The ac can be turned on and then stops blowing cold air in a short period of time. All the mechanical parts have either been replaced or inspected for other reasons. I was told that i need to have the computer rebooted. I just want to know what that means and is it expensive?

My turn signals only work intermittently, my brake lights not at all and my cruise control doesn't work. The car had some water damage due to flooding. I changed fuses, new brake module but still no luck. Any ideas?

Rt rear wheel toe out of spec, tire store said it couldn't be adjusted. True or not? Not "standard" adjustment?

I had an o2 sensor a exhaust part repaired and the check engine light still comes back on
. i need to have a emission test done on it and i can't while the check engine light is on . can you please help me out.

I am orginal owner of "01 Elantra with little over 46,000 miles. I have purchased 3 batteries in just over year and half. The battery continues to die. I have to have the car jumped on average 3 times a week. I have concluded it may not be battery but possible electrical. It in particular is bad about this in cold weather. The dome light no longer works, the clock does not work, and I have experienced minor electrical issues with the windows. Does anyone else have this problem and do you know what can be done. Admittedly, I am not car savy and not good with car language.

(bubbles of antifreeze were all over the hose, like it was porous) . I replaced all hoses and antifreeze… Now 15K later it’s happening again, car is not overheating, but I have to add coolant every 3 weeks or so …?
Any help would be appreciated!

car shifts fine in 1st 2nd and 3rd but no overdrive help

fluid level is good car hase 125000 miles

2008 hyundai elantra

The check light in the dashboard comes on and off for no apparent reason for the air bag. No particular times or braking or acceleration. What should I be looking for first?

leaking antifreeze after just having radiator and water pump replaced should i be charged to fix and what could it be

my clutch gets loose everytime i use the vehicle and i hear a funny noise everytime i press the clutch down

I've had trouble with my Elantra for some time now, but nothing this severe. One day, after showing no warning signs, my husband and I were on our way to my work and his school and while we were slowing down at a red light, my car completely shut off. Power steering and all. It would not restart and we were panicking. Some nice men came and pushed us to the side where we sat for about 15 minutes. The car then started back up and we drove it like it was normal. We traveled roughly an hour at about 60MPH(no stops or slowing down) with no problems. Once we came to a stop light however, the car died again. 20 minutes later it started back up. As we were coasting on an exit ramp it died again!! Of all the 6 or 7 times it died that day it was always around low speeds(under 30mph) and while coasting or coming to a stop. I took it to the dealership where they replaced my Mass Air Inflow Sensor, which we thought was the problem, but it died the next day. I then took it back one more time and they told me I need a new Crankshaft Positioning Sensor. I've done some research on the CPS but am not sure if it sounds like problems I have dealt with or not. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks so much!

At dealership how much can I expect to fix this problem? Took car in for inspection at regular shop and they weren't able to diagnose why the light was staying on.

suddenly. What is wrong and how much will it cost to replace or repair?

then when I turned to my street I heard a loud pop and could not drive the car because the left wheel had broken off the car. When I looked at it the limb that attaches to the wheel from the car had broken in half.Is this the knuckle suspension and how much well it cost to repair.

I'm at a idle speed in drive or park, it sometimes acts like is wants to die. Does this little chugging noise and shake.. I took it to the shop and they told me I needed new spark plugs and wires. After replacing them, the problem seems to be happening more often. The problem is there isn't a check engine light that comes on. Also, my head gasket went out last summer, so that was just replaced along with the radiator. Just so you know some history on this car. Any ideas would help.

noisy when turning right or left...

2002 Elantra GL purchased used in 2010 with 117,000 kms. Now at about 135,000 kms. 2 days ago started leaking oil everywhere. Thrust washer found in oil pan. Crank-shaft ended up ruining bottom end of engine block. Is it true that this problem was endemic to numerous engines due to thrust washers having been installed backwards at time of manufacture? If so, is there a remedy to my $3,500 bill for a replacement motor? Would Hyundai Canada cover this? - Kingston, Ontario

the belts ( three ) are all new, They sqealed before I replaced them, then they stoped for a short while when they were new, but now they squeal again when the car frist starts up.

Brakes were squeaking. Garage cleaned them and changed flushed the brake lines. They also said that the timing belt is scheduled for replacement

i had brakes done on my car in august it is now january and im being told the garage that did it first forced brakes that didn't fit which caused them to crack and wear down my rotar..another garage over the phone asked what kind of rear brakes i had and im not finding anything online telling me what a 2008 hyndai elantra would have

diagnostic test was done with marmd device but no codes present

Can i replace the tires and rims of my 2003 hyundai elantra with the stock tires and rims of a 97 Volkswagen Jetta GLS? If so, would there be any complications or precautions i should take beforehand or afterwards? Would it be cheaper to simply buy new tires for my hyundai?

My husband checked the low beam fuse and it is fine. what else could the problem be? No other electrical problems.

codes are p1529 and p0715 car downshifts to 3rd gear while drving down hwhy

The shop I go to says I need hi milage oil as apposed to the usual oil I get with a change... For which they charge an extra $10... Isn't simply using say 40w as opposed to 30w the same thing?

runs now but revvs up and down goes all the way to 2000 rpm by itself what could be the problem

I installed both front axels drove car ran good speed ometer works fine but the two transmition coeds keep comeing on they are veh. speed sensor a range/performance is p501 veh. speed sensor a malfunctionis p500

After 54000kms, our transmission computer stopped responding. We took it to the dealership, but now are concerned, since it is such a new car with low mileage, can this problem potentially damage the transmission? For now its under warranty, but i don't want to have problems once the warranty is finished, because of a manufacturer's defect with the computer. Thanks for any help!!!