my ac recently stopped blowing cool air even after recharging it and started making odd noises when i would turn it on. a couple of days ago a strong burnt rubber smell came from under the hood. it only smelled for a few minutes but was very strong. a friend said it's maybe the ac compressor. anyone had anything similar happen?


i was just told today that i need timing belt repair(whatever that means)because it squeals when idling and that the tear down would cost $450 plus the repair and parts could be as much as $980, seems outrageous to me, a single mom who lives check to check, looking for a reasonable mechanic in Long Beach

Where do i find canaster purge valve on a sonada v6 engine
is there a diagram i could look at

Where Is the canister purge valve on v6 sonada engine.
Is there a picture of where it is

Temperature gauge not working

The gauge stopped working. I have replaced the temperature
sencor on the engine block. Can someone please help.

How many drive belts does my car have?

Can the bushings be replaced without lower control arms replacement? Are the after market lower control arms available or only OEM parts?

at highway speeds engine hiccupts and cruise control deactivates.its rare and has happened 6 times between 5000 and 11000 miles of use. at 10000 miles car was serviced by dealer and the motor/ system computer was reflashed. at 11000 miles car hiccuped twice within a few miles at highway speed. driver can not tell if motor hiccup caused the cruise control to deactive or if the cruise control deactivation was the cause of the apparent hiccup.

I need an electrical wiring diagram?

My heater blower fan works only at the slower speeds (1-2). Most site say to replace the heater resistor if only the high speed works. The high speed (4) will work if you physically push the control in and hold it. Not sure what can be wrong. Maybe the switch is bad?

i have everything apart n cant seem to figure out where the release pin is to get the cylinder out

Doesn't go over 40 mph. Has a low wheezing noise that seems to be coming out the bottom. no black or white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. The dummy light does not register a problem and doesn't light up. Mechanic can't diagnose. Car has less than 100,000 miles but is out of 10 year warranty. HELP!!!

My turn signal keeps going off. When I push the turn signal left or right, nothin happens, but my hazzard lights work.

left wheel impact ... subframe slightly bent... back of right wheel well 3 fingers / back of left wheel well 2 and a half fingers....also lower left control arm missing middle bolt...

the heather and a/c only works if i put my car on reverse, that is the only way it works. what could it be?

The fuse which powers the dashboard lights and the right rear tail light keeps blowing. What can be the cause? i diont see any wires that are fraid

I drove the car for 3 days no problem Went to drive it today and the driver side door will not close locks work but the door itself stays open.

Heater blower not working. Blower only runs on very high setting but don't feel any heat coming out. I can hear blower running but no air is coming out.

timing belt broke. Just repaired belt valves and head Gasket
a week ago. Getting on to the highway today The car lost power and stalled for a second. The engine light flashed suddenly stating Check engine. What do you think the problem is and how much would it take to repair?. Problem occured twice today.

My oxygen sensor and catalyst are not running on the monitors resulting in failed smog check. If I install a new oxygen sensor will it pass on the monitor? I heard it still might not, but im not sure. I've tried driving a certain way but that didn't work.

Hi, In my Sonata car, AC fan works only when its set to maximum speed. Fan does not get turn ON on lower speed.


replacing timing belt 50000 miles

Just start happening today when the car is idling (stop sign red light) the rpm from 1500 to 1000 and doesnt go below that. Im unsure whats causing it and how to go about solving it????

About a month ago I had a leak from the power steering pump so i pin pointed where it was coming from by adding dye into the fluid in the resevoir and bought the replacement kit which immediately solved the leak. Ever since that day every time I start the car the fluid level goes from full to bottom of the resevoir and a flow of foam/fizz goes thru the resevoir and everytime i have to make a turn i get that annoying uuurrrrr. I've tried just about every suggestion that I have been given and the problem is STILL HAPPENING?!?!?!?!Any additional suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

thanks alot


I called the hyundai car dealer parts and asked him if they had a car turn signal flasher and he had no clue what i was talking about ....is there a different name or part number for it?

I have a 1997 hyundai sonata and need to replace the side mirror. How much does it cost to get the repair done

Looks like my turn signal flasher is out on my Sonata. Whre is it located and is it hard to replace?