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What size tools do i need, and where is the spark plug located. Need help asap
replacing. Estimator not recognizing name "engine mounts".
Code refered to dealer, mechanics do not know code U0DOO only 1 plug was fouled. Still runs rough, light still on, very frustrating to potentially have to pay for acess all over again.
It sounds like it's not firing.
I could only get my shifter down as far as N. it wouldn't go all the way down to drive!! i had to forcefully slam it in Park& shut my car off 2 get wont start now.I have it tore apart it's very hard 2 move the...
I have to Rev high then slam into drive to get going But if I put in park it stalls
So he put injector cleaner in it and now it won't start at all.
Hi, I have a Hyundai Santa Fe 2005 (3.5 GLS V6). It's milage is close to 120K. I guess I need to change the Timing belt. However, when I am approaching the repair shops for the same, they are insisting that I should ...
if not, is there any other option on softening the sterring?
My brakes were just changed last October. This creaking noise just started last week, and is always in the rear
97,000 miles. Told they were separating and total cost is $375.00
could it be the ignition failure sensor? Crank position sensor? Where are these sensors located in the engine compartment? 3.5L engine.
It still runs but very rough & I just had it in for a oil change a couple of days before this happened
The back seat backrest (40%side) locked in the down position the last time I put it down. Prior to that time the seat had never laid flat. When down before the outer edges of the seats only allowed the seat to rest a...