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My car was in an T-Boned accident, on the passenger side. I would like an esstimate. Thanks.
I need the motor for my wind sheild wiper replaced. What is the price for this. I live in Merrillville, Indiana 46410.
Where is the washer pump located on the 2004 sonata 6cyl
the drivers side wiper blade does not move back and forth the the passenger side works fine.
As I come to slowing or acceleration (after stop sign/light) car will bog out (jerk). At the same time the RPM will rise to 3 then immediately back to 2???Please help.
I need a diagram of the transmission. Going to a pick-n-pull and I have no idea exactly how to take it out and what all these components are that I also need to disconnect and where they are located.
how to replace rear window brake light bulb.
The arms on both visors are broken and they need to be replaced any ideas where and who I can get to replace them. The interior is light gray.
Car just started intermittenly to almost "jerk" as I am driving. Now light is on
it runs rough when cold and gets worse as it gets hot,we had new plugs put in and wires,had coil packs tested and they were good,when its cold its like its runnin on 4 or 5 cylinders,and as it warms up it gets worse t...
My side mirror was side swiped and fell off how much would it cost to re attach it
What does the oil drain plug gasket look like. Does it have to be replaced every time that an oil change is done? What is th cost of the gasket?
lately my car has been getting hotter than than normal but it eventually cools back down. I think it would be time to change the thermostat.Where is it located on my 2004 sonata v6 and how much will the part cost.
replaced the timing belt but it keeps juming off. what is the fix for this and how much??
auto transmission shifts hard when driving some of the time, mostly downhill
While driving for slowly (20mph) for awhile (30 min.)the a/c stopped working. I turned it off and when turned on again it worked for about a minute and then stopped. Later, while driving on the highway it worked fin...
Is it pretty self explanatory in changing the brake pads for a 2005 Hyundai Sonata? Any special tools used? I've changed brake pads in older European cars but never a newer car like this one. Thanks.
my 01 hyundai sonata has poor gas milage i changed the plugs,wires airfilter,fuil filter no check engine light on and it runs pretty smooth any help would be appretiated please
Change fuel pump, there is no filter. Took to dealer ship the said of of time, they fixed timing. Still same problem. They said it was starving for feul, they change the feul pump again. Still loss of power, they said...
Just replaced the motor and regulator, but I think the motor blew the circuit breaker when it went out. My Chilton's says it's controlled by a circuit breaker but doesn't show the fuse box on anything earlier than 2006.
Can a broken timing belt damage the engine.
Everyday we start out the a/c works but after turning the car off we no longer have fan on the a/c. We get cold air but we have to hit a bump really hard to get the fan to come on. We would like to know where this fan...
I am looking to replace the 3rd brake light in the rear panel in the back window
while trying to start. I pump accelerator and it starts and runs smooth after that.
after driving and the car sits for a few hours when I attempt to start it hard to start and white smoke and strong gas smell after I floor the accelerator
I am overheating and fans will not come on. my belts started smoking.
Check engine light comes on and engine idle is rough. Mechanic says there is a hose leak.
Is the water pump connected to the timing belt on my car? What would be an estimated time of repair?
My car is leaking power steering fluid and its really hard to turn!it don't seem to be leaking from that could it be leaking from somewhere else besides that?The Gears Is ok its just hard to turn!
My Sonata's a/c system will not circulate air through the vents.Cold air comes out,blower is full blast(was just replaced last year)but air is not circulating to make car cool in interior. Can someone please help exp...