I would like to replace my cabin air filter.

How in the world can my car need pads/rotors after 1 year of use - and purchased from the largest dealer in the area, boasting of their 100+ thorough 'going over' all used cars before selling? This type of brake work is NOT CHEAP!!
They want $1,000 for front and rear - DISGUSTING. I'll never buy from them again. I am a grandmother and do nominal, careful, slow, driving.

i added a can of r134a and all of a sudden it started blowing hot then cold then humid then cold i drove it to work at night and noticed that the headlights and dash lights flicker along with the car loosing power i popped the hood and noticed the compressor and pulley would kick on then off then on do i need a new compressor or is there a pulley clutch or something please help

When is the timing belt supposed to defult on these things

cruise control was working, i was on bummpy dirt road and after passed that just lost cruise controll.I do not know any more please hepl me.

Where and how are you coming up with these estimates? You have to completely remove the dash to start with, how are you coming up with such a low price?

Has bucked a few times when accelerating/gas light lights up even though have enought gas

We have a problem with the airbag system in our Sonata other than the recall for the passenger side occupant detection system. Have taken the car back to the dealer and was charged $80.00 for them to connect into the system and look for fault codes. There was no charge for the "simple fix," but three months later, the airbag light is on again. I have seen many complaints about this safety issue on-line and don't want to have to pay $80.00 dollars to have this "checked and fixed," every 3 months. But, I think it should be a Federal mandate for the Hyundai to really fix the problem.

and also a tune up. how much should that cost

sometimes number 4 injector wiring connector with proper tester does not fire always. causing the engine to misfire. if accelerator is held wide open, it will start blinking at full voltage. when restarting engine it may work OK

Last year I had a major repair done on my engine. The head had to be shaved, head gasket replaced, timing belt broke, the timing belt pulley and belt on that had to be replaced. Machinic told me that the coil pack might need replaced. I drove the car for a (engine light came on) and they said the codes came up saying cylinders 1 and 4 misfire and a couple other codes related to those cylinders. I replaced the coil pack for 1 and 4. The car ran fine for about 200-250 miles and the light came back on and the car started to shake again and not run right when speeding up. I also checked the spark plugs and they are clean and gapped right. The funny thing is that I will take the coil pack off and put it back on and it will run fine for about 50 miles and it will happen again. The car also stalled three times while driving it. After 5-10 minutes it will start back up but still not running right. What else can it be? Could it be the pig tail wire failing? I

Where is the oil drain plug located on the 2011 Sonata?

drive for work, high mileage

rejected emmissions due to obd evap and oxy snsr not reading.

where is the fuel filter located?

I'm getting no airflow from my vents when the A/C is on is this an electrical issue or a faulty part?

My middle brake light is out. I have an estimate from the local Hyundai dealer for $155. Is this a recall item on the 2007 Hyundai Sonata? Please help me find recall information . . .the dealer didn't offer any information
(of course)

after reading the code, it shows a p0320 sensor problem.{ engine rpm Is this a difficult and expensive repair? we reset it once and it later came back on. thank you.

I have 76000k on engine. Just got engine warning light. All looks good under hood. anything else to look for?

I worked for a while when my car was running and then it would go off when I turned the car off. Now it goes on and off.

The clock to start with only worked when my car was running and now it goes on and off.

Ac dose not blow cold air share where to start looking

had a/c copressor, expansion valve &condensor the engine will surge when a/c is on and engine will cut off when coming to a stop.

do i have to replace the chiped drive belt

He keys were missed placed out of town, but the town is close by so I was wondereing how much would it cost to change the ignition switch(key)?

do you think it could be the fuse because they all of a sudden stop working

I took my Hyundai in for transmission fluid drain and they discovered side running lights not working( replaced bulbs). I have noticed my headlight indicator light and my fog lights are not working. I suspect a fuse problem, but don't know where they are.

my car was acting fine i got up sunday morning to run sone errands i noticed a whining noise coming from the right side where the belt is. could this be a power steering problem or a transmission.

where is heater control valve located on 2001 hyundai sonata v6

you can turn ac heat to full cold and it can be 60 degrees outside and hot air till comesout the vents it will stop if i switch to inside air only