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the upper bracket secureing the alternator has cracked. where do i find this A. bracket?
is there any document i can download showing any info in regards to recalls of this situation
yes i understand there is a recall list in reference to timing belt issuse. yes my timing belt went wacked while i was driving and caused major issues..timing belt, timing guide, crankshaft sensor, bent valves, cracke...
when letting off suddenly on the gas, our headlights will momentarily dim. the dealer says this is normal due to all the electronics. its disturbing to us. any ideas? p.s. we also have the cold start 'ticking/knocki...
Ok simple questions, my car keeps jerking and feels like its lossing power, i have to gave it some gas to keep it out from jerking, what would be the problem on that??
where is the starter located?
My battery light came on about a week ago, so we replaced the battery. After we put the battery in it was fine then the battery light came on again. Then it went off. Now is goes on and off. What wrong?
my car wont start. i took a diagnostic test and gave me 2 codes they are p0750 and p0755. i looked them up on my device and said that they are the shift selinoids A.andB. could that be why my car wont start? and is th...
After I fill my tank with gas. Try to start my car, all it does is turnover and turnover (like it is flooded) and will not fire. I then hold the gas pedal to the floor (did not pump the pedal) and proceed to start c...
ok well i got a 2002 hyundai elantra and it wouldent start so i did a diagnostic test and gave me the code p0750 and p055. i looked it up and it said shift solenoid A and B. what do i do now???
I have a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited, I had an accident with this car and the alternator broke. The original one was a Valeo 13.5V and 130 Amps sins I could not get one on this island i put one of 12V and 120 amps b...
hello I was wondering how much it usually is to r & r an engine in this vehicle if I already have an engine ? thanx
engine light on, doesn't seem to be any problems, why is it on steady.
when I stop the engene vibrates then it stops & there are times while I am driving that the whole car is shaking but it does not stall, could you tell me what is the problem
Ok, here's the deal - my windshield wipers stop and then start again in a few minutes (not using the intermittent switch); sometimes my headlights turn on and other times not; my cd player pretends its playing a cd al...
The nut that attaches the motor to the wipers fell off, how do I get the wipers back to the correct rest position, I know on some cars their me be a metal tab that gets bent any clues?
While parked, unattended, parking lights go on and drain battery. Hyundai dlr has seen it 3 times, say nothing is wrong!
If I don't take my car to a dealer to have the scheduled warranty maintenance done, is it still covered under the warranty? How do I prove that I've had the work done? I'm due for my 15,000 mile check-up, and they're ...
How do I change filter and fluid?
I purchased the car used and it came with the aftermarket car starter/anti theft system. My remote has stopped working. I changed the batteries and it was not that. I can not start my car without disarming the syst...
our electric mirrors stopped working. we assume it's a fuse problem. we can't tell which location in the fuse box is the fuse for the mirrors. can you help? thx
Ok how can I tell when it's time to replace the transmission filter? I bought the car used and I'm not sure if the transmission has ever been maintenanced
Does it have front wheel bearing? This site only has wheel bearing replacement costs for only the rear. Or is the price about the same? Is the estimated cost for one or two?
How do I go about replacing the bub(s). I can't find where to access the bulbs. I did find the plugin under the rear deck but no screws to remove the housing. Thanks in advance.
There appears to be a phillips head screw holding the rear rotors on. I can't turn this screw. Do I need to drill it out to remove my rotors?
What causes A/C fuse to keep blowing? The fuse only last about 2 - 3 miies then A/C stops working. Replace fuse and then it runs again?
What causes A/C fuse to keep blowing? The fuse only last about 2 - 3 miies then A/C stops working. Replace fuse and then it runs again?
the timing chain tensioners have been replaced but the engine still knocks when cold. Is there another solution, or was the repair not done properly? Is there long term damage from the noise?
how much would it cost to replace both front and rear brake pads?
when driving i hear a tinny scraping sound then when i apply the brakes the sound goes away only to return again as i drive on-any idea what it could be? thanks diane