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P0715 (input Turbine/speed sensor malfunction)
will not go into reverse..fluid is fine
I am just starting my own repair shop. How much labor should i charge to rebuild an automatic transmission in a 2002 hyundai accent?
how do you repair directional switch
need to replace the slave cylinder can anyone give me directions ? does it need to be bled?
my car die suddenly while driving won't start, can a p0342 , p1529 code prevent it from start? , maybe a timing bell? or a distributor? starter won't turn, same like it work but won't turn help please!!!
The car stalls at low speed and a warning light comes on. Also the gas gauge drops to empty when the car is less than 1/2 full on the gauge. Does anyone know what is going on?
Booth of my lisence plate light bulbs are burnt out I have the 3 door hatch back and have tried to remove the hatch liner, but can't seem to gain access to them to remove the old bulbs to replace them.
I smell an electric smell that comes from under the dash board everytime I put my foot on the brake for a long period of time, such as at a red light. I do not smell the smell any other time other than this. What co...
does factory stereo have option for plugin auxillary