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The airbag light stays on all the time.

Car won't start all lights work key start vehicle

I was just driving back home from the mall, when suddenly my clutch went soft. It usually has free play where i can rest my foot on without engaging the clutch. But it randomly went completely soft, even if i rested my foot on it like usual, it just sunk almost to the bottom. For the first time, i had to completely depress the clutch all the way to the end to change gears. As well, i struggled to put it into 1st and 2nd, i managed it, only after pushing the gear stick hard....
I didnt notice any leaks or anything, but I immediatly took it to the service garage about 3 km's away, so I didnt do much driving after it happened. No news from the garage yet, but what are the possible symptoms and the possible cost of the situation.


it wont shift properly and it will not shift the gears right.

need a specific derection to replace cabin air filter

Recently, both the dashboard "brake" and "battery" lights have been coming on when the cars under load, (gas pedal is depressed) then once the car is up to speed or the load is equalized, they go off. Any idea what this indicates?

when i try to put gas in the tank it clicks nozzle off time after time, like the tank is full. I can not get more than 5 gallons in after several minutes trying. What is wrong ? I looked at the hoses, seem to be no kinks or twists. What is th ccv that you refer to in other post? where is it located?

I replaced the battery in my keychain.

check engine light came on and pulled code for crank shaft sensor. replaced the part 3 times...and car still will not start. also replaced cam sensor.

I've had the allignment done and new tires put on and sometimes it feels like the front end is going to shake off. Then it seems to disappear after 50 mph


While driving the car you have to kick it into Neutral and red line the engine to keep the car on. A mechanic came to the house and glanced at it and said that he thinks its the fuel pump and filter. Not sure what it could be but the code it is reading is a p1166 which is an o2 sensor. Is this possibly the fuel pump, or really the o2 sensor?

I always fill up at a quater tank. When I turn on the ignition to take of the car shuts off. I start it up again and again it shuts of. After the episode is over I have no problem when I start the engine until I fill up again. I use Shell 90 to 99% of the time.

When you mention P0133 code possibly being cause by an exhaust leak what kind? like fron the exhaust mainfold? the flex pipe? I notice lately that my car sound a ittle louder than it did before. and I already replaced the oxgen sensor on bank 1 sensor one and erased the code and now it just came back. so I'm wondering if it is the exhaust leak. looked for amaged or cracked vacuum hoses did not really see any or bad connection or wires.

I don't know the method to change the bulb.

the car will not start now it turns over but will not fire off it has a winding sound while it is cranking i don't smell gas at all even when i pump the pedal i checked the fuel rail switch i belive is what it is called and pushed it and it clicked but still the same thing like it's not getting fuel what else can I check so that it will run correctly

Its been doing it right after I bought. So about a couple of days now. Only does it when easing on and off the gas. If you hit the gas hard it doesn't do it. Changed plugs, wires,cleaned idle air control. What else could it be? SOS

At least two stone chips in the paint on the hood have resulted in bubbled paint and rust. Rust has also erupted near on headlight, with no evidence of a nick or chip.

i have changed the transmission fluid, and still has no reverse, when i put it in drive it will jerk down into the next gear, any answers for me

this is what read out on machine said

old alt was at 8v with engine running, i replaced the alt

No response sometimes from stop with gas totally depressed, then takes off at high engine speed. Very dangerous when trying to enter traffic, no engine error code present.

Speedometer does not hold steady, moves up and down, light flickers on off shifter. Right front head light not working. OK with brights on.

has 80,000 miles and i am 1st owner

i changed fuel pump and still does same thing

my key will not trigger the elay switch to engage the engine I think it uct be th igniion switch because the problem is sporadicandI can start the car by manually touching the stater relay switch and the engine will turn over. Its just a really annoying way to start a car because I have to go under the hood everytime I start the car

I 'm tried to start is not Start again chek all the Electrical system the Gas pump is fine, The Vechile Crank several times but not Ignite the Compression thanks what did you think may cause this Problem

when I just turn the stering wheel there is no noise

At which point it will not turn over the check engine and battery light come on. The dealership has replaced the catalyst converter, the cam sensor and the ignition sensor and it happened again last night, this is the 4th time in less than a year this has happened. Any ideas?

I'm not experiencing any problems with my car. I drive it about 1000-1200 miles a month, mostly just short trips, but there are occasional trips out of town. Thanks!