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brake likes will not go out when engine is turned off.
What does it cost to replace a brake master cylinder on a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe?
My brake lights remain on when the engine is turned off and is draining the battery. Could this be the brake master cylinder, if so, what is estimate of cost to repair?
Are there any issues with spreading calipers on this model?
Why would the estimate for replacing disc brake pads be higher for the rear than for the front?
my power steering pump is making a whiring noise. the reservior level is good, but i have a little fluid around the cap. can the pump be failing? can the fluid level in the pump be low even if the reservior is good? w...
my power steering pump is making a whiring noise. the reservior level is good, but there is a little fluid around the cap. could the level in the pump be low? can the pump be failing? would a fluid change help?
It worked on the 3rd speed for a couple of weeks then stopped working. I replaced the blower resistor. How can I tell if the problem is now the motor or the switch?
My driver side fog light was destroyed during a very minor accident and I'd like to replace it myself. Do I need to remove the bumper to do so, and if yes, how do I do that?
Original problem: Vehicle heats up and does not restart. After two hours vehicle would restart, then would stall and not restart. Check engine light did not immediately come on. Original Fix: Crankshaft sensor has b...
need to change the cabin air filter. where is it & how do I do it?
check engine light is on and was put on michine that said this was the problem.
how do you remove sump to allow inspection of main bearings and big ends as I have just developed a knock?
I remove the while light cover, remove the 2 screws and release the 2 clips on both sides but the light fixture will not come out. Need to replace the enture fixture. How do I remove?
Hello, You mentioned that the timing belt go prematurely on this model. Approx. at what milage? thanks, derek
My mech says nothing is amiss, but I hear noises like brake drag when I drive by barriers such as fences. And when I turn, I hear a groan like low steering fluid might make, but the fluid is fine. I suspect worn bus...
my car is an automatic with the manual shift option the car will lose all power when I step on the gas mostly about 60 mph (sometimes slower) and shifts down then I have to manualy shift to get it to go again I j...
My dealership just changed our Cabin Air filter in Feb 2010. And I get a call staing it needs to be replaced. I have only had the cabin air filter in for 5 months. How long do cabin air filters last?
rear shock absorbers are not on your list.
my car squeals until I apply the brakes. When I accelerate, the squeal returns. It is almost all the time, but sometimes louder and more obnoxious than others. The sound is coming from the rear. I thought if its b...
there is no problems untill now
Does anyone else have this problem? The air bag light stays on. The dealer will fix it under warranty, but once the warranty is over, your on your own. I have contacted NHTSA about this before someone gets hurt. I...
Father put about a gallon of anti-freeze in oil fill, plus about 1/2 of water too--I changed oil & filter--he did not start the car--told me about it --changing oil filter was that enuff or should I change again---als...
cranks a while before starting it has a new timing belt and crank sensor there are no codes
trying to fin camshaft position sensor. how hard is it to change?
Sometimes car won't. To fix I have to tighten gas cap. How do you know if the gas cap is faulty ?
I get premature ABS when going under 20mph and a noise when I turn. I also get ABS and TCS lights when traveling 65 to 70 mph and then I do not have the premature ABS. ABS & TCS light go out and stay out until I hit...
How do I get the camshaft gears to line up to reset the timing. I have a 2.4l motor.