2yrs ago had problems w/slow starts & acceleration- especially in cold/damp conditions. Replaced PCV, fuel filter & pump, all good for a few wks, but eventually replaced solenoid. All worked great till yesterday- died while driving, won't restart at all. Any ideas as to what it is now?

Not sure if it's just a fuse issue or something else.

car sputtering and dying

Recently had crank position sensor and ignition sensors replaced, along with timing and balancer belts. Check engine light was out and had the smog check (CA) done. Passed with flying colors. Next day check engine light came on again with those codes. Back to mechanic tomorrow. Any suggestion on either code fix?

car will only shit when shift lock override is pushed

125K mileage

changed plugs, wires, 2 coils, starter, altenator, ignition module, cam and crank sensors

car shifts fine in 1st 2nd and 3rd but no overdrive help

fluid level is good car hase 125000 miles

The bulbs behind the fan control and temperature control are burned out.

2008 hyundai elantra

The check light in the dashboard comes on and off for no apparent reason for the air bag. No particular times or braking or acceleration. What should I be looking for first?

leaking antifreeze after just having radiator and water pump replaced should i be charged to fix and what could it be

my clutch gets loose everytime i use the vehicle and i hear a funny noise everytime i press the clutch down

where is the heat control valve located and how do i teplace it?

I've had trouble with my Elantra for some time now, but nothing this severe. One day, after showing no warning signs, my husband and I were on our way to my work and his school and while we were slowing down at a red light, my car completely shut off. Power steering and all. It would not restart and we were panicking. Some nice men came and pushed us to the side where we sat for about 15 minutes. The car then started back up and we drove it like it was normal. We traveled roughly an hour at about 60MPH(no stops or slowing down) with no problems. Once we came to a stop light however, the car died again. 20 minutes later it started back up. As we were coasting on an exit ramp it died again!! Of all the 6 or 7 times it died that day it was always around low speeds(under 30mph) and while coasting or coming to a stop. I took it to the dealership where they replaced my Mass Air Inflow Sensor, which we thought was the problem, but it died the next day. I then took it back one more time and they told me I need a new Crankshaft Positioning Sensor. I've done some research on the CPS but am not sure if it sounds like problems I have dealt with or not. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks so much!

I had a leak in the radiator that was replaced when they did it they didn't clamp the hose so my transmission fluid came out. It was replaced and the hose tightend, but it continues to jerk and then not want to move in gear.

At dealership how much can I expect to fix this problem? Took car in for inspection at regular shop and they weren't able to diagnose why the light was staying on.

I am unable to remove the key.

What amp fuse is used for the license plate lights

tech found bolt broen off the swing arm

it is a new battery and alternator. if this is a common problem then why hasnt there been a recall?

suddenly. What is wrong and how much will it cost to replace or repair?

where do I find the purge valve at, keep getting code p0441, have cleaned and replaced gas cap

I have a 99 Sonata GLS, 2.0 6 cyl. I took it to the shop with what I thought was a transmission slipping issue. After several hours of their tech checking every tuneup item (compression, timing, etc.) they said that the front 3 cyl were not firing and that it must be the ECM chip.
I took it to the dealership and they said it's never the ECM but usually a tuneup item. They ran the same checks and 2 days later said it was the ECM. They finally get the right one in and it did not fix the problem. They are at a loss now and consulting with "Hyundai Specialists" which I assume means the manufacturer. I believe he said that the injectors are working on the front now, just not firing.
Anyone seen this?

2009 Hyundai Sonata

then when I turned to my street I heard a loud pop and could not drive the car because the left wheel had broken off the car. When I looked at it the limb that attaches to the wheel from the car had broken in half.Is this the knuckle suspension and how much well it cost to repair.

I'm at a idle speed in drive or park, it sometimes acts like is wants to die. Does this little chugging noise and shake.. I took it to the shop and they told me I needed new spark plugs and wires. After replacing them, the problem seems to be happening more often. The problem is there isn't a check engine light that comes on. Also, my head gasket went out last summer, so that was just replaced along with the radiator. Just so you know some history on this car. Any ideas would help.

Car will not start. Key wont turn in the ignition. Small pieces of metal are falling out of ignition.

2002 hyundai sonata