Bought used car, need to update airbag sensor. Been told it is under center console.

i had put two powersteering pumps one alternator fanbelts still does that sound a friend of mine told me something about the tension pulley

Hyundai SP3 and Rear Brake Set cost?

Stuttering, have to rev the engine to get it to run. Blows smoke out the exaust

have changed the TPS senor, new computer, have had it checked by 5 different shops and the check engine light still come on the same code 121 122

I just bought a 2004 Hyundai Elentra with 62000 miles.


2008 Elantra:How do I clean out and locate the water line from the windshield?

it consumes water somewhere cause I never see it comming out from no where what can it be

I was replacing the fuses in my car trying to get my lights to work again. My horn doesn't work anymore and my gear shift won't move out of park even when I'm pushing the brakes. I'm trying to determine if my brakes are working at the moment. If anyone knows which fuses I may have messed with that would cause this problem please let me know. Thank you.

While I'm driving on bumps or pot whole I'm hearing the front suspensions rattling on my new 2011 Hyundai elantra . I only hav the car for only 4 month only... N when I turn the car on in the morning I can hear a naoking noise on the valves..

want to do my own repairs on the car instead of taking it in

I replaced the crankshaft sensor and cleaned the throttle body. But, the car can idle for few minutes and then completely shuts down. Any idea?

When i start the car it shakes and dont start. If i start it a few more times its fine .It only does it like 5 times out of 20 starts .I do know some about cars and i never had this problem any help would be greatly appriciated ty:) Jeff

I recently had the axils replaced, could this problem stem from a bad repair job?

this car was purchased brand new a few months ago and i have made a few oil changes (at 1,000 miles, then at 3,000 and at 5,000) at 8,000 miles I started using full synthetic oil so i could Increase my oil change interval to about 8,000 miles between changes. the car now has 14,ooo miles on it and this oil change only has 6,000 miles on it but it has BURNED oil entire quart of OIL so far!!!! this is not good. Does anybody have any idea if this is common in a Hyundai I have never owned one before.

No DTRs (problems) on smog report, just showing oxygen heat sensor and something to do with A/C "not ready", for months, hundreds of miles and 8 trips back to the shop to see whether it's "ready" yet. Drive Cycle is not on Hyundai website, or I can't find it. I called Hyundai USA--they were unable to provide a drive cycle for my car. They called the local dealer here and were told that sometimes even the dealer cannot get this problem resolved. The dealer then has to send customers to the Calif DMV referee to make an exception (which can only be done once, IF they will do it at all). Anyone know where can I get an accurate drive cycle for my 2001 Elantra, so I can try to get this resolved? Months & months late now for tags because of this. Thank you!!

Changed the carbon canister, changed the perge valve in the engine, changed gas cap. Light still comes back on????!!

what shuld i do i cannot trust any one i paid 400.00 for the new fuel pump can you tell me what to check?

ex stole key and uncle took out battery to keep from being taken when i wasnt home...we got the key back and put battery in but now alarm goes off when open doors or try to start car...lites and diffrent sound to alarm go off...how can i stop this...does not have power locks so the lock unlock button dont work. can not find a kill switch or button under dash.

This occurs when I'm driving on highways.

I had my exhaust system replaced and my O-2 sensor replaced in the exhaust pipe.

i hit the front of the car into something and it needs a new hood and bumper and side parts. and it starts but i do not know if it will move... how much to fix it

I have a 2010 Elantra and according to the owners manual should have scheduled maintenance at 37500 but when I called a dealership they said next maintenance was @ 45000. I'm definitely not dying to spend money I don't have to, so as long as I am getting regular oil changes and rotate tires should I not worry about it till 45K?

my 2000 wagon break lights wont go out. I had to disconnect my battery so it wouldnt drain down. helllllp please

My Elantra runs like a rabbit, but after I've driven it more than 200 miles, and it's pretty warmed up, it will suddenly lose ALL rpms and die or almost die going down the highway at 80 miles an hour. It always has started right back or come back after putting in the clutch and just revving it up. It never does it just running around town. And it does not run hot....ever! Got any idea what's wrong with it? No engine light comes on, either.

how long should brake rotars normally last?

Mileage is approximately 130,000. It's a bad smog day in my car and smell does not go away with circulating air; windows down helps only a little. I've maintain regular oil changes, just had an oil change and point check..had to replace a very dirty engine filter and inside air filter...didn't help.


daughter told me yesterday which was wed that the check engine light came on tues and stays on any ideas of what the problem maybe gas cap is on rite and tight any1 have a 03 elantra that has had this problem?

Soon as you start pumping gas into the gas tank the pump stops as if the tank is full even when your gas gag read almost empty. You have to keep pressing then releasing, pushing then release until you get tire and frustrated. So you try to put some more gas in the tank a day or two later.
What is the problem, and how expensive will it be to take it to the dealer for repair?