronic stability control, odometer, speedometer and the cruise control not working, rpm unstable. engine shuts down often when coming to...
how to take Alternator out of a 2007 hyundai veracruz
how do you remove the cover from the climate control air filter that is located behind the glove compartment. the book indicates you squeeze the clips on each side and pull but the cover does not move.?