I came to a light and it stopped.I restarted my car and drove 3 blocks,pulled over and it stalled again.I had it towed home.It will try and crank but will not start.Many ppl have told me timing belt but how do I know for sure?

2004 Sonata Heater/AC blower will not turn off

just need to know where it is at can anyone help me with this

Santa fe passenger side power window switch

i bought the car used with 172k seems the car has a few issues:

1) the car seems to stall or trys to stall when in drive so i have to place it in neutral to prevent that from happening then in drive when pulling off.

2) it seems to idle high like if the car shuts off on me and i try to crank it back up i have to keep giving it gas as it's trying to turn over or fire up. once it does start up my rpm is in the 3000 like as if my foot is on the gas to rev up the engine.

3) if i'm out all day driving or at a stand still my temp gauge is going up like near or a cpl times in the red but as soon as i start driving w/o stopping it will come back down to 1/2 mark.

lastly i've noticed when my foot is on the brakes in drive the car will all of a sudden jurk fwd an times my foot can be off the gas pedal and the car will drive fwd on it's own.

thanks for all help in answering my questions to anyone

I have an overdrive light on saying that my overdrive is turned off but as I look around the car I see no button to turn it back on. Can you tell me how to turn it on?

I found a small, plastic rectangular trim piece (slighter larger than door handle rectangular piece) underneath my driver's seat, but cannnot locate where it snaps into. Any help here Id'ing this piece would be appreciated. Appears to be facia cover of some sort.

Passenger side fog lamp is out. Have no clue as to how to get to it.

I have a 2002 Hyudai Santa Fe, production date October 2001 2.7 litre engine
I have an A/C problem.
I have replaced:
hi manifold line
Shrader Valve
I can charge the car with R34A
but the R34a only works for about 2 weeks and then there is no cold air.
The compressor works as the A/C system operates perfectly for two weeks. Any ideas

One mechanic said it was the rear brake pads, so I changed them, but the smell comes from the engine compartment. It smells like a mixture of plastic and fluid. It does not last very long, only a few minutes and then goes away.

What would cause this issue? It some time goes above 4k or 5k to get to 80 mph

i like to see were the oil filter is on a 2.7 santa fe

i like to see were the oil filter is on a 2.7 santa fe

i like to see were the oil filter is on a 2.7 santa fe

I pulled the dash front and removed the control device, took it apart, cleaned the brass contacts but no luck. Any advice before I buy a new control? Anyone else have this problem?

I can charge my cellphone and other electronic devices with the rear charger. Is it an easy fix or a costly one?

I checked the fuses in the left kick panel and didn't find any that was bad. I checked them with a meter. I also checked the fuses under the hood at least any that made any sense to be connected in that line. And now the left rear tail light doesn't work either and the bulbs seem to be good I checked them and cleaned the ends to make sure of good contact.

Need to repair or replace it.

Is this particular engine an interference engine or not also does it have a timing belt or chain and lastly considering the fact that this is a 6cyl. engine if I set the number 1 piston to TDC while makng sure both the intake and exhaust valves are closed would the camshaft be in the correct position

pt old pump back in truck runs fine but gas gauge not working now

hard and below half tank gas wold die out .so i put old pump back in now fuel gauge wont work and low fuel light on .checked wires had in out 1o times cant fine anything wrong wiring all hooked up

When ordering parts I need to know Shoes or Pads & Drums or Roters.

I just had engine rebuilt, now pick up is sluggish. Mechanic says needs catalytic converter. Does that sound right? What are symptoms of bad converter?

B4 I bought it I took it to an AAA garage for their pre-purchase inspection. They told me a few things that needed to be done. I had some concerns about the front end suspension and steering and asked them to check for frame damage or any evidence of an accident. None were reported by them. Now I find out that the entire car had been repainted by MAACO in 09. Car fax comes up clean for accidents. Any one know where else I can go to find out why this car was repainted??

the car is a 2000 model GLS Mint conditon has 87000 miles and works great for a around town car but drops out of overdrive when its on push button to turn off and it works great just cant go over 53 miles an hour or it over revs up too 3500RPM no check engine lights no other issues but overdrive

I took it b4 I bought it to a mechanic who said a few things needed to be done rack and pinion need to be replace eventually some leaking He also said the inner tie rods needed to be replace sooner. He suggested an oil change and tire rotation which I have done. I notice after driving it that to me it runs a little rough so I thought I should do spark plugs and wires + fuel filter or the general maintenance suggested by mfg at 75K What do you think ?

Drawing details would be appreciated.

Passing gear and the car would not up shift past 2nd gear. Really stuttering bad. Cleaned the MAS with Carb cleaner and that cleared up but now I got a P0305 code, cyl 5 misfire. The plugs were just changed 20k miles ago. Any ideas

I had the uel pump replaced but i am still have a problem.

(not a mechanic) I have changed oil on this vehicle for the past 4.5 years using the same parts and oil brand. For the first time, however, I see that oil leaks out of the oil filter housing unit. All rubber gaskets have been replaced as I always do but for some reason, it seems that the oil is not contained in the oil filter housing unit. I thought it was a bad oil filter so I put in a new one but the results are the same.