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I have a 2007 Hyundai Veracruz and two dashboard lights started coming on after driving for 3 - 5 miles and they stay on. They are the ESC OFF light and the ABS light. Also, a third light is now coming on, it is the p...
We've had to replace the brake pedal sensor twice on my vehicle and it has been working fine until yesterday when leaving work. I tried to start it and I heard a "clunk" and then nothing. Not even a click. The lights ...
wy is my Veracruz keep missing, when I first stat it up in the morning. for about 20/30 second. after that it work fine
The tailgate goes up and immediately comes back down. It will not stay up. This started all of a sudden.
At 3 AM the first time last week the alarm went off - went out, unlocked the car and locked it again, checked all 4 doors and went back to bed - 15 min. later again! two times more I ended unplugging the battery.... ...
and the repair shop said was all OK. Took back to emissions and would not read. Will the drive cycle correct this problem?
Happens intermittently, seems to have nothing to do with weather, road conditions,etc but more at slower speeds maybe? Thinking something w/ ABS but shops indicate all OK. When metal on metal/grinding noise occurs br...
I was told there was no filter and I could only drain and refill.
I replace the rear tires in size 245/60/18 and front tires 235/55/R18, making the vehicle slightly bent forward, but did not work properly and the oil leak in the gearbox and the 4wd indicator is on
i changed the timing chain tensioners but a noise is still
recently had a sensor located in rt rear wheel replaced due to it malfuctioning. i know my vehicle very well and i dont believe it is in awd
The lights had been on for 6 months. We live in NH, and have had no issue even with the indicator lights on. Up until this last snow storm 2/3/2014, and the AWD didn't work, only having front wheel drive. Has anyone h...
if this is somethine that is recalled and we are past our warranty does hyundai still cover it to replace it? I think ours just went out because it knocks really loud after you start it and keeps going.
price on bcm module for 2008 hyunday veracruz.
just need to know where it is at can anyone help me with this
(not a mechanic) I have changed oil on this vehicle for the past 4.5 years using the same parts and oil brand. For the first time, however, I see that oil leaks out of the oil filter housing unit. All rubber gaskets h...
it is a new battery and alternator. if this is a common problem then why hasnt there been a recall?
A month ago the disc brakes were changed by a buddy. Other than that nothing. ESC illuminates OFF. Now I mashed the ESC OFF button several times, it goes from Neutral to Park and will not change from Park to anything.
i can get the tension off the belt to remove it. Which pulley is the tensioner?
Since there is no access (dipstick), how can one check the transmission fluid in the veracruz?
How do you replace the brake light on the driver side
I turned the corner and the ESC off light came on. When I attempted to park, the gears remained stuck in drive until after several attempts, it went into park. Now it is stuck in park. The ESC off light remains lit up...
please help me try try to increase my mileage. Suggestion fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injection or someone be able suggestion something else that I could bring the service dept.