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I've been told I need a new engine because of the timing belt. How much would that cost?

diagnostic code is PO 708 not sure which sensor I need have never worked on before need as much information you can give me. Thanks In Advance

I have accquired this car and I know that the trans. has been replaced. The trans won't shift into 4th (O.D.) and I need to varify that the shift linkage is connected correctly before I look any farther. How do I check this?

Is there a fuse for the cruise control function in this vehicle and if so where is it located and how is it labeled?

engine light came on a week go ,had a diagnostic test.
code 2 or bank 2

engine light came on a week go ,mech did a diagnostic test

the problem does not occur all the time. I replaced my Idle Activator still the problem persists, the car now raves during idle and huge jerk when automatically shifts to the second. The RPM above average is it related to the gear jerk or are they 2 different issues .. please help me on this anyone as I'm really getting sick of my car now. Thanks a mill ...

occasionaly , the spedometer quits working while driving at any speed . also the cruise control disengages .Maybe related to the speedo issue ?

one of the blades does not move. I had tightened the wiper motor nut and it worked for a while then stopped. I tightened the nut again and it has not helped. I see the motor working but the blade does not move

before the car has warmed up it has just started taking its time to shift gears. Seems to be fine after about 20 minutes of driving. Fluid was changed about 10,000 miles ago

Hi, I can't find any definitive answers on line whether Hyundai vehicles are more expensive to repair than vehicles made by domestic automakers. Can someone please clarify this for me.

The check engine light has been going off and on for a few weeks. The loud clicking noise is coming from the engine and started a few days ago. What could it be?

Where in the U.P. of Michigan can I find a repair facility that will repair a hyundai with warranty left on it.

need to know an estimate of the cost to replace an alternator

It is really had to change gears. when I tried to start it it would not start. I had to put it in nuetral to start it

When you put it in D it won't move or accelerate very slowly.

i will be driving along and the car all of a sudden will buck and the engine light will come on. it does not happen all the time maybe twice a week. i just had a new charcoal canister put in as it would not take gas

How must should it cost to replace a power steering hose. My car is leaked all the power steering fluid out quickly

What's the cost of idler pulley, labor and parts 1998 hyundai sonata gls

I need to replace the CV drive shafts in a 3L V6 sonata with an auto transmission. what is the corect method of the shaft removal?

just occured for the first time 3 days ago

I need to replace the fuel pump relay switch but am not exactly sure where it is and how to access it.

I went through the car wash and the antenna stopped working.

Wipers were able to function at slower speeds but moved very slowly across windshield. This has happened once before (about 6 months ago). Is there a simple repair for this?

I have noticed on a few occassions when it rains, my car starts hesitating and begins shaking and the check engine light comes on. When I stop for a light, as I am waiting, it feels like the car is going to shut down. thecar is also so jittery. The check engine stays on for the entire day. The next day, the light is off. What could the problem be?

Where is the starter located?

The wiper arm broke and I bought a new one how do I remove the old one?

Can't adjust side view mirrors, moonroof, pwr locks don't work, its like there's a short? Wondering if I need some electrical work done, or if these items are controlled by fuses? Just replaced battery, and car now starts and runs good again, but need to address the electrical now. If an electrical issue, how much should I expect to pay? Thanks

Can the font wheel camfer be adjusted when getting a wheel alignment?

My son's 2007 Hyundai Sonata had an engine noise that was eventually diagnosed as bad timing chain tensioners. However, one Hyundai dealer repeatedly denied the problem, so it was 8 months before another Hyundai dealer admitted it and changed the tensioners. A couple of months later, the engine light and oil light were on and he was told he needed a new oil pump. By this time, the warranty had expired and he had to pay for the new oil pump and eventually a new engine. My question is this: Could the failure of the oil pump have had anything to do with the timing chain tensioner problem?