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Had recalls repaired at dealer and he tells meI have 40,000 miles on it and the timing belt should be replaced. Have had no problems with car.
Head light bulbs only lasting 4 months
Initially when this happened it seemed to stop if I let car warm up. Now I can't drive it unless I am willing to put it in neutral to brake. Scary adventure.
Yellow light a car and key showing on dashboard
is there a door to direct air flow not closing completely?
have a 2005 hyundai santa fe and the fans arent working what could be the problem
my significant other changed the timing belt n waterpump on my 2005 hyundai sante fe 2.7 but has a burning rubber smell what is it?please help any advice would be appreciated muchly.thanks
if there is a valve stuck do i have to fix it.please help
Usually power steering fluid would get low would add fluid when steering made noise. I decided to add sealent and the next day it seemed to work. I looked at fluid and it had turned dark brown. If I change the fluid...
Have been told rear valve cover gasket is leaking small amount of oil & running down on exhaust. Have been quoted a wide range of labor involve to replace gaskets. How much labor is involved?
My 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe (91,000 miles) is not down shifting right. When I let off gas to coast, it acts like its either going to die or down shifts hard. Been doing this through 3 or 4 tanks of gas, so I know it ...
Vehicle looked and smelled like smoke, about 10 minutes later. left car in garage still fires up, but blower fan isnt working!
No clicking, nothing. It also developed a small oil leak.
Within the last week my '09 Santa Fe has stalled 7 times (3 times today driving into work). It occurs when driving at low speed (20-25). On two occasions the engine completely shut down. on the other occasions, al...
When I am accelerating beyond a certain speed (~50 miles), I am hearing a certain noise from the car. When I brake, for example when coming to a stop or light or driving at a slower speed, it stops (or I couldn't hear...
My gas leaks onto the ground, even though my car is not started. I am guessing I need to change the gas tank or sending unit? Or is there another option to fix this problem?
ok so im doing a radio install as a present to my mother with the gps n ect. ive done plenty of double din...and single din...but never one to the other, will I be all set with just the radio install kit or will I hav...
I have a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe with 22,500 miles. The factory maintenance schedule calls for replacing the timing belt at 75,000 miles or five years. Should I replace it now?
I had it changed (Hyndai shop advised) when the mileage was 59000.
Which says Ignition/Distributor engine speed. The guy asked if I've been having trouble starting or running rough, not been a problem, car's been running & starting fine. Do I need to run to a repair shop immediately...
Hi the past several weeks my gas gage and digits to empty drop and then go back up even after filling up. The check engine light also came on today with the code showing fuel level sensor, Is this sensor inside the ga...
It seems like the four wheel drive does not kick in at all. It sides easily.
Only other symptom is transmission shift points are high when in drive but in manual shift mode works ok
replaced ect sensor with new one. guage reads high. Put old sensor back in guage reads normal. Tried 3 new sensors all acts the same. car is running normal
I have had this car a little under 3 months. At first it was running fine now after the car had been sat over night or when at work I switch it on and put it in reverse or drive it'd makes a really loud clunking noise...
Changing headlights