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Been like this for 3 months. Thought it was the head gasket but it wasn't.
with old fuel pump, tapped on the fuel tank and started. new fuel pump experiencing same problem, is now something electrical?
First, I'm not sure if the engine is 2.7L or 3.5L. In the fall when it started getting cold, the engine was sluggish to start using my remote starter. I use the starter year round, and never had a problem. Since the t...
When I start my car it says that the passenger airbag is off. Have no idea why. The light came on and it stayed on. Another problem that I am having is at times when I drive the speed is fine, then all of a sudden my ...
I was pulling into a parking lot and it died on me. I can't get it to start. It will crank like it wants to start but won't. Any suggestions?
No matter what setting, or location. There is a an audible click from the glovebox
It is giving a white smoke nothing is leaking
Looking for a few ideas on where to go here. Car starts and runs fine, then it dies and battery is dead after 15 minutes. Battery is new and load tested good at 2 different shops. Alternator is replaced and new, bo...
Was total it is going to be over 700.00 I don't know if I'm being over established or if it is worth putting this much into this car Other wise I love my car
Things have been going wrong, today I have to have steering peer hoes replaced. Should I contin to put money into this car. I love the way it drive. But don't want to have to start paying major money for a car of th...
I changed the battery on my car now all the lights flash and it won't start I believe it's the anti theft kicking in but I don't have a key fob is there any way to rest the ecu manually to hopefully fix this problem?
check connections and wiring to TPS with lab scope. car runs well need to get it through inspection
I just got my oil changed and was told I need to replace the boot on the driver's side steering (it's leaking). They say I need to replace the entire assembly that runs from one tire to the next. If only the boot is...
We have replaced heater valve, thermostat, radiator and both hoses fresh antifreeze, flushed out heater core. But once warms up and heat on blows hot for about 10 minutes then gets cooler. If you turn off wait about 1...
Check engine light on and car jerks while on drive or reverse
While driving rpm will jump up on there own does not change my speed they just jump up and thAn go down speed stays the same and twice my car acted like it did not want to start like if it had no gas?
Cruise control led to check engine light to come on. Now car will not start. Oil leak.
The car was running rough and engine light came on, someone told me that my two cylinders were bad. He made the light turn off and the car wasn't running rough, but now I started my engine light is back on wondering i...
my 2001 Hyundai sonata, the engine cradle is rusted through, is this under a recall. How much will it cost to fix.
drove car ,went to store came out and started to miss