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black spots are being splattered onto the car from behind both front and rear wheels
Passenger side fog lamp is out. Have no clue as to how to get to it.
The top two buttons on the key fob work just fine. The lever that normally opens the trunk on the driver side door isn't working either. Anyone experience this same problem?
The owners manual says the coolant has to be changed every 2 years or 60,000 miles In 2 years I only had 10,000 miles and the dealer wanted to change it. How often do I need Wheel Alignment?
i bought used Nov/2006 azera with the following problems : 1- remote control is missing 2- curios control is not working . 3- media remote control is not working . it's first owner had driver side accident year...
i bought used azera Nov /2006 car with ESC off light turned on . the nearest repair shop said that the ESC electronic chip is missing ,caused by side accident , so what should i do in this case ? secondly , is ...
I will need new brakes. What is the approximate cost?
Problem occurs all the time just uses too much gas!
I just bought an azera, and the oil needs to be changed. I like to do it myself, and I need to know how much oil I need to put back into the engine. It is the 3.8 liter engine.
Raised sunshade and now cannot lower. It will lower when in reverse, but will raise automatically when in drive or park. Has only been used approx. 5 times in all.
I have my O6 Azera in the shop for the third time for timing chain tensioners first at 14,500 miles 26,000 miles and now at 36,000 miles . I had it to two different dealers What is going on???? Any help is great...
wipers do not work, I can hear buzzing from motor but wipers do not move, info on replacing wiper motor
This is a used car,which we bought in 2009 with 2800 miles on it. It rides ok but I know it could be better so I just want a qoute.
is there any special tool(s) needed to remove/replace the rear rotors and pads on my 2008 Azera?
headlights blinking on dim mode constantly dealer did nothing
My 06 Azera is making a clicking noise during acceleration on cold starts. It sounds like a valve noise like a lifter not getting enough oil. The oil level is fine been using 5w30 since I bought the car. The dealer sa...
I have my own rotors how much will it cost to install them and what will be the entire cost for front and rear brakes
I have my own rotors which I want installed and I need brake replacement for the front wheels. how much will the fee for doing the work. thankyou Bob
My manual transmission is hatrd to shift. Should it be replaced and if so about how much?
engine oil viscosity recommened for 3.3L engine
can i add fittings to the ball joints on my '06 Azera? the rubber is about half filled.
Is it required to change synthetic oil every 3000 or since synthetic is 5000 miles ok?
what wieght oil is used for this car
Does the 2009 Hyundai azera gls 3.3liter engine have a timing chain?
The passenger seat adjusting control will lock when it is moving the seatback back. Sometimes it will not work moving back at all. It will move the seat forward, but then it locks forward and will not move back.
Ithink the filter is on the top of the engine. Once you drain the oil, will the filter come off without incendent?