Trying to figger out the wiring for the speed sensor

Where is the fuel filter and what steps need to be taken to replace it?

When car is 1st started on cold days (approximately 40 degress and below) the trans kicks hard when car speed is decellerating. After engine warms up, the problem goes away.

My drivers side power window has been gradually coming loose from the attachment and is now fully detached free loose inside the door. hoping it just needs to be reattached inside the door so i need instructions a to z how to remove door panel plus good diagrams etc. please advise thanks dave

how much to replace thottle position sensor in 2005 hyundai 4 cylinder engine?


For a month my car has tried to stall and shakes like crazy when I am idling. No codes ever showed. Have had 2 ignition coils replaced, wires replace, throttle cleaner, new alternator, new battery, and some ignition sensor thing....still rough idle, stalling, Prior to all of this I never had a problem with this car. I'm the only owner, , bought it new in 2003, only drive it back and forth to work, maintained, only 43,000 original miles, and I'm the only driver. EGR valve checked, it's fine. Cam sensor checked, it's fine. What the heck else can it be?

we just put back brake pads on after we did traction control will not disengue why if you stop shut it off and go again it runs fine but you have to shut it off and on 3 or 4 times sometimes its like traction control is on all the time now does this a sencor on back ties

do i need to remove the timing belt cover to gain access to the crankshaft sensor?

someone told me that if you miss the correct time its pointless does that make sense

Is there a cabin filter on my car?? Can it be cleaned, instead of replaced?? Dealer service center wanted 98.00 to replace.

My repair shop advised that my car is due for a fluid exchange. The quoted price for thos service is $135.00. Is this a reasonable price? It seems excessive but it appears to be the going price in this town.

Hello. My 9 year old car radio turns on after I hit a bump (moderate and larger bumps - pot holes, etc..) in the road. I am hoping this is a common problem and you guys know how I can fix it myself. Thanks.

I have a 2001 Hyundai Sonata with 158,000 miles. I just had an alternator installed. Should I have the timing belt changed?

There is a noticeable clicking sound sometimes when I turn right or left.

I know the location of the fuel filter and have been able to disconnect the fuel lines and wiring successfully. My problem is that I have not been able to rotate the cover to get at the filter. Two questions: Is a special tool required? When it has been replaced is a gasket sealer suggested? Thanks chuck

Heat comes out of the top vents even if the control is set to feet only. Doesn't seem like enough air comes out at your feet as it should.

diagnostic code was P2187 system to lean at idle speed ( blank 1 )

when I start the engine, it revs up, lights come on then after 3 seconds, the engine dies. it does not kick or sputter. It just suddenly dies. What is wrong?

had the egr cleaned, dpfe diferential feedback sensor replaced, replaced egr vaccuum, selenoid drive cycle performed twice, and the the car still failed emissions twice....and idea what is actually wrong? thanks

my ac recently stopped blowing cool air even after recharging it and started making odd noises when i would turn it on. a couple of days ago a strong burnt rubber smell came from under the hood. it only smelled for a few minutes but was very strong. a friend said it's maybe the ac compressor. anyone had anything similar happen?


i was just told today that i need timing belt repair(whatever that means)because it squeals when idling and that the tear down would cost $450 plus the repair and parts could be as much as $980, seems outrageous to me, a single mom who lives check to check, looking for a reasonable mechanic in Long Beach

Where do i find canaster purge valve on a sonada v6 engine
is there a diagram i could look at

Where Is the canister purge valve on v6 sonada engine.
Is there a picture of where it is

Temperature gauge not working

The gauge stopped working. I have replaced the temperature
sencor on the engine block. Can someone please help.

How many drive belts does my car have?

Can the bushings be replaced without lower control arms replacement? Are the after market lower control arms available or only OEM parts?

at highway speeds engine hiccupts and cruise control deactivates.its rare and has happened 6 times between 5000 and 11000 miles of use. at 10000 miles car was serviced by dealer and the motor/ system computer was reflashed. at 11000 miles car hiccuped twice within a few miles at highway speed. driver can not tell if motor hiccup caused the cruise control to deactive or if the cruise control deactivation was the cause of the apparent hiccup.