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The headlights and dash lights and radio dim and Flicker and sounds like the car is almost going to stall but it does not then at a stoplight pulling out the engine Rev and then the transmission engaged. Trying to back into my driveway reverse would not engage left the car on the street overnight started it the next morning and it back in properly

Always when its w just had my battery replaced. The seemed to fix the power issue. But now I noticed whenever it rains I lose all power to my car sometimes. I have gotten it to start but there is some type of electrical problem that this keeps happening. I can't put it on a tester because my check engine light is not on. My radio stations, clock and trip counter all reset when this happens just like when I have a dead battery.

After a tire rotation I drove off only to realize the lug nuts were loose as my wheel was wobbling. I drove it back to the garage and a few weeks later my caliper is now leaking. It was only for yards in a mall parking lot with speed bumps and stop signs and never more than 3rd gear.

Yesterday I was driving and all of a sudden my gas pedal lost all spring, and it barely moves. This has caused very slow acceleration. My check engine light did not come on, and it does not seem to be anything else wrong.

(1)My car 136km is having very poor Acceleration while moving with A/c on and go smoothly after a while. But just normal without A/c. (2)Engine tent to go off while on motion either with A/c or without A/c. (3)A/c is blowing normal air not cooling. I have gone to many mechanic i change many suggested parts like spark plug, fuel filter, resistor motor condensor cooling fan, oil/air filter, sensor crankshaft, clean injector, add coolant, replace gas for A/c. Another scan give this codes, p0077, p0198, p0340. Nothing seem to work, i just want to Replace the right parts that is causing these problems


Going over bumps really feel bumps like no shocks. Is this the normal for an elantra?

hi ny wife has a 2013 hyundai Elantra that we purchased a month ago. the car has been running great until over the weekend when we were driving the car to gas station at the corner of out street before heading out of town. the car read that it had a 40 mile range but the car ran out of gas right before pulling into the gas station. I assumed then and there that the info isn't as accurate as originally thought. however after we managed to push the car to safety and pump gas into the car, the engine light turned on which is the norm for many cars when the cars run out of gas but the car would start making a knocking/flapping sound when we would step on the gas. on idle it doesn't make any noise but once we stepped on the gas it will make the knocking. any ideas on what it may be?

I've got a 1.8 block and 40m and 16 cillenderhead what can it be

it ran for a little bit then died but made a squilling sound. when i tried to start it back it just makes a high squilling noise but wont start. it has 28030 miles on it. ive had the oil changed and it has oil in it.

happened 3x in one month

do I have to press start button on remote more then once, no instructions came with car.

My rear door was damaged and repaired after an accident. The door repeatedly and sporadically keeps unlatching where I have to get out and open and close the door every block or so that I drive it. No passengers can ride in the back due to the risk of the door unlatching. Do you think it's a frame or sensor issue? I tried asking the repair shop but they are not taking responsibility for their shoddy work. All of your opinions are valuable in this matter.

My rear door becomes unlatched unexpectedly. What's causing this problem?

My brake lights sometimes (but not always -- it is an intermittent fault) will not turn off even when my foot is not on the brake and also when I turn off the car. This is a serious problem as the battery then goes dead. An additional problem is that when the weather is cold (below about 20F), my headlights will not turn off automatically when I turn off the ignition. Again, this is a problem as it can cause the battery to drain, but at least with this issue I can turn off the lights manually during cold weather. I have taken my car to to dealer to have this fixed, but they have not been able to get either of these issues (headlights and brake lights not turning off) to happen when they have the car, so say that if they can't see the problem happening, they can't fix it. Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know the cause (and more importantly, how to fix it)? Thanks!

Yesterday night my car battery went dead . I got somone to give me a JUMP , but it wouldn't stay charged for me to get to my house. People keep telling me it could be my alternator . I just feel like I need a new battery . Can anyone help . I have to be back at work Tuesday . Everything came back on like my radio, and windows are able to roll donw after I done had it off for a little while. Then my headlights and ALL lights around my car start to fade out.

Its coming in from behind the glove compartment

I have ask this question several times now and I'm not getting a n answer