I have had no other problems with heat or air conditioning or anything else electrical.

2005 Hyundai Sante Fe, one owner. Does anyone know of known problems.. callangie@yahoo.com

need to replace obd code po156

I am getting confured.

and some missing. The dealership says the parts are not available. Who can install a new horn?

smell. The car is not overheating. Any help?

the ac blows cold air then luke warm air ,i took it to the dealer and the mechanic says theres nothing wrong with it ,im very very dissapointed the car has less then 8000 miles on it

I spend almost 25 minutes filling the tank

Recently we have noticed a sticky liquid oozing out the cracks around the center dash above the radio and at the very bottom where it oozes in little trails down toward the gear shift. 2007 Tucson. Warm weather problem

the mechanic says that the pulley was wobbly and caused the belt to come off.

what does it mean to unstake the rear hub nut on a 2005 elantra?

it would crank if i let it sit for 20 to 30 mins.but then it got where the only way i could get it to crank was to turn on different things like ac,lights,etc.and moving the tilt on the steering wheel.now it want crank at all.

my daughters car, i added stop leak and freon, i guess i over did it and pop off, made a heck of a noise for about 2 seconds, tried to recharge, looked good except the compressor won't come on, its like i blew a control fuse for the compressor, checked under hood fuses, o.k. checked driver side fuse panel, all seems well. any ideals. i am broke,unemployed, and she is hot, and in college. help j.g.

engine wash

i got the code po455 when i did the oil and oil filter and air filter what can i do to stop the smell

5 th gear at 60 mph im running 3000 rpm that seems to high ?

had to have it fixed should i pay

On a few occasions when I puilled into a parking spot I would attempt to place car in park-I was unable to pass neutral--I would then place car in drive roll forward and then the car is placed in park. Your opinion please

Car is making a whining noise when i turn the wheels. getting harder to turn, noise getting louder.

again it coast 800.00 But the light keeps comming on.
could it be a problem in the electrical system? Which was
replaced three years ago

My transmission went out and I bought a used transmission and they do not match 100%. The front axle doesnt look the same on the new one. The old one front axle part is smaller than the new transmission. What years will fit the 2003 Santa fe? Or does it have to be from another 03 santa fe to fit right? Do I have to change out any parts? etc. HELP

Check engine light does not show engine problem.

I need to change the valve, and don't know where it is

The alternator is not working and need to be replace. The cv axle need to be removed to replace altenator

I need to replace the purge valve, and need to know where it is.

and also the light bulb on the turn signal for the windshield wipers.you can not see any of them at night. I hope you know what I am talking about.Thank you Debbie

car been driving a little sluggish, acting like it might shut off .

the check engine light came on, code said timing advanced & cam sensor, car began idling rougher, reset check engine light & it came back on in about 400 miles then check engine light went out in about 100 miles...then this repeats

Is the fuel pump on a 2006 sonata under the back seat?

i have just replaced sensors input & output and o2. replaced thermostat, have a less than year old exhaust system,brakes. all repairs done by reputable garage(s)replaced o2 sensor twice every time we try to reset computer per emissions the check engine light comes on with same code o2 slow response. also have checked all connections to computer, manifold for cracks,etc.only 62,000 miles on car about 1,000 dollars in repairs in 8 months