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Just replaced the motor and regulator, but I think the motor blew the circuit breaker when it went out. My Chilton's says it's controlled by a circuit breaker but doesn't show the fuse box on anything earlier than 2006.
Can a broken timing belt damage the engine.
Everyday we start out the a/c works but after turning the car off we no longer have fan on the a/c. We get cold air but we have to hit a bump really hard to get the fan to come on. We would like to know where this fan...
I am looking to replace the 3rd brake light in the rear panel in the back window
while trying to start. I pump accelerator and it starts and runs smooth after that.
after driving and the car sits for a few hours when I attempt to start it hard to start and white smoke and strong gas smell after I floor the accelerator
I am overheating and fans will not come on. my belts started smoking.
Check engine light comes on and engine idle is rough. Mechanic says there is a hose leak.
Is the water pump connected to the timing belt on my car? What would be an estimated time of repair?
My car is leaking power steering fluid and its really hard to turn!it don't seem to be leaking from that could it be leaking from somewhere else besides that?The Gears Is ok its just hard to turn!
My Sonata's a/c system will not circulate air through the vents.Cold air comes out,blower is full blast(was just replaced last year)but air is not circulating to make car cool in interior. Can someone please help exp...
well the car showed a misfire on inspection,it shakes and smokes a little
I noticed that on my 2004 Sonata the AC or heater won’t start when the car stayed in direct sun or is just very hot. It will start in 5-10 minutes during the drive or not work at all until next day. Has anyone had th...
Is there a filter on the auto transmission that requires changing periodically?
My car is hard to start after getting gas. I have to keep pushing the gas pedal and put it in nuetral so i can drop in drive so i can finally get the car to move like it is finally getting gas.
I need the Input/turbine speed sensor replaced.What are the results of a malfunction with this device and how much should it cost for replacement.
lots of sqeaking and at high speeds when hiting bumps it feels like the whole car moves from side to side
car ran out of fuel now will not start
2004 sonata 6cly ran out of fuel now will not start
how do I access the high mount stop light bulb
My seat will not move forward but moves backwards.
How do I know what fuse to change when my sunroof wont work???
my car would not start we tried to jump it but its a new battery i replaced the starter it started right up but after a sec.or two it starts to smoke and smell like wires are burning it looks like its comming from the...
ever since the replaceof the engine the car runs like crap it shakes when it it is at a light I sometimes think it will stall I have needed 4 crank sensors and it is much worse when I put on the ac. The car had 62000 ...
I once purchased a new 1959 Rambler which had no oil filter. 6 cyl eng and 3 speed manual. I changed the oil every 3k miles and drove the car until 1966, mainly in Iowa and MN. At the end of this period the engine h...
When it is very hot outside and my car has been sitting up all day...When I turn on the A/C there is a horrible squealing noise...I have already replaced the belts. What could it be?
I had to replace my car battery, and now the temp numbers are wrong on the A/C. How do you reset this?
since i changed the battery the radio dont work. checked all fuses
None of my brake lights work on my 2006 hyundai sonata...I had the stoplight switch replaced and the fuses are good help i don't know what else is wrong