My car is a 2008 Hyundai Accent, purchased brand new, only 15 miles on it when I drove it off the lot. At about 8 thousand miles, alternator bracket broke. Then again at 16 thousand, car now has about 35 thousand on it, MAYBE 36 thousand, and its broken again. Why? What is wrong with my car? It IS still under warranty.

Bought my Hyundai Accent HB 3 weeks ago. Have a beep noise (like a microwave sound) comes from front of car. What is it signaling? Makes the noise every 15-20 minutes parked, driving, locked or unlocked. I cannot figure it out. Nothing is left on when engine is off, I checked all doors too. So what is causing it to beep? Hyundai has NO clue as to why!!!!!!!! Service tech doesn't know why either!!!!!!! Please let me know..

I bought my car in March of this year and it has 15,000 miles on it. I've been told that my rear brakes are rusting it's not covered under warranty and it's due to the elements of WA state and the fact that they are rear drum brakes. I've had drum brakes before and haven't come across this. What can I do about this?

At times when driving, the light will flicker on and off. don't know if it's a sensor, and if it is, don't know where it is or if I can replace it myself


E check states car wont read

Got a code of P0305, cylinder 5 misfire, How can that be when it's a 4 cylinder engine need input and help thanks

I have a hyundai accent (1.6 vtvt petrol 2008 model). The car is knocking even in idle and shacking while accelerated . Went to the local dealer they changed the ignition coil and that did not fix the issue , then they found some oil under ignition coil and spark plug. They are suggesting there might be a gasket leak. And the cost of the repair is $700.

Please suggest if they are fooling me. And what should i check to confirm the gasket leak

It has come loose on one side and is hanging loose on that one side. Appears to be some kind of cardboard or pressed fiber of some kind.

Reliability,maintenance costs, Snow performance, suggestions. Thank you!

My engine light has been on for awhile but was told it was my spark plug. It would jerk a bit when accelerating and oil light came on. Now wont start. It turns over just wont catch. Still have power. I also just found out there is a recall on my stop lamp lights. Does that have anything to do with it?

When I turn the hazards on, the brake lights flash. No wiring repairs have been done...just started doing this on its own. Rear lamps also don't illuminate when you turn the headlights on.

Thank you for your time.


Rear passenger side has clunking noise when coming to a stop if driving around 40mph. Steering wheel sways back and forth slightly.

My AC has failed and completely ceased to function at all. The air does not blow at all, hot or cold. However, I would like to try to repair this myself. Can anyone help as to what I need to replace, and if it is feasible to attempt the repair myself? Where would I start, or where could I find a good tutorial? Thank you!

my car receives little gas. idling as it will go off.
while driving ejected black smoke and poor draft.
I'm afraid that he's broken air flow sensor.

A month ago I removed and replaced the battery to be charged. Upon replacing it I do not think I did it completely properly. Also, two days ago my husband power washed the engine at a car wash and the car has not been running right since.

When it first time start the lifter is noisy but quiets has it warms up? need for any concerns?

I had the transmission replaced. now the tranny shop wants the computer from the same car. I need to pull the computer at the junk yard. I'm no mechani.

didn't have this problem until they fixed my brake light switch. before the switch got fixed I had no problem with the tires except my gear shift was hard to put in reverse now that works but my tires are smoking

I was told to replace spark plugs and I deed I have same problem check engine lite stays on still runs bad help!!!!

It seams like it happens after a long drive,if u shut it off then restart it that's when i feel it the most .had AutoZone put a check on every thing shows to be good, Battery,Alternator.Also no codes showed up.if u can please help.Thanks

My theft lock is in my remote controled starter. The starter doesnt work properly anymore and my car wont start without it, or i need to wait 15 minutes to override it. Can i uninstall the theft lock? How do i do it?