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I was just driving back home from the mall, when suddenly my clutch went soft. It usually has free play where i can rest my foot on without engaging the clutch. But it randomly went completely soft, even if i rested m...
I've had the allignment done and new tires put on and sometimes it feels like the front end is going to shake off. Then it seems to disappear after 50 mph
When you mention P0133 code possibly being cause by an exhaust leak what kind? like fron the exhaust mainfold? the flex pipe? I notice lately that my car sound a ittle louder than it did before. and I already replac...
My mechanic replaced my transmission because the codes were coming up on his diagnostics machine. However, the car was still driving rough (slow at accelerating from 1st to 2nd and 3rd to 4th and try to stall but the...
fourth cylinder used to tap when started but would stop when warmed up. it sat for a while and when i started it it taps loud and constant. what is it?
how much will replacing my fuel line cost Hundyai 2000 Accent
Every time I try to fuel up the gas nozzle shuts itself off every 5-15 seconds so instead of it taking a couple minutes to fuel up my car it takes at least 10. Any idea on what could be causing this? Thanks!
car started then stalled ,started again ran for a little while but it would sputter then run normal now it wont start
ive driven the car already 154 miles there the only two left to set . Thanks my vehicle is a 2002 hyundai accent.
again it coast 800.00 But the light keeps comming on. could it be a problem in the electrical system? Which was replaced three years ago
Check engine light does not show engine problem.
car been driving a little sluggish, acting like it might shut off .
The area for the airbag module
The lights would not dim and I had dim light bulbs replaced. That didn't fix problem and i ordered a switch Number S14469. I received it. Can I install it myself? If so send me instructions. Thank you.
Where can I start to diagnose evap system. Or how? I have repaised technical problems for years? Any ideas would help.
The owner's manual didn't give information about where I could find transmission dip stick.
Hyunday Accent 2003 - In the morning the battery check light does not show but after heating up it shows. Is a alternator problem?
bumper pop out on one side and would like to fix it instead of turning it in to my insurance
I have 97 accent GL I was driving through W.Va. in the mountians with no problems and the transmission started slipping and now it only will mov in low 1 and low 2 as soon as i shift into drive the engine starts revvi...
I can drive in low gears 1&2 but it won't go in drive the engine just revs real hi
I checked the fuses in the left kick panel and didn't find any that was bad. I checked them with a meter. I also checked the fuses under the hood at least any that made any sense to be connected in that line. And now ...
When ordering parts I need to know Shoes or Pads & Drums or Roters.
might need to replace my tranny fluid temp sensor, need to test it to see if its bad getting a p)713 code. but i cant find it, i think its on the bottom of the tranny right near the filter but my next problem is i can...
car will only shit when shift lock override is pushed
where is the heat control valve located and how do i teplace it?
ive tried all of my fuses and replaced the flasher but it is different from the one that was in the car i took my test light and am not recieving any power to the flasher at all is there any other relays or what abou ...
I'm loosingg fluide. I was told it cold be the slave cylinder. However the car sat for 14 days it was full of fluide but when i went to use the car it had no fluide.
Eps light appear during driving then steering suspend thats will not be end exipt if i restart engin