The climate control button is not connected to anything so it just spins but the air conditioner works fine

How i know when there bad

Have been hearing this chirp for about a month

car was purging in an out pior to thst

Clutch keeps popping out of first gear when I try to take off. And when it does its really loud. Motor mounts are fine. Pretty sure its the transmission but any other ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Also, mechanic says has to order parts from Hyundai

We have a 2002 Elantra. Last summer the radiator failed, but we stopped before overheating the engine. Since then, there is valve lifter noise when starting that goes away after about 10 seconds. We also hear the valve lifters when revving the engine, but at steady rpm they're quiet. I suspect one or more bad lifters. I can't seem to get an estimate to replace them. I suspect it will require removing the camshaft(s). I already have an estimate for doing the timing belt and waterpump, so this would simply be an add-on to that estimate.

replaced fuel pump and filter.

It is clicking when I try to start the vehicle

clicking sound coming from driver side when turning wheel

do i need a voltage regulater or an alternater how does that work

i bought a car md i hooked it up and it gave me diagnostic cod of po563 can you please let me know what it means

The code reader is reading P0122, and my car is lagging and having trouble accelerating. Just wondering if it's fixable without having to take it to a dealership or mechanic??

My Hyunadi Elantra 2003 GL is not detting start since last three days, it is not passing any current to spark plugs. The ignination swicth turns on, engine is moiving, but no spark. One mechanic suggested it a KEY programing issue, other says its computer issue. Need advice and solution for this problem. ALos how i could confirm wheither it is KEY or Computer issue. Thanks.


I bought a brand new 07 Elantra in March or February of 07 and at about the 60,000 mile mark or so the A/C light would randomly come on no matter how I was using the climate system. Well, I got to paying closer attention and I started leaving the fan on full blast when I shut the climate system off. That's when I started to notice that about every two months the A/C and fan would flick on and off two or three times in a row when I had the system completely off. Alternatively the system will flick off and on when I'm actually using it, but I tend not to notice that unless I have the fan all the way up. I've been to two different dealers and they always say they can't reproduce the problem and all the electronics seem fine. I've tried to monitor factors when the issue occurs and it seems pretty random. It will happen shortly after I start the car or several hours in to an interstate trip. It will happen while I'm stuck in traffic both when I'm not moving and when I'm in between lights, but it will also happen at highway speed. I can't seem to figure it out and I'm getting worried because I'm down to less than 15,000 miles on my warranty.

When I change the know for the heat/air to move wheren the air flow comes out (feet, vents, deforst) nothing will change, it stays in the same location.

My camshafts are not like what was talked about earlier. My exhaust cam has clutch assembly on it and there are no marks on it that I can find.

brake lights stay on with perfect when headlights off

Bought used car, need to update airbag sensor. Been told it is under center console.

i had put two powersteering pumps one alternator fanbelts still does that sound a friend of mine told me something about the tension pulley

Hyundai SP3 and Rear Brake Set cost?

Stuttering, have to rev the engine to get it to run. Blows smoke out the exaust

have changed the TPS senor, new computer, have had it checked by 5 different shops and the check engine light still come on the same code 121 122

I just bought a 2004 Hyundai Elentra with 62000 miles.


2008 Elantra:How do I clean out and locate the water line from the windshield?

it consumes water somewhere cause I never see it comming out from no where what can it be

I was replacing the fuses in my car trying to get my lights to work again. My horn doesn't work anymore and my gear shift won't move out of park even when I'm pushing the brakes. I'm trying to determine if my brakes are working at the moment. If anyone knows which fuses I may have messed with that would cause this problem please let me know. Thank you.

While I'm driving on bumps or pot whole I'm hearing the front suspensions rattling on my new 2011 Hyundai elantra . I only hav the car for only 4 month only... N when I turn the car on in the morning I can hear a naoking noise on the valves..

want to do my own repairs on the car instead of taking it in