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broken front drivers door handle is broken . it looks the same to me.
Water pump impeller rusted apart and clogged radiator exploded. Radiator was replaced and system flused several times. Heat is not available most of the time. Sometimes it works fine. Is it perhaps a faulty heater con...
The car vibrates when idling in any gear (not neutral or park). It is also very sluggish at taking off and struggles up steep hills. After 2 mechanics and an auto electrician have found nothing, someone has suggested ...
city driving steering is great, but get upto highway speed and the assist shuts down causing a dead spot which takes considerable effort to turn the wheel. assist does eventually engage, but always it is after the S-W...
So I bought a new upper control arm ball joint that attaches the steering knuckle. Im a little confused as to how to install the new ball joint. During the removal process of the old one, I was careful to see how it...
This seems early for these to go bad- not sure what to do-
when should i do the maintenance check on this car again ?
and checked wiring why wont the low beams work?why do only the brites work?
It makes a d d d d. Noise when you accelerate and keep it at 40 miles an hour and then when you take your foot off the gas, the noise stops.
So my girlfriend had a little mishap with a very large puddle. I was able to get it running bit it died soon after and now will not crank at all. It took quite a few tries to get it started. Starter gone bad on me or ...
My transmission is currently stuck in 3rd gear and my check engine light is one. An auto parts store read the code and said I need a Shift Solenoid D. I need to know if this is something I can fix myself. Thanks
just suddenly everything works normal radiator fan is on ,the ac lights also on interior fan blows hot air my car is sonata 2011, I also checked the 2 fuse panels and all fuses are good please any help?
Ck engine light is on n gas can not go in
when I place the stick in D for drive , d1 comes up and I have to shift to automatically that I can go to d2 ect.. until d5 at high speeds.
I was cruising at 65 mph set on cruise control after only ten minutes when all of a sudden, it felt like my front end dropped and I noticed that the RPMs were running in 3rd gear. My gear slipped. Since I was on a br...
When coming to stop when braking hear a slight knock or creak from rear Had sound diagnosed was told rear brakes pads need to be replaced. Had pads replaced still hear noise when letting off the pedal and reapplying b...
how can I check the main fuse after pulling it out to make sure it is still good. also is there another fuse involved with this?
I need to know how to take it apart to make sure it is still good.
I pulled it out and tested where it goes in, but how to I take the big 5 prong fuse apart to make sure it is still good. Also is there another smaller fuse that has to do with the first big fuse?
I narrowed it down to the problem, the damn thing you pull out to activate the pump is stuck. What is the best way, safest way to fix this problem without causing any other damage?
I tested one of the spots where the fuse goes in with a circuit tester and one of the power spots just barely lights up, very dim. All the rest I tested turned the color very bright? Any help please.