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My mechanic replaced my transmission because the codes were coming up on his diagnostics machine. However, the car was still driving rough (slow at accelerating from 1st to 2nd and 3rd to 4th and try to stall but then jerking back into geat). He thought the transmission replacement may have been had so he put in another one and it continued to do the same thing. Now he is mentioning replacing the engine control module. He is usually very honest, however, I have been reading in others areas that this might not be necessary? Please help with this if you can. Also, he is saying the part itself is around $1,000, but I heard mention the part with labor should only be around $1,000. Please input on this if possible, as well. Thanks in advance for ANY help for this frustrated car owner!

mines sqeals when i turn on the ac

flashers,turn signal,and when you lock the car they work. but they do not come on and stay on when you turn the switch on for that purpose. fog lights?

Do i a have a hole in the steering hose? Or, what would you suggest?

My car will be working fine and then all of a sudden it seems like it "slips" out of gear and will start deccelerating even though my foot is on the gas. Then it will seem to catch and jerk as its catching. Sometimes it will happen while switching gears, sometimes it will happen while I'm in gear. It's very random. It will do it at high speeds, low speeds, average speeds, warmed up or cold, in Economic or Normal gas input. We have put in new transmission fluid, new oil, changed the fuel filter, changed the one of the fuel caps, had the transmission checked, and some other stuff I can't remember. None of it fixed the problem

you have to keep pulling the gas nozzle back every little bit to get the gas into the tank.

brake lights will not go out even when i turn it off and remove the key

fourth cylinder used to tap when started but would stop when warmed up. it sat for a while and when i started it it taps loud and constant. what is it?

broke the 4 clips in the cabin filter, how do I remove the filter box now?

I'd like to buy the battery at Walmart, if possible.

how much will replacing my fuel line cost Hundyai 2000 Accent

I have to step on the brake otherwise it will go very fast. Thank you very much. Rafael Suazo sr

I was putting Feron in my ac and the hose popped off while charging it. The ac was on Max while I was doing that. I placed hose back on and continued to put Feron in. I turned my car off when I was finished. When I started my car, the buttons that you push wasn't working or lighting up and the ac wasn't coming on. I change the small red fuses inside the car and under the hood and it still doesn't work. Can you please help me figure this out. Thanks

no service engine light. changed sparkplugs and air filter. seems easier to start when cold down

I have had to boost my cars a couple of times because I didn't realise I had left my lights on

Deployed need replacement instructions

The air is not blowing like it should out but you can feel it just kind of leaking out. It has done this a couple of times but I left it off and tried it later with no problems. Now it does it more.

30A fuse is fine.


when running 50mph and above,every time i step on the brake the wheel wobbles?

Every time I try to fuel up the gas nozzle shuts itself off every 5-15 seconds so instead of it taking a couple minutes to fuel up my car it takes at least 10. Any idea on what could be causing this? Thanks!


The mirror was broken off, the mechanics still work, but the plastic below and around where the mirror was is broken.

Gauge will hit the high end and then go back down to about half way. Also, the a/c will blow cold at first, then blows hot. Are these issues related?

I have to keep my foot on the gas pedal for about 30 seconds and the it is fine

How to change brakes

there is no dipstick

All windows and doors are affected. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I started to pry the control panel on the driver door up to see if I could check for a loose wire and the came on but went out again. I think the problem is with the driver door. I did not get the panel up. I was afraid I would break something. Do you just pry it up? I see no other way to access the wires.

i get in my car in the morning starts up perfectly drive around to petrol station turn car off and wont start till a couple hours later

My daughters car will occassionally go way down to about 5mph top speed and if she pulls over and shuts it off for a few min. it will start up and be okay. I don't know if the check engine light comes on or not but she said the traction control will go off. I was going to take it to get it scanned and she said that after she restarts it there are no check engine or other lights on. What could be the problem and even with the check engine light not on could a code still be in the memory? She is heading off to college next week and I want to get it fixed before she does big city driving. Thanks for any help!