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before we bought this used vehicle i used the wipers to remove a little bit of moisture,then they stopped working.i thought it could be a loose connection,my girlfriend said that she had touched the wiper lever by mis...
Its about 2 inches in, impossible to get with needle nose.
Low fuel level warning light is on all the time since I had the fuel regulator replaced. I cannot ever seeing that light on when the tank was full. Dealer says its ok, I do not believe them. Book says that it could...
ac always very cold, slowly got warmer, system fully charged, however I FOUND METAL/RUBBER HOSE VERY HOT TO TOUCH. IS THIS AN EXPANSION VALVE PROBLEM? THANK YOU!
Is this covered under 50,000 Mile Warranty at N/C or am I responsible for New!!
The third and fifth cylinder are not firing what could be the problem?
diagnostic code PO401 EGR insufficient flow
how do i replace the center tail light bulb?
when should you replace shocks/struts. I have 65000 miles and drive it normally and have all required maintenance done including the 60,000 one thanks bob
horn does not work, but fuses appear to be ok, is this something I can fix?
This morning there was a large fluid puddle under the passenger front of my car. The car started normally, but there was a loud moan coming from the large belt on the side of the engine. This noise persists at all ti...
need quote for v6 timming belt
Rear Window Defogger no longer works - thought it was a fuse, can't locate (no manual available) - help!
This problem is does not have a set pattern. Sometimes it runs just fine and then sometimes then engine will just rev up and cause the transmission to act weird.
i have Hyundai sonata 2006 model,i want find information about my car , i need site when i put for example my car body num or chest num it give me all information about my car like color , year made , etc.
My car was in an T-Boned accident, on the passenger side. I would like an esstimate. Thanks.
I need the motor for my wind sheild wiper replaced. What is the price for this. I live in Merrillville, Indiana 46410.
Where is the washer pump located on the 2004 sonata 6cyl
the drivers side wiper blade does not move back and forth the the passenger side works fine.
As I come to slowing or acceleration (after stop sign/light) car will bog out (jerk). At the same time the RPM will rise to 3 then immediately back to 2???Please help.
I need a diagram of the transmission. Going to a pick-n-pull and I have no idea exactly how to take it out and what all these components are that I also need to disconnect and where they are located.
how to replace rear window brake light bulb.
The arms on both visors are broken and they need to be replaced any ideas where and who I can get to replace them. The interior is light gray.
Car just started intermittenly to almost "jerk" as I am driving. Now light is on
it runs rough when cold and gets worse as it gets hot,we had new plugs put in and wires,had coil packs tested and they were good,when its cold its like its runnin on 4 or 5 cylinders,and as it warms up it gets worse t...
My side mirror was side swiped and fell off how much would it cost to re attach it
What does the oil drain plug gasket look like. Does it have to be replaced every time that an oil change is done? What is th cost of the gasket?
lately my car has been getting hotter than than normal but it eventually cools back down. I think it would be time to change the thermostat.Where is it located on my 2004 sonata v6 and how much will the part cost.
replaced the timing belt but it keeps juming off. what is the fix for this and how much??
auto transmission shifts hard when driving some of the time, mostly downhill