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I was just told that my crank sensor needs to be replaced and they quoted me $500 for part and labor. Is that price average or considered costly?
I've been told that my 2003 Sonata needs the above-noted repairs. I hear a clicking noise when I turn my wheel. I have 88K miles on my car. I don't see other owners complaining about this problem on your website, so I...
I recently bought a 2007 Sonata that has run just 25K miles. After a few days I noticed a shrill squeaking sound eminating from the front passenger side while braking or accelerating. It squeaks intermittently and ge...
For the past few months my car does not pick up speed and it shakes when I am idling. Is this an engine problem or transmission problem
My Sonata is making a load underlying noise only when in drive and going about 40mph and over. It's not overheating and seems to be shifting fine. However the gas peddle seems tight.
i love my car 2006 sonata 119,000 miles bought used was hard to steer for 10 seconds then was ok now need new belt and harmonic balancer does anyone know about how much this costs I am told it is a dealer only part ...
What are the most common causes of air conditioning not working? The heat and the blower work. we bought a 2003 Hyundai this past November and foolishly probably didn't think to test the air conditioning at that time.
no problem - I just want to know
My car broke down and was towed to a Hyundai dealer who says I have 2 Catalytic Converters that need to be replaced in my 2000 Hyundai Sonota (it has 135,000 miles) for around $2500.00. The repair guy at the dealer t...
Very unstable tachometer arm. Arm is moving up and down during idling and driving is unstable. Recently I got recommendation to change engine air filter and spark plugs. is this reason for this?
The car overheats when sitting still with engine running, new thermostat installed, coolant is good. Fans run with air on
I would like to know how many belts (total) this sonata has?
I am replacing my headlight every 3-4 months ( one time driver side then passager side). I have used several different brands and styles with not long term results. Also replacing brake light fast then I should. Any o...
where is the relay for the turn signals on a 2002 hyunai sonata
My timing belt broke. Is there enough clearence for the valves or are they most likely bent as a result?
I've had my car for about 2months. Took it to Hyundai to get checkd out because there was a rattleing noise everytime i started the car and it wasnt accerlerating like it should. Ended up wit a $2635 repair bill. the ...
Where is the Turn Signal Flasher Relay Located
Check engine light on. car hard to start and hold idle after re-fueling. Code#PO441 "Evaporative Emision Controll System Incorrect Purge Flow". PLease let me know what replacement part is needed. V-6/2.7L engine wi...
When I excelerate fast(like going to pass someone)my car will shift hard, it's more like a slam. I think between 2nd&3rd. It doesn't do it when excelerating normally. Also when doing a california stop, when I press on...
when I use the air conditioner, the air smells like urine. i already had the dealer treat it with a special spray and it didn't help. From previous online research, it appears that there is a buildup of bacteria/fungu...
about two weeks ago after my windshield resevior ran out of water, I refilled it and cant't get the pressure up, pump is running.
How do I remove the factory windshield washer sprayer nozzels to replace them with new ones?
check engine light on. negative purge flow indicated. hard to start after fill-up. Do I need evap purge valve? Where is it on engine? Help please.
al l sensors failed emissions check engine light on over 400.00 dollars to repair
Driving on the freeway and the car lost power
What does the code 61000 mean?
when applying brakes,found out no rear brake lights,also hazardous light will not work?
cranks/no start. i have ignition, compression, and fuel. i can start it off a can of brake clean and it will run. but when i put the air cleaner to the throttle body it dies. ive changed the tps and the iac
I have a automatic that can also be shifted manuel. The automatic works fine but the manuel does not work. What is the problem.
How do you recharge the air conditioner to improve interior cooling?