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28in driver sider cv axle is clicking and needs replaced. Parts stores and dealers say 25in is the correct one. What would explain a 28in being used? The center part of the axle is even longer than the replacement 25i...
Engine light is on and code given refers to EVAP i already replaced gas cap the EVAP and selenoid and nothing
I tested the current going to button and from button to motor. Everything checked out. I took motor out and watched, as I pushed button, to see if the gear moved when button was pushed. It only worked, when pushed to...
The car makes a roaring sound when I drive but runs quietly when idle
Front Windshield wiper replacement size?
The engine light is not on, and it takes about 5 minutes to put $10.00 of gas in my car every time I gas. I haven't filled the take for awhile since it takes so long to do so. Please advise, Deana
But would start after several tries.
when i try to pump gas the nozzle wont go in all the way it seems like something is blocking it. is there a recall cause of this
start if radio was left on. Battery jump it is ok. does not mean it will restart. supposed new spark plugs. wipers on the drivwrs side went dring sorm ended up being a mechanism? can you tell me/show me the alternato...
Been like this for 3 months. Thought it was the head gasket but it wasn't.
When I start my car it says that the passenger airbag is off. Have no idea why. The light came on and it stayed on. Another problem that I am having is at times when I drive the speed is fine, then all of a sudden my ...
check connections and wiring to TPS with lab scope. car runs well need to get it through inspection