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Does a 2002 Hyundai Elantra have push rods?? If not, what does it have? Thanks.
How to remove Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir?? Can't access from top
My can will not start up, the engine will turn over but it wont start acts like it wants to.It sounds like it's starving for fuel. I have to keep the iginition turn on to the on position,trying to get the moto...
i have a 2002 hyundai sonata 4cl, standard trans. my speedometer, odometer, gas gauge, temp gauge, and rpm's not working.the digital odometer sometimes blinks, but the numbers never change. also every time i test at e...
If timing belt breaks, will it damages valves and other components, or will it just stop the car and belt replacement only?
Just bought a 2010 sonata, the next morning go out ot start itto defrost the car,living in IL 5 degrees that morning, the car would not start. I got out of the car then got back in and the car started. It did the sam...
engine light on, hyundai dealership quoted $695 for above job. YIKES! is it really that expensive????
When I start the car in the mornings, turn on the fan, it blows. However, if I stop the car and re-start it shortly after, it does not blow (when stopping to get gas, etc). Is this a Blower Motor Resistor problem,...
Anyone have problems with the axle and CV Boots being replaced and this seal leaking? Trans problem or dealer/mechanic fault??
i need to know how to put the timing belts on
The engine light is on. A coil and spark plugs were replaced, but now th gauge that moves when you step on the gas pedal does not move. And the engine light still is on.
Where is the fuel pump and filter locate don a 2010 Tucson?
The airbag light in my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe light is on but has never been deployed. At first it flashed on and off but now it stays on. Do you have any ideas to what the problem is?
I was told that the r/f buckle needs to be replaced. Cost would be $400. Is this a fair price?
I dont know if I should replace the clutch or replace the entire transmission. The car hesitates whenever changing gears and has lost all its zip. I dont want to pay a la carte and eat up all my money. Which is more...
I have my own rotors how much will it cost to install them and what will be the entire cost for front and rear brakes
What would it cost approximately to replace the engine? Or to just install a new block?
I've lost control of my heater/ac vents. The air flow is stuck on windshield defrost. The temperature control works fine as does the blower speed control. I just can't get heat to deflect to the floor or a/c to come...
My rearview mirror has a dimming feature. Also a computerized garage door opener. Problem: The garage will not open from the outside of the garage using the intagrated (sp) opener in the rearview mirror. Does the mir...
What will it cost to replace the timing belt at 60,000 miles?
Would the timing belt replacement on an XG 350 with 35,000 be covered by warranty ? Any suggestions ? Please reply to Thank you.
How much should PA state Inspection and Emission Test Cost? I can't find that information on this site.
Loud knocking noise when running.
Hi Guys My Tiburon heat stopped working. Everything sounds as if it's working properly but no heat. I have the 3 knobs controller. When I'm under the dash and I change the temp control I can see it working properly. ...
First pass.side washer stopped then a month later driver side stopped-hoses and connections seem ok reservoir level went down a little after filling. Where is the washer pump located.
Battery won't stay charged. Tried that old trick of disconnecting one wire from the battery and car does run, however the little red warning light [battery] stays on when current is applied, i.e; lights,radio or heate...
brakes locking up replaced everything on brake system
how do i tighten the powersteering belt?