My gf's 2003 Hyundai Tiburon has 110K miles on it. They car has never had any issues. We took it for a oil change at the dealership. They are suggesting to change the transmission fluid as well as the power steering fluid. Which to my mind is by the book. How ever my gf feels that transmission should not be touched as per her old mechanic. If there are no issues then not to touch it. It may lead to other issues at this point. Any advice, as to what we should do ?

car is overheating. i've removed thermostat but it still overheats

my car overheats when it idles sitting still, and runs okay when driving,whats wrong?

how much time to replace it

i was having trouble shifting gears in my 97 tiburon 5 speed manual and found out it was in shift cables so i replaced them. now it squeals when i shift to 3, 4 and 5th gear and wont go into reverse at all. am i all washed up or has anyone had this kind of problem?

how do I take off a tire

When I turn the fan on 4 the lights on the AC and no outside air flicker. I took the console apart and when the fan is set to 4 the wires get hot.

overheated and wont start what now?

I drilled a hole in the firewall and nicked a ground wire(a small cluster,5 wire by brake pedal) and had a small spark. the wire appears to be intact, I also checked all the fuses and they look good, but the engine still will not start. It sounds like it's not getting fuel, but i'm not sure. Any Help out there?????

what would make my front wheels lock up and not move?

in the front pannel the check engine light is on when engine is running, what thes mean?

there is black smog with engine running and the light in dashboard in the front panel, checkengine is on,while engine is running.

Can you send me a manual on how to replace engine mounts?

the check engine light came on while driving. the diagnosis gave code po736 and po700. what does this mean and is it expensive to fix?

2007 tiburon v6 automatic
can't shift from from neutral to drive hard shifting in and out of gears

after like 3 to 4 rpm my tiburon makes a rattle noise or a ticking one dont know how to explane it was is it?

Smelling antifreeze outside of car sometimes when idoling

colour change out from red to blue of dashboard lights.

Vehicle was looked at by a mechanic and told me I needed to replace computer on vehicle.

Replaced Throttel position sensor,mass air flow sensor and idle control valve ran good for a day. Problem started with high idle then boggs down like starving for gas.Should i change injecters ,fuel filter, and pump. Check engine lite is on

why is my car not getting fire to tha coolpac and my fuel pack not click on

I am trying to find a 2001 Hyundai Tiburon Repair Manual in book form but all I can seem to find is the downloadable version. I don't want to pay a lot of money for the book if I don't have to. Where can I go to find this?

i just bought the car yesterday everything seems to work fine except the dome lights wont come on when the door is opened and cant turn them on manually either i checked all fuses and even replaced the bulbs still nothing all other lights and buzzers are working properly

my tibby doesnt over heat air stays warm but when i drive the temp gage lowers back to cold again the air doesnt change stays warm im not sure if the gage is going or its the thermostat or is it because its been below freezing here for the last 5 weeks?

Transmission jerks between second and third gear when accelorationing lightly If your giving it more rpm,s it doesn;t do it.

The belts... not sure which ones or all of them are squealing. When I start the car its usually for a few seconds then stops... Also when I turn the wheel too hard. It seems to do it more when its cold outside too. I don't think its the belts... but possibly the pulley tensioner. The belts look in good condition.. Also I have heard its not good to use belt dressing. How much would it cost to diagnose and fix this problem?

Complete system shut down by vehicle while driving at hyway speeds. 3000 dollars later (timing belt, cylinder carbon clean out) experieced second complete shutdown. Lost control, overturned, hit embankment. Air bags did not deploy. Does this not indicate a computer issue? Are airbags controled by the main computer?

how much will it cost for both new front rotors and pads and driver side front caliper labor and parts

Car is now 6 years old and transmission in auto mode works fine. However, when I try to use manual mode (umatic transmission) the request to up or downshift is ignored and sometimed the R ( reverse ) light comes on??

im in the middle of taking off my dash and in the front like under the bottom of the window still seems to be connected and i have no idea what its still connected to. is there some kinda clip orrr?