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can't get the bolts off the alternaor doing it ourselves. any suggestions?
My speedometer doesn't work all the time, and on long trips my ABS and TCS lights come on.
Where is located the engine number for a Santa Fe 2008
As long as I keep my foot off of the gas it stops but returns upon acceleration. Not out of balance. I can HEAR the sound and feel the vibration in the steering wheel. It also bounces/vibrates when I am stopping. ...
Air Bag light stays on. I am being told that the driver side seat belt buckle needs to be replaced at a cost of $415.00 plus tax. Not sure what the air bag has to do with the seat belt buckle, can someone provide in...
Trying to change the oil and I can't seem to locate where the oil filter is located. Is it hidden?
electronic climate control display flickers intermittently, seems it started when the very hot weather started in Houston...
I recently had a power control module in my vehicle replaced. I am an amateur radio operator and want to know if Radio Frequency can damage a Power Control Module?
How do I recharge the ac on my santa fe
My vehicle stopped while I was on the highway at normal speed, according to the mechanic the timing belt had to be replaced. After the replacement, the vehicle ran for a few kilometres, made loud noises, smoking then ...
the timing marks on the camshaft pulleys are facing in different directions when the crankshaft is lined up with the timing mark
When air or heat is on, they work beautifully as far as temperature. The fans work great too. The problem is the front passenger side fan has a clicking noise in rhythem with the speed it blows. Is this a major problem.
Does anyone have instructions documented for changing spark plugs on the 3.3 V6?
I'm getting mixed answers. Is there a replaceable fuel filter for this model and if so where is it located. I'm told it's in the fuel tank. The dealer wouldn't change it out at 15,000 miles, the guy said it's in th...
I recently replaced my battery, but when I did that the temperature display on my air conditioning went from farenheit to celcius. Can you please tell me how to convert it back to farenhiet. or if there is a reset but...
my power steering pump is making a whiring noise. the fluid level is fine in the reservoir. no leaks anywhere except for moisture around the cap. could the pump be failing? could the level be low in the pump even if t...
brake likes will not go out when engine is turned off.
What does it cost to replace a brake master cylinder on a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe?
My brake lights remain on when the engine is turned off and is draining the battery. Could this be the brake master cylinder, if so, what is estimate of cost to repair?
Are there any issues with spreading calipers on this model?
Why would the estimate for replacing disc brake pads be higher for the rear than for the front?
my power steering pump is making a whiring noise. the reservior level is good, but i have a little fluid around the cap. can the pump be failing? can the fluid level in the pump be low even if the reservior is good? w...
my power steering pump is making a whiring noise. the reservior level is good, but there is a little fluid around the cap. could the level in the pump be low? can the pump be failing? would a fluid change help?
It worked on the 3rd speed for a couple of weeks then stopped working. I replaced the blower resistor. How can I tell if the problem is now the motor or the switch?
My driver side fog light was destroyed during a very minor accident and I'd like to replace it myself. Do I need to remove the bumper to do so, and if yes, how do I do that?
Original problem: Vehicle heats up and does not restart. After two hours vehicle would restart, then would stall and not restart. Check engine light did not immediately come on. Original Fix: Crankshaft sensor has b...
need to change the cabin air filter. where is it & how do I do it?
check engine light is on and was put on michine that said this was the problem.
how do you remove sump to allow inspection of main bearings and big ends as I have just developed a knock?