The owner's manual didn't give information about where I could find transmission dip stick.

I can't find any information in the owner's manual

I was wondering if theres an O-ring that might be bad in that connection that I could replace or do I have to replace the whole hose.

to unscrew the sprocket bolt on the camshaft is it cc or ccw

I think it is ccw can you confirm


Replace timing belt?

This cam controls the heater control that changes it from hot to cold. So the heater control switch is not connected to anything. I am not sure what that parts name is so no one can seem to help me order another one. Can anyone help me with this???

Hyunday Accent 2003 - In the morning the battery check light does not show but after heating up it shows. Is a alternator problem?

I have changed the PCV last weekend. Hoping that would solve the horrible gas mileage and hard starting after refueling. Someone told me it was the PCVS which I can't find anywhere. I was told where it should be but I can't find anything that resymbols what they showed. My car is throwing a P-0449 code. If you have a picture of where the PCVS should be would be great! Also, any other issues I should try. Charcoal canister perhaps?

how much to change the alternator and belt on a 2004 hyundai sonata v6. please just tell me what labor should be

listing of parts needed.

It started last week. It was first noted on the passenger side of the dash/window/door. Then the next week the whistling is now across the dash (windshield vent?) This only happens on an open highway on I90 North. I have been highway driving since I purchased this vehicle without a problem until last week. This problem started in one spot and has gotten worse over the period of one week. Any other people reported this complaint?

need info for lining up timing belt

When getting gasoline.

I have checked the alternater and it is ok, also have replaced the crank shaft sensor, alternator have been replaced. Can anybody please give me some suggestions?

The car also don't seem to run right either, so we just leave it off all of the time. We have about 150,000miles on it now. We get anywhere from 20----30 miles per gal. depending on if heat or air is on, or city or highway miles. This is a lot better then our 95 van that it replaced, it only got 9 1/2 mpg.

valve cover could be bad too, i suspect both.Kid will only use for work and back and forth to high school.Justlooking for oponion,fix or pass?

The scanner say's no comunication. I' found a cracked ABS ring
on the right axle. Will these cause these, and it under warrenty. We bought the car new in august 2004, and it just turned 36000 miles. The problem has been going on for over 2 year, the dealer reprogramed the ABS modual and said there is nothing else wrong.Mithel I ,think it was said a TSB was out
about this ring craking. Please let me know. Thank You
John May phone 410-484-7766

bumper pop out on one side and would like to fix it instead of turning it in to my insurance

this is the codes my mechanic gave me and I can not find it anywhere to understand what it is

u0d00 can you please help.

thanks so much

My car seems to shudder or hesitate from time to time, mostly at higher speeds. Dealer checked transmission and throttle computer settings and found nothing wrong. Feels like brakes are engaging for a split second and then releasing.

Mechanic states no problem after running diagnostics. Has 1 yr old battery. Initial start up is usually 1 crank, after that it may take up to 4 times. Also have a slight ticking from engine when cold.

Acceleration unpredictability as if cruise control is on, check engine light, throttle sticking, replacement of battery too often, cabel issues, transmission acting wonky, everything you can think of keeps happening and its all sensor related. I fix the probs and the sensors. We are talking $$. Now, its in again. Thing is, I am way overdue on Timin belt change, though I've changed the serpentine belt and several hoses, oxygenn sensors, more than once. frustrated.

The problem occurred when I broke the mirror

I read the code on my wifes 06 Tucson and I was wondering what it translates to? Fault 02 pend 02.

left side half shaft leaking

I have 97 accent GL I was driving through W.Va. in the mountians with no problems and the transmission started slipping and now it only will mov in low 1 and low 2 as soon as i shift into drive the engine starts revving to about 55oo rpm's then i have to stop and turn off the motor put it in park wait about 1 minute start it back up and i can get it to move only in low gears for a couple miles and it starts slipping again does anybody know what the problem could be

I got lifetime warranty front brake pads on my car, and 2 months later I had work done on the car. I thought I was getting the rear brakes done, but according to my receipt they replaced the exact same pads they did before, and charged me the full price (parts and labor). A: is it normal for them to charge labor on a lifetime warranty job that was 2 months old? B: This happened almost a year ago, but I just reviewed all my receipts right now. What is my recourse?

I can drive in low gears 1&2 but it won't go in drive the engine just revs real hi

Reports say it will hurt the car more than help.