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This problem coincided with the check engine light. What is the problem?
changed alt and battery. and I am getting no charge coming from altenator.
It staryed immediately after the jumping calbes were put on correct but once I turned my car off it wouldnt start again without a jump.
My check engine light is on and Suntrup Hyundai diagnosed a bad sensor but said it is embedded in the converter so the entire assembly needs to be replaced at $2300. Is this legitimate?
Top part spins but will not turn bottom part, so cannot get the whole cap off.
The socket is reachable inside the trunk, but there must be a trick to releasing it
and also my rear window defogger stopped working. Had problems in the passed with the indicator light when it rained but it always came back to normal when it dried out. This time that's not happening. Took a test on ...
need to replace radiator and need an estimate
I have a 2002 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L automatic transmission. When driving my car it does not like to change gears until it has reached right around 4K-5K RPM's. It has also hesitated from take off and is slow to pick up ...
My ESC light stayed on for 2 days and now my check engine light came on and stays on. Could the two be connected?
both rear doors,and front passenger door.door handles are broke. How hard is it to replace?
The gas pump clicks as if it is full, but it's not,so I squeezed the gas nozzle and gas started coming out as if it was full. Do I have a bad fuel sensor?
The timing belt in my sonata has went out and i needed to know if it was a Interference or Non-Interference engine, so i could save money. I know that if it is a Interference engine then i need to replace it, but if i...
Brakes and oil changed and then we were told the engine had seized afterward. Hynd.2006 Sonata 4cyl. engine Been told by several respected mechanics that this is puzzling and unusual for this year, model, make, car. W...
My Hyundai sonata 2002, the brake catches and slows down the car while I'm driving just for 5-6 km. So, spontaneously, the car slows down as if I'm pressing the brake!!!! I changed the 4 calipers, the brake pads, the ...
Test says shift solenoid C is bad in the transmission. There are a few of them, which one is the C solenoid ? Thanks
Looking for a few ideas on where to go here. Car starts and runs fine, then it dies and battery is dead after 15 minutes. Battery is new and load tested good at 2 different shops. Alternator is replaced and new, bo...
I changed the battery on my car now all the lights flash and it won't start I believe it's the anti theft kicking in but I don't have a key fob is there any way to rest the ecu manually to hopefully fix this problem?
Check engine light on and car jerks while on drive or reverse
While driving rpm will jump up on there own does not change my speed they just jump up and thAn go down speed stays the same and twice my car acted like it did not want to start like if it had no gas?
The car was running rough and engine light came on, someone told me that my two cylinders were bad. He made the light turn off and the car wasn't running rough, but now I started my engine light is back on wondering i...
my 2001 Hyundai sonata, the engine cradle is rusted through, is this under a recall. How much will it cost to fix.