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rejected emmissions due to obd evap and oxy snsr not reading.

where is the fuel filter located?

I'm getting no airflow from my vents when the A/C is on is this an electrical issue or a faulty part?

My middle brake light is out. I have an estimate from the local Hyundai dealer for $155. Is this a recall item on the 2007 Hyundai Sonata? Please help me find recall information . . .the dealer didn't offer any information
(of course)

after reading the code, it shows a p0320 sensor problem.{ engine rpm Is this a difficult and expensive repair? we reset it once and it later came back on. thank you.

I have 76000k on engine. Just got engine warning light. All looks good under hood. anything else to look for?

I worked for a while when my car was running and then it would go off when I turned the car off. Now it goes on and off.

The clock to start with only worked when my car was running and now it goes on and off.

Ac dose not blow cold air share where to start looking

had a/c copressor, expansion valve &condensor the engine will surge when a/c is on and engine will cut off when coming to a stop.

do i have to replace the chiped drive belt

He keys were missed placed out of town, but the town is close by so I was wondereing how much would it cost to change the ignition switch(key)?

do you think it could be the fuse because they all of a sudden stop working

I took my Hyundai in for transmission fluid drain and they discovered side running lights not working( replaced bulbs). I have noticed my headlight indicator light and my fog lights are not working. I suspect a fuse problem, but don't know where they are.

my car was acting fine i got up sunday morning to run sone errands i noticed a whining noise coming from the right side where the belt is. could this be a power steering problem or a transmission.

where is heater control valve located on 2001 hyundai sonata v6

you can turn ac heat to full cold and it can be 60 degrees outside and hot air till comesout the vents it will stop if i switch to inside air only

How easy is it to install a cargo net in a 2010 Hyundai Sonata?

I changed the belt today on my 2004 hyundai sonata today. A/C now only blows hot air. Is this a coincidence or could I have done something when changing the belot?

is the first time that hapens

where is the place of outside temperature and how i can replacement

This question is for upkeep maintainence. My car requires that a drive belt be replaced at 60,000 miles. I'm at about 55. What is the cost to replace the drive belt

How can I change the outside temperature sensor and how it can be replaced

My AC has stopped working. It will blow warm air and the defrost works but no AC. What could it be and how much is it going to cost me???

Gas pump shuts off when I am attempting to put gas in tank. Feels like pressure in the tank.

Mice entered the fresh area and made a mess. I have cleaned everything on the motor/cabin air filter side of the evaporator. Where is the outside intake for the fresh air entry? This area must be where the mice entered. Toyotas have same problem and I read where some owners are placing wire screen over area to prevent mice entry. I will do the same when I find it. Also, what do I have to take apart to get to it? Thanks in advance,

why does the chimes and the map lights go on when making a right turn? thank you for your help

why does my chimes and light stays on when i make a right hand turn?

I had a diagnostic check on my A/C and they said the expansion valve is bad and needs to be replaced. They quoted me $222.78 with labor. Is this something I can do myself? Also, where is the valve located?

squeal in engine after spraying surpentine belt,car does not overheat,what can it be,thank you.