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My rearview mirror has a dimming feature. Also a computerized garage door opener. Problem: The garage will not open from the outside of the garage using the intagrated (sp) opener in the rearview mirror. Does the mir...
Battery won't stay charged. Tried that old trick of disconnecting one wire from the battery and car does run, however the little red warning light [battery] stays on when current is applied, i.e; lights,radio or heate...
how many miles do i need to drive to complete a drive cycle and how fast do i need to drive
The air bag warning light on the dash stays on, had if fixed once at dealer but within a month it came back again. We were told it does not affect the airbags going of whenthey are supposed to or when they are not sup...
how do you change the brake light in the back seat above the hat rack in the middle of the back glass
misses and has no power only when it is raining or really damp outside i changed the plug wires a while back but no help still has problem
How do i fix the temp knob
What is the best way to diagnos what could be causing the fuel guage not to go to full when the tank is full.
I have not changed my oil for many, many miles! I know, you're cringing. I hardly use my car and I typically drive within a three mile radius. I forgot! The "Check Engine" light came on Wed, 11/17 and I heard a kn...
I need to replace the output shaft seals in the transmission. Only problem is I need to know what transmission model I have.....where/how do I find this information?
Gear will not shift from park. Any suggestions?
AC/Heat is not blowing out air at all. It has done this off and on for 6 months and now will not work at all ?
is the water pump driven by timing belt?
gas pump will shut down as soon as you pump gas
what should cost be for drain,fill,and change filter?
What does it cost to replace a timing belt on this vehicle?
Just bought this car. Now I learn that I've got to worry about a timing belt at 60,000. Why? I never had to replace a belt/chain on all of my previous American cars. Is it because it's a belt? Why didn't Hyundai use a...
i am putting on a truband speed sensor i need a picture where it is located.
where is the drain plug located
I have a 03 sonata,did a motor swap & now I'm not getting any spark.I got power to the coil,& the coil worked before the motor blew.swapped all the sensor from old motor.
What do I do to get the catalyst and oxygen sensor to read on the OBDII monitors for my 2002 Hyundai Sonata so I can pass smog test?
the car does not get hot air in the cab, blower seems to work and the different modes shift the air around like it should. but the air just wont heat up?
i have ask 2 garages about a tune up on my car both sid it would cost about 370.93 why?
The transmission will not shift smoothly mostly when the vehicle is cold. I checked the transmission fluid and it is OK. The vehicle transmission was replaced by the dealer under warantee 3 years ago and now after 400...
what is the average cost of changing two low beam headlights at a service garage?
before we bought this used vehicle i used the wipers to remove a little bit of moisture,then they stopped working.i thought it could be a loose connection,my girlfriend said that she had touched the wiper lever by mis...
Its about 2 inches in, impossible to get with needle nose.
Low fuel level warning light is on all the time since I had the fuel regulator replaced. I cannot ever seeing that light on when the tank was full. Dealer says its ok, I do not believe them. Book says that it could...
ac always very cold, slowly got warmer, system fully charged, however I FOUND METAL/RUBBER HOSE VERY HOT TO TOUCH. IS THIS AN EXPANSION VALVE PROBLEM? THANK YOU!