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my front bumper is broken and I would like to fix it

Can gear box oil seal breakup during driving and leak oil ?

The car just turned off. Had to pull it to the side of the road. Turn key but nothing. can roll windows down and radio works.

lt stays on all the time.

Car already has 173,000 just got it for my daughter in college wanted to know about how many miles this car can get

Have to accelerate heavy starting off or else engine seems out of time or missing. Restarting engine seems to reset and it runs fine.

Having a lot of problems with automatic transmission shifting

does the clutch smooth side face out or in

It is hard to shift gears as soon as engine starts. after that everything's seems fine

what is the cause.

Every time you add fuel

plugs were replaced when i went to o rileys to have the codes checked the guy said it was mis firing all over i needed a tune up

The third brake light has some of the LED's out. Is there a way to get to those LED's on a hatchback? If not, how do you remove the entire fixture?

i drove another 10 miles in 2cd gear with no problems just could not shit, so clutch is good but hydrolics failed?

Hyundai i30

Cranked the car . drove about 5 miles down road and it shut off. Never had this problem. Tried to start with cables. But nothing

Can any one provide me resistance values of (ohm range) accent 2000 car.

All other settings are fine, the car starts back up when I switch it back and no fuses are blown.
What could cause this?

even with the turning of the steering wheel the front wheels don't turn. what could be the reason for that

When changing my flat tire I attempted 3 times with three different brand tires all are size 14 but we're not Hankook and the tires seem too fat because all three tires rubbed after they were fully assembled

What is the resistance range of accent 2000 fuel level sender. i dont have access to repair manuals. so please help.

Ever quarter to half gallon successively while refueking the fuel pump will shut off indicating a full tank when I just started pumping at half a tank reading on he fuel guage.

can not locate purge valve

I recently had 2 cylinder misfires that killed my catalytic converter. I replaced the coils and plugs for the the misfires and the converter, but its still running very rough. Its a lot louder than it was before. I was driving, gave it some gas to accelerate from 40 to 50 mph, the RPM's spiked and the check engine light came on and flashed. I pulled over and turned around cause I was only 5-6 miles from home. After 2 minutes the light went off. What else could it be?

ck out lines, replaced Purge Control Valve, now trying to ck out the Evap. Emission Sys. Leak Detection Pump. Any other thing I should ck. & anyway to ck the pump out?

after filling gas tank I started drinking a few miles and engines just died. It turns but won't restart. Why?

My car equipped with low fuel warning light. i had to replace my fuel pump
recently and after installing new pump, my fuel gauge went out of work.
when discovering found that my old pump sending unit has 3 wires and
new one has only 2 wires. my fuel pump connector also has 5 pins (2 for
pump and 3 for sending unit)

is there any way to modify my connector in order to reactivate my fuel

please help

The light over the visor mirror is out, how do you change it?

The car shakes on the highway sometimes, but I just got new tires.

The belt squeals when the air conditioning is on, but the belts were changed recently.

Only blowing hot air