engine wash

On a few occasions when I puilled into a parking spot I would attempt to place car in park-I was unable to pass neutral--I would then place car in drive roll forward and then the car is placed in park. Your opinion please

My transmission went out and I bought a used transmission and they do not match 100%. The front axle doesnt look the same on the new one. The old one front axle part is smaller than the new transmission. What years will fit the 2003 Santa fe? Or does it have to be from another 03 santa fe to fit right? Do I have to change out any parts? etc. HELP

I've been offered a high milage (224000mi)Santa Fe for near nothing ($500.00) It's been well taken care of and feels good, looks good and all seems to work well. Rebuilt transmission at about 150000 and new brakes at about 165000.
I expect that the engine will wear out soon so I'm curious as to the cost.

after fill up with gas engine stumbles have to raise rpms to keep running then will clear up also noticed when sits all day and hot out side it happens

I have changed out the timing belt and the engine threw this code after i had finished the job. Thank you

Checked all fuses, they look good

I don't feel this on the down side or flat roads.

We have replaced the fuel pump in the 2001 Sante Fe without disconnecting the battery. Now there is no power getting to it after being replaced. Power everywhere else just not the pump.

I don't want to be ripped off as I am a 62 year old single female and live on a fixed income....

I can't find any information in the owner's manual

I was wondering if theres an O-ring that might be bad in that connection that I could replace or do I have to replace the whole hose.

to unscrew the sprocket bolt on the camshaft is it cc or ccw

I think it is ccw can you confirm


It started last week. It was first noted on the passenger side of the dash/window/door. Then the next week the whistling is now across the dash (windshield vent?) This only happens on an open highway on I90 North. I have been highway driving since I purchased this vehicle without a problem until last week. This problem started in one spot and has gotten worse over the period of one week. Any other people reported this complaint?

need info for lining up timing belt

The scanner say's no comunication. I' found a cracked ABS ring
on the right axle. Will these cause these, and it under warrenty. We bought the car new in august 2004, and it just turned 36000 miles. The problem has been going on for over 2 year, the dealer reprogramed the ABS modual and said there is nothing else wrong.Mithel I ,think it was said a TSB was out
about this ring craking. Please let me know. Thank You
John May phone 410-484-7766

Acceleration unpredictability as if cruise control is on, check engine light, throttle sticking, replacement of battery too often, cabel issues, transmission acting wonky, everything you can think of keeps happening and its all sensor related. I fix the probs and the sensors. We are talking $$. Now, its in again. Thing is, I am way overdue on Timin belt change, though I've changed the serpentine belt and several hoses, oxygenn sensors, more than once. frustrated.

I've had my 2004 hyundai santa fe for less than a year and have been experiencing a lot of hesitations and misfires while driving and the vehicle has warmed up. we originally took it to a shop and we had the codes read by a mechanic we trusted and we were given codes P0303 and p0335, misfire in cylinder 3 and crankshaft positioning sensor malfunction. my mechanic said we would have to take it to a dealership to fix it due to his lack of tools for the job, but he felt that they were related.

It's been a month since we've had the sensor replaced, and we are having even more issues with the hesitation and rough running. I live in a rural area and the nearest Hyundai dealership is about 30-40 miles away, we don't like driving the vehicle farther than work(7 miles and back) a day.

I'm about to put a for sale sign in the car and just sell it for what ever I can get for it and purchase another vehicle that may be cheaper, but won't run like garbage.

When coming to a slow stop, my brakes have a grinding noise. It occurs sporatically. I have a anti-lock braking system.
The noise is very loud and actually "scares" me.

Santa fe passenger side power window switch

i bought the car used with 172k seems the car has a few issues:

1) the car seems to stall or trys to stall when in drive so i have to place it in neutral to prevent that from happening then in drive when pulling off.

2) it seems to idle high like if the car shuts off on me and i try to crank it back up i have to keep giving it gas as it's trying to turn over or fire up. once it does start up my rpm is in the 3000 like as if my foot is on the gas to rev up the engine.

3) if i'm out all day driving or at a stand still my temp gauge is going up like near or a cpl times in the red but as soon as i start driving w/o stopping it will come back down to 1/2 mark.

lastly i've noticed when my foot is on the brakes in drive the car will all of a sudden jurk fwd an times my foot can be off the gas pedal and the car will drive fwd on it's own.

thanks for all help in answering my questions to anyone

I have a 2002 Hyudai Santa Fe, production date October 2001 2.7 litre engine
I have an A/C problem.
I have replaced:
hi manifold line
Shrader Valve
I can charge the car with R34A
but the R34a only works for about 2 weeks and then there is no cold air.
The compressor works as the A/C system operates perfectly for two weeks. Any ideas

i like to see were the oil filter is on a 2.7 santa fe

i like to see were the oil filter is on a 2.7 santa fe

i like to see were the oil filter is on a 2.7 santa fe

I can charge my cellphone and other electronic devices with the rear charger. Is it an easy fix or a costly one?

Need to repair or replace it.

pt old pump back in truck runs fine but gas gauge not working now

hard and below half tank gas wold die out .so i put old pump back in now fuel gauge wont work and low fuel light on .checked wires had in out 1o times cant fine anything wrong wiring all hooked up

Beautiful sound system but this speaker rattles like crazy.