The a/c blows really cold just when i switch it to heat, it never gets hot

have to keep car unlocked while at home, work and school

check engine light came on OBD2 codes are P0452 and P0449

When I firmly press in the knob it works and I can feel the heat but when I release the knob nothing happens.

While driving down the road, my daughter's car died. She was traveling around 55 mph. When I got there she had full power, but when you try and start it, it only clicks like once and thats it.

All I was doing is changing front brakes and this happened..i dont understand why? Is it expensive to fix?

Had to jump start the car-turned on but turned off. Second jump worked but now the check engine light is on. Is the alternator? battery or something worse?

first the door locks didn't work, now the radio don't work either

Where are alll the grounds on the car?

Is there a time frame on recalls?

30 mins or more and the gears jerks when I first start it and drive & when I try to pick up speed it jerks. Also I just had the alternator fixed.

When I turn off my vehicle, I continue to hear what sounds like an electrical hum for a few minutes. I don't know where it is coming from, maybe the sunroof. The sunroof doesn't open or close immediately when I push the button, it takes several times pushing the buttons.

I hear a strange noise from the left rear wheel while driving for the past few days. When I checked the wheel, there were black marks (like burn marks) around the Hyundai hub cover. Any ideas?

The person we bought it from said it would cost about 350.00 to fix but not sure what the problem is & cant reach the one that sold the car to us.

right rear caliper and hose is brand new but it started to lock up

right rear brake locks up

right rear brake locks up

Replaced the battery and after that I drove 1000 miles. Confused what should I do now? Should I try to do smog check at some other station?

It it cools down when the heater is turned on to high.
Also, the sound on my radio speakers went out. First on the right chanell and not the other one is out.
It started to sound bad with bad treble,having to turn down the treble level to its lowest setting and then sounded better after driving a while.
Just had alternator repalced.

I replaced the thermostat and relay for the radiator. Is it the temp sender or sensor. Niether upper or lower radiator hoses are tranfering heat like they shoould be?

Car will cut off when reversing when putting it in drive it those it sometimes

I have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon and it won't get over 2,000 rpms. In fact, if given gas too quickly, it will go down in RPMs first and then go up. It is definitely misfiring like something is wrong with the spark plugs, but we've replaced those, the spark plug wires, and tested the coils. When left to idle, it misses but runs for a while, however the other day it died when we did this. We are unable to get it to a mechanic and don't know what to do next. What could be the problem?

any time you step down on the gas to speed up or climb a hill the rpm reves up but the car boggs down and loses power

I was driving down the highway and when I started to slow down to take my exit my car just died and now will not start. I thought maybe it was the timing belt but I checked that and belt looked fine. Any ideas what it could be thanks for your help.

Car will only reverse after shifting 2 drive first? Car has a slow start until it shift 2 second gear n than drives fine?

How 2 change intake gasket and whats da process

Its comes on everytime ds car is on codes r p0300,p0301,p0302,p0722,p0732,p1624 what can I do 2 fix da code problem

i think there is something wrong with the transmission, its an automatic but it doesnt switch into gear smoothly i know nothing about cars but when i hit about 20 mph it jumps into another gear, well thats what it feals like, help

i cant locate the feul pump cut off switch?

my 2000 tiburon will start and run for about 10 minutes then it will die and have no spark, it then wont restart until about an hour has passed. this process repeats over and over