i have to hold the gas pedal to the floor and crank a long time to restart. it runs ok after that

i replaced plugs and wires and one coil, lights up like a xmas tree on the side i replaced coil. switched coils does the same thing on the same side.

engine misses at idle or accelerating,change plugs and wires,check engine light says # 3 cylinder is misfiring

Stalling has taken place while idling and driving.Have replaced timing belt, serpentine belts, and alternator twice. Some friends have suggested idle control valve, others camshaft or crankshaft sensors. Wouldn't these problems have dashboard lights? how much would it cost to replace?

I have the sonata 4 cyl. after a new coil and speed sensor, the vehicle runs very goog.

Power steering pump making noise, loosing fluid but cannot visually see where. Trying to keep fluid in reservior but is loosing alot of fluid maybe around the rack compinion. Just started and was not a gradual thing. Real hard to steer. Can you tell me what the problem is?

When picked up it made a huge cloud of smoke under the hood. Mechanic retrived it and messed with it for several days. Now they say the AC is causing the problem and we need a new compressor. This AM the bettery light came on and it made a strong electrical fire smell after I had the deforst on . Went off after about 5 minutes. I think this AC thing is a crock, how would a mechanical system like that be causing the problem? I think it's being overloaded by the fan and other accessories and the alternator they put in is faulty or ? Bad voltage regulator? Bad ground? FYI We replaced the battery this winter with a slightly smaller one we had from a car we junked, but it was nearly new and worked fine all winter. AC was OK last time I checked, not running it except when I forget about the deforst....

The car wont start and battery is fully charged. The vehicle just died while going 80 on the highway and never was able to crank back up.

the car will not take off it boggs down then take off runs about 15 ft does it again put in both o2 sensors egr mass air flow new fuel pump tps timing belt timing belt tensor checked the conv. no codes in it

I have checked my tail lights and brake lights because I was told they are connected some how, they are fine. I am having trouble finding the correct fuse on the fuse pannel under the stering column. Can you help?

my husband looked at it and said the cable is not working right. the coating is all pulled back. How do we fix this problem or at least get the sunroof closed.

my email in sarahz1965@aol.com my name is sarah olson

it started and then shut right off. took tank down and ran a hot wire to pump and it was good so what do i do know.

I have stinky white smoke,only after it starts

When I switch on the a/c of my Hyundai Sonata it blows air which is not cold. The A/c switch shows the green light. It is the same air as outside. I never had to use the a/c from the time I bought it last year in October.

Sometimes the system off light comes on while driving without pushing the off button. On restart it resets and may or may not come back on. Is this a system fault or an electrical fault with a fuse or relay?

I have had tires balanced, alignment, still have vibration

not leaking sterring fluid but makes a really squeaky sound when you turn and is very hard to turn or wont turn at all.

i get the error every 300 to 400 miles and each time I reset
The computer. How can I fix this problem?

check the fuse in it and it was good so does that mean i have a burn't motor in it

none of the windows will go down

last night my hyundai wouldn't start after 10 min. it started up so this morning my husband went to auto zone and bought a new battery and now it wont start up.What should i do....

Problem just started today

When push on button on side of door for the release of the trunk and gas lid, it will not open.

gas or vice versa

went into neutral. Is this normal it scares me.

I would like to replace my cabin air filter.

How in the world can my car need pads/rotors after 1 year of use - and purchased from the largest dealer in the area, boasting of their 100+ thorough 'going over' all used cars before selling? This type of brake work is NOT CHEAP!!
They want $1,000 for front and rear - DISGUSTING. I'll never buy from them again. I am a grandmother and do nominal, careful, slow, driving.

i added a can of r134a and all of a sudden it started blowing hot then cold then humid then cold i drove it to work at night and noticed that the headlights and dash lights flicker along with the car loosing power i popped the hood and noticed the compressor and pulley would kick on then off then on do i need a new compressor or is there a pulley clutch or something please help

When is the timing belt supposed to defult on these things

cruise control was working, i was on bummpy dirt road and after passed that just lost cruise controll.I do not know any more please hepl me.