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Does a 2002 Hyundai Elantra have push rods?? If not, what does it have? Thanks.
How to remove Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir?? Can't access from top
engine light on, hyundai dealership quoted $695 for above job. YIKES! is it really that expensive????
Anyone have problems with the axle and CV Boots being replaced and this seal leaking? Trans problem or dealer/mechanic fault??
I dont know if I should replace the clutch or replace the entire transmission. The car hesitates whenever changing gears and has lost all its zip. I dont want to pay a la carte and eat up all my money. Which is more...
First pass.side washer stopped then a month later driver side stopped-hoses and connections seem ok reservoir level went down a little after filling. Where is the washer pump located.
what is the blend door in regards to no heat
I Changed the transmission fluid in my elentra and still cannot exceed 30 mph. The gears shift at low speeds as expected; however when I reach 30mph it wont shift into its higher gear.
Just had an alignment on our car with 28750 miles. Company advised all models are designed with right camber to -1.52- it will not align properly but they advise all Hyundai 2009 Models are designed like this. Is this...
Does the timing (& timing) belt have to be disturbed when changing the water pump? Also, can one access the water pump easier thru the wheel well on passenger's side? Thanks much.
My steering wheel was very hard to turn 3 days ago and I thought it was my power steering fluid, but that wasn'nt it then I notice to the right of the power steering fluid I notice that the small belt was worn out and...
can somone tell me or give me a way to find out if my 2000 hyundai elantra wagon 2.0L engine is an interferance motor or not
Engine will not fire, when cranked checked the following Power to coil with key on 12.8 volts power to cam position sensor with key on 12.8 coils checked secondasry and primary windings are with in specs. has timi...
the seat belt in the back seat of car locks and can't be used. How can I fix this. does any one have a diagram of how the seat belt operates. thanks
looking for the sun roof control replacement, it works and everything just a friend broke the button on my roof console, i can make it go up and down but cant go back and forward for that button is broken
is there two Catalytic Converter on this car
On intial start up, the transmission knocks and won't shift properly. I have stopped the vehicle when it was warm, turned off the engine and restated the vehicle, and then the transmission shifted ok. What is the rout...
I have been having intermittent episodes of a THUMPING sound coming from the trunck / under body side of car. When I have taken it in the mechanis bever here it. Now it is more frequesnt and persisnt. Not sure if warr...
From the inside of the car it just sounds like really bad squealing, but those outside of the car say it sounds like metal rubbing against metal. Sound diminishes after driving for a while but comes back after car si...
Local repair shops have tried to replace the bulbs, but they will not work. In addition, the right left signal is flashing very fast inside the car, but does not work outside of the car.
Where is the ECU in my 2002 elantra and how do I remove it?
I just had my tires rotated and balanced about 2 weeks ago. For a couple of days I have noticed that my car is making a humming noise when I get to or above 40mph. What could be the cause of this? The noise seems t...
PLease help . I have a 2001 Hyundia elantra . Check engine light for emissions came on . Had a smoke test . Told to change valve and canister . Did that . Also gas cap . Every every part change . Shut of light . Firs...
I have a 2000 2.0 liter 4 cylinder hyundai elantra - what is the maintenance schedule for the timing belt? And is it free-wheeling or interference? Thank you.
car was chugging, now it won't stay running
Is the power steeering belt driving anything else ( inportant like a water pump) or can I drive with it off a day?
car was driving fine, no symptoms, then as i was pulling out of coffee shop tranny would shift into 2nd gear and slam back into first, back to 2nd and slam into first, had to crawl home, any ideas whats up with it?
fronf pass. door inside plastic handle broke