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Does the 2004 have a sealed transmission?
What is the cost to replace the rear wiper arm on a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe
A rat ate thru my wiring harness where it connects to a fuel injector head, choices are 1. rig a pigtail to fix, 2. replace the entire harness for $2700.
Best car I ever had. Only problem was a high pressure power steering hose leak which warranty fixed. Car still under warranty 92,000 miles. Recently while stopped with foot on brake car felt like it wanted to lunge. A...
Cost to replace timing belt, water pump,belt pulley idle pulley and oil seals behing assembly?
I turned off car and pulled key out and my 05 Santa Fe was still running. They key was completely out and even checked that it was in park. With the key out, i could turn steering wheel with no problems but not able t...
Does my vehicle have a timing belt or chain
If timing belt breaks, will it damages valves and other components, or will it just stop the car and belt replacement only?
The airbag light in my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe light is on but has never been deployed. At first it flashed on and off but now it stays on. Do you have any ideas to what the problem is?
What will it cost to replace the timing belt at 60,000 miles?
Loud knocking noise when running.
how do i tighten the powersteering belt?
transmission service on a 2009 hyundai santa fe 2.7 V6
where's the radator drain at
can I just buy the thing that is glued to the windshield for my mirror?
Hyundai dealer said seal was bad and fluid leaked out of the rear differential. The whole rear differential needs replaced and cannot be rebuilt. Would this not be a drivetrain defect and should it not be covered un...
Last year, my Sante Fe lost power and would not drive more than a couple MPH. The cat was clogged. Finances being what they are, I could not fix correctly and removed cat. Since then, vehicle stalls when cold.Also, th...
do i have a belt or chain
What should it cost to change the timing belt and water pump
I started my vehilce in the morning and the engine just kept reving up by itself. when I tried to hit the gas, nothing happened at all. It was as if I wasnt hitting the gas. I shut offf the car and restarted it, then ...
radio works, but when I press CD button it goes completely blank, can't open cd player. what could it be?
My 2009 Santa Fe is in for the 30,000 mile work. I'm told I need a brake system flush and a power steering system flush. Are these needed or are they only to make the dealership money? I feel I'm being ripped off b...
I have a clicking going on and when I remove the B+ Fuse under the hood the clicking stops. Whatever it is it drains my battery and is not allowing my battery to charge.
2004 Santa Fe LX 3.5 all wheel drive about 65,000 gently used miles. I brought it new. To start first I had a whine from under the hood that was low and became louder with time. I thought it was the power steering...
I took my santa fe to a goodyear repair shop last week and they charged me $300 (P&L) to replace main pressure hose for power steering. This week I started smelling gas every time I get in the car. Took car back - to...
My left rear wheel is making a clicking noise when moving. It is awd. Brakes are good. No leaking anywhere. The noise is louder the slower it goes.
The signal lights and flashers work only occasionally on my Santa Fe. We looked at the fuses and did not find any burned out.
Is there a web site that we can see it mapped out?
My car stalled out i was able to restart it but after a few trys the diagnosis code is P0335 what does this mean
can't get the compass to set, please help. i know there is a service bulletin that tells now.