i bought the car used with 172k seems the car has a few issues:

1) the car seems to stall or trys to stall when in drive so i have to place it in neutral to prevent that from happening then in drive when pulling off.

2) it seems to idle high like if the car shuts off on me and i try to crank it back up i have to keep giving it gas as it's trying to turn over or fire up. once it does start up my rpm is in the 3000 like as if my foot is on the gas to rev up the engine.

3) if i'm out all day driving or at a stand still my temp gauge is going up like near or a cpl times in the red but as soon as i start driving w/o stopping it will come back down to 1/2 mark.

lastly i've noticed when my foot is on the brakes in drive the car will all of a sudden jurk fwd an times my foot can be off the gas pedal and the car will drive fwd on it's own.

thanks for all help in answering my questions to anyone

I have a 2002 Hyudai Santa Fe, production date October 2001 2.7 litre engine
I have an A/C problem.
I have replaced:
hi manifold line
Shrader Valve
I can charge the car with R34A
but the R34a only works for about 2 weeks and then there is no cold air.
The compressor works as the A/C system operates perfectly for two weeks. Any ideas

i like to see were the oil filter is on a 2.7 santa fe

i like to see were the oil filter is on a 2.7 santa fe

i like to see were the oil filter is on a 2.7 santa fe

I can charge my cellphone and other electronic devices with the rear charger. Is it an easy fix or a costly one?

Need to repair or replace it.

pt old pump back in truck runs fine but gas gauge not working now

hard and below half tank gas wold die out .so i put old pump back in now fuel gauge wont work and low fuel light on .checked wires had in out 1o times cant fine anything wrong wiring all hooked up

Beautiful sound system but this speaker rattles like crazy.

What amp fuse is used for the license plate lights

tech found bolt broen off the swing arm

was going to check fuel pressure but the pump does not even come on

I had the ABS sensor replaced along with the axle it was rusted into a few months ago, not sure if there would be any connection to my current problem (any wires or couplings they would have un-hooked to replace the axle that would affect my heated seats)
Also, I had a fuse blow on my tail lights when checking the connection on my towing connection for my bike trailer?

My brakes locked up and started to smell like they were on fire.

The noise sounds like a bearing is going but they cant find out where its coming from.My power steering pump also got replaced. Any suggestions. Steven

the front door courtesy lights stay on all the time even when the doors are closed and the door open ding is constantly on fow can i shut it off what fuse do i pull

My car keeps giving me a check engine light with a code of PO455 which is the EVAP Control System. I have already checked the fuel cap and the problem still exists.


Unfortunately, I didn't read this page saying that changing the timing belt is not for an amateur, and now everything is taken apart. We can't get the four cam/sprockets to hold in timed position when installing the belt. Different ones slip out of place each time we try. Is there a trick or a special tool to use to hold them in timed position?

replacing head gasket and need to know if there is a required torque and bolt tighting procedure?

The car doesn't seem to drive differently when this happens and once I turn car off for a long while they'll be off before I start car again. After driving for awhile like 40 miles they will go on 1st abs than tc and then 4 wheel drive icon

How difficult is the fuel filter to replace yourself?

I have been quoted the following for a Tune Up & Timing Belt replacement.
Timing Belt $149.50
Poly Rib Belt $53.99
New Water Pump $146.75
Labour $325.50
Coolannt Sytem Fluid Service with Khameleon (I was told this has to be done when timing belt is replaced)
Coolant Flush w/Dealer And Condistioner $14.99
Coolant Flush Labour $55.00
2 Safety Kleen Khameleon Anti Freeze @12.50 each $25.00

Ignition Parts
6 Spark Plugs @ $9.79each $58.44 (not sure if these are the 60,000 mile NGK recomemended)
Fuel System Cleaning (advised that this was needed.
Fuel System Cleaner $39.99
Fuel System Service labour $50.00

Total cost incl taxes $1.258,18

Is this a fair price to be charged?
Remove and Replace Spark Plus $279.00

looking to replace rotors on my santa fe

The kit from the auto store says not to use on plastic mounts. What do I use?? Anyone?? It was knocked off clean and the glue on the window looks like it can be heated, it's smooth and flat?

Just purchased a used 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe, and after about 5 days the Engine Check light has started coming on and the engine idles 'rough', like its sputtering. Otherwise the car performs fine. Last night the engine light was lit (always on) and then after about 10 minutes driving home, it started flashing.

The manual says its emissions related but makes no distinction between flashing and always on.

Q1: It is safe for me to drive this to the dealer? (Towing is costly compared to driving - and if I am not likely to blow it up/cause more significant damage, I'd prefer to drive it in myself)

Q2: The timing is very coincidental (days after purchase) The vehicle was inspected by a third party and serviced before being handed over to me - it has 130,000 kilometers on the Odo. Is this likely a 'bad luck situation' or could this be misrepresentation? If they 'tweaked' the engine check light, what should I ask the vehicle service tech to look for when I take it in?


I am going to drive 7 hours with the malfunction indicator lamp on in a 2010 hyundia sante fe. Will this damage my engine or my car some how?

2001 Hyundai Santa Fe; 2.7L engine; 4WD... Thanks so much!!!

Is it safe to drive without damaging anything else?