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"Steering is an issue It has a typical lack of torque buildup and general feedback, and it feels like it needs a front-end alignment. The biggest issue with it seems to be at slow speeds and close to on-center, where the wheel kind of sticks to its spot, and you have to move it back to where you want it. The tuning feels pretty artificial and removed from the wheels.

Slow speeds weren't the only concern. There is something not right about the steering, especially at 30 to 45 mph. It feels jittery. On the highway, you're correcting all the time. It's just too touchy and it doesn't settle in. It always needs to be managed, but it still feels numb overall. It's fatiguing on road trips. I have noticed that the issues existed with the sonatas until the 2015's came out, and it was stated that they fixed the problem. Will I be able to have the adjustment made to my car now that they have identified the areas that needed correction, and thus, have made them?

I put my car for three weeks in the parking after that my window in the driver side is not working I try to put the motor in the passenger side and it's worked. I bought whole another switch for driver side and put it there but it's not working. Do you know what's wrong is it? Thank you so much.

I put my car for three weeks in the parking after that I try to open the driver side windows and it's not working. I take the door panel off and then take the motor and put in the passenger side and it's worked. I bought a whole windows switch and try it but it's not worked. Do you know what's the problem?

Front of seat is stable while the back of the seat bounces up when you get out of it and goes down when you sit in it. Is there a latch that hold the rear of the seat down that may have come undone?


when placing the car in reverse it will not go up without help and makes all kinds of grinding noises which I am understanding comes from a plastic gear?

In cold weather when the temperature is at the freezing mark or below and the engine is started it sounds normal. As soon as the transmission is engaged there is a tapping sound that disappears as the engine warms up. If the engine is allowed to run for a few minutes after starting from cold and before the transmission is engaged the tapping sound does not appear.

I am unable to remove the plastic panel on the console near the gas pedal.

Hyundai says it is normal. Is it and can it be eliminated

The memory seat for setting one will not bring the seat forward.

Why is it still coming on If Hyundai said its fixed. Did they just take the battery post off and put it back what is the problem.

When turning the switch to turn off the car the switch sticks and the doesnt wanna come out

Is there any connection between these 2 parts?

I'm having unusal tire wear

i have plan to take my car to repair shop

parking problem, struck high curb and damaged bumper/undercarriage (plastic)

The brake pedal appears soft and depresses more than normal before engaging the brakes. I had the master cylinder changed and the brakes serviced but the pedal is still softer than I'm used to. What can the problem be?

Had to jump car off the other night. Think cables were crossed at some point because some fuses blew. I've replaced a fuse under hood and checked the two fuses that control audio in the inner panel. All fine. Car cranks fine, and everything else works. Stereo comes on, played CDs, etc but no sound. Is there another fuse somewhere I'm missing? Thoughts?

i think that is enough detail

black spots are being splattered onto the car from behind both front and rear wheels

Passenger side fog lamp is out. Have no clue as to how to get to it.

The top two buttons on the key fob work just fine. The lever that normally opens the trunk on the driver side door isn't working either. Anyone experience this same problem?

The owners manual says the coolant has to be changed every 2 years or 60,000 miles In 2 years I only had 10,000 miles and the dealer wanted to change it. How often do I need Wheel Alignment?

i bought used Nov/2006 azera with the following problems :
1- remote control is missing
2- curios control is not working .
3- media remote control is not working .
it's first owner had driver side accident year ago .

what should i do to fix that manually if possible

if manually not possible , how could i help the mechanics ?

e.mail thank you.

i bought used azera Nov /2006 car with ESC off light turned on .
the nearest repair shop said that the ESC electronic chip is missing ,caused by side accident , so what should i do in this case ?
secondly , is it safe to drive it nationwide in this condition ?