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i have changed c clap on transmission side and just keeeps coming out.

What might cause the a/c fuse to need replacement twice in a few days?

On my 2003 Hyundia Santa Fe my rear light remainds on while my engine is turned off.

the heater don't give a hot air

my car is a hundai accent 1995

I do not want to worry of another bulb to change.

car dies as drivin down highway have done so much work to it over 1000.00 .. have changed ignition coil,ignition module,cap rotor fuel filter fuel pump starter battery catalac converter .. just bought ignition switch still have to put that in .. An my ignition nkey an steering column heats up the key is hot to touch ... i need a obd 1 an no one has that
computer for my car

The harmonic balancer pulley fell off a few days ago, so we had the dealer replace it ($370.00). Immediately after this, the engine began making loud noises on start-up for a couple of seconds. Now the dealer thinks we need a new cam chain tensioner (minimum $1300.00). Anyone have info?

mainly below 30mph and only momentarily. any suggestions?

bought an idle control sensor, still won't run right. I set it over one way it idles too high but accelerates, set idle normal and only accelerates to 2000 rpm. why?

light goes on after about 90 miles code comes up as mass air flow

the car is old and the heat and air is not working also

I replaced the gas cap and the code still comes back When I clear it the code goes away but the scanner keeps a yellow light and most diagniose don`t complete

Automatic Transmission. Replaced battery about a month ago because it kept dying. Got out of work today and the car was dead. Hooked up cables to charge. All the lights came on. Turned key and heard rapid clicking but didn't start. Waited a bit longer but when i turn the key no clicking. The lights all stayed on in the car and on dash board.

The brake pedal appears soft and depresses more than normal before engaging the brakes. I had the master cylinder changed and the brakes serviced but the pedal is still softer than I'm used to. What can the problem be?

The airbag light stays on all the time.

Car won't start all lights work key start vehicle

I was just driving back home from the mall, when suddenly my clutch went soft. It usually has free play where i can rest my foot on without engaging the clutch. But it randomly went completely soft, even if i rested my foot on it like usual, it just sunk almost to the bottom. For the first time, i had to completely depress the clutch all the way to the end to change gears. As well, i struggled to put it into 1st and 2nd, i managed it, only after pushing the gear stick hard....
I didnt notice any leaks or anything, but I immediatly took it to the service garage about 3 km's away, so I didnt do much driving after it happened. No news from the garage yet, but what are the possible symptoms and the possible cost of the situation.


it wont shift properly and it will not shift the gears right.

need a specific derection to replace cabin air filter

Recently, both the dashboard "brake" and "battery" lights have been coming on when the cars under load, (gas pedal is depressed) then once the car is up to speed or the load is equalized, they go off. Any idea what this indicates?

when i try to put gas in the tank it clicks nozzle off time after time, like the tank is full. I can not get more than 5 gallons in after several minutes trying. What is wrong ? I looked at the hoses, seem to be no kinks or twists. What is th ccv that you refer to in other post? where is it located?

I replaced the battery in my keychain.

check engine light came on and pulled code for crank shaft sensor. replaced the part 3 times...and car still will not start. also replaced cam sensor.

I've had the allignment done and new tires put on and sometimes it feels like the front end is going to shake off. Then it seems to disappear after 50 mph


While driving the car you have to kick it into Neutral and red line the engine to keep the car on. A mechanic came to the house and glanced at it and said that he thinks its the fuel pump and filter. Not sure what it could be but the code it is reading is a p1166 which is an o2 sensor. Is this possibly the fuel pump, or really the o2 sensor?

I always fill up at a quater tank. When I turn on the ignition to take of the car shuts off. I start it up again and again it shuts of. After the episode is over I have no problem when I start the engine until I fill up again. I use Shell 90 to 99% of the time.

When you mention P0133 code possibly being cause by an exhaust leak what kind? like fron the exhaust mainfold? the flex pipe? I notice lately that my car sound a ittle louder than it did before. and I already replaced the oxgen sensor on bank 1 sensor one and erased the code and now it just came back. so I'm wondering if it is the exhaust leak. looked for amaged or cracked vacuum hoses did not really see any or bad connection or wires.

I don't know the method to change the bulb.