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brakes(wheels) lockup had calipers,brake hoses,pads and master cylinder replaced now all 4 wheels lockup
how many miles do i need to drive to complete a drive cycle and how fast do i need to drive
what is the blend door in regards to no heat
The local shop has now replaced the Power Steering Pump twice with a remanufactured pump. Still getting leakage. What else could the problem be?
driving down highway starts sputtering and cuts off.wil not srart back it towed home unloaded and it started back up.what can the problem be?
where's the radator drain at
The air bag warning light on the dash stays on, had if fixed once at dealer but within a month it came back again. We were told it does not affect the airbags going of whenthey are supposed to or when they are not sup...
I Changed the transmission fluid in my elentra and still cannot exceed 30 mph. The gears shift at low speeds as expected; however when I reach 30mph it wont shift into its higher gear.
can I just buy the thing that is glued to the windshield for my mirror?
Just had an alignment on our car with 28750 miles. Company advised all models are designed with right camber to -1.52- it will not align properly but they advise all Hyundai 2009 Models are designed like this. Is this...
Service engine light has been on, and now, after recharging batteries, the engine won't turn over. Rest of the interior, the door lights, all other electronics inthe cab are functional.
how do you change the brake light in the back seat above the hat rack in the middle of the back glass
Does the timing (& timing) belt have to be disturbed when changing the water pump? Also, can one access the water pump easier thru the wheel well on passenger's side? Thanks much.
misses and has no power only when it is raining or really damp outside i changed the plug wires a while back but no help still has problem
Hyundai dealer said seal was bad and fluid leaked out of the rear differential. The whole rear differential needs replaced and cannot be rebuilt. Would this not be a drivetrain defect and should it not be covered un...
The engine light just came on. Is it OK to drive to the dealer or should I have it towed?
how do i replace an airbag sensor myself?
How do i fix the temp knob
What is the best way to diagnos what could be causing the fuel guage not to go to full when the tank is full.
Last year, my Sante Fe lost power and would not drive more than a couple MPH. The cat was clogged. Finances being what they are, I could not fix correctly and removed cat. Since then, vehicle stalls when cold.Also, th...
My steering wheel was very hard to turn 3 days ago and I thought it was my power steering fluid, but that wasn'nt it then I notice to the right of the power steering fluid I notice that the small belt was worn out and...
I have not changed my oil for many, many miles! I know, you're cringing. I hardly use my car and I typically drive within a three mile radius. I forgot! The "Check Engine" light came on Wed, 11/17 and I heard a kn...
can somone tell me or give me a way to find out if my 2000 hyundai elantra wagon 2.0L engine is an interferance motor or not
Recently, my transmission has been acting up. It'll make a buzzing noise and the idle is completely off, jumping up and down. This happens now anytime I have my car in gear. It'll sometimes die too, I gave it a good t...
I need to replace the output shaft seals in the transmission. Only problem is I need to know what transmission model I have.....where/how do I find this information?
Engine will not fire, when cranked checked the following Power to coil with key on 12.8 volts power to cam position sensor with key on 12.8 coils checked secondasry and primary windings are with in specs. has timi...
do i have a belt or chain
What should it cost to change the timing belt and water pump
I started my vehilce in the morning and the engine just kept reving up by itself. when I tried to hit the gas, nothing happened at all. It was as if I wasnt hitting the gas. I shut offf the car and restarted it, then ...
Gear will not shift from park. Any suggestions?