i allready made a bench test to blower motor and it does work


It does this intermittently. Anyone know what causes this?

Rough idle and I could be just driving along in drive and it could die. Also I could turn a corner in drive and it could die
can you help?

I have a 2007 Sante Fe and have been having a lot of issues. First time I noticed the problem was when I was stoping at a toll booth and my car just shut down. I had to put it in park but then was able to restart it. It also happened one night while sitting at a red light. I flashed my lights and the car shut down. We have replaced the altenator, and gotten a new battery. When I go to start it now it just makes a clicking sound and has to be recharged. Once recharged I can drive it but then the battery seems to drain again regardless of how long I drive it around. Do you think that this is part of the same problem?

Both of the above indicated Fail on my vehicle inspection report. There seems to be nothing wrong with my emissions and yet I fail.

Recently replaced cannister purge valve.

I have changed the tires around.

coil pack,spark plugs,TPS all new.At times misses at high speeds but dosen't stall.

1 mechanic changed o2 sensors.1 changed crankshaft sensor.1 changed some air flow sensor and cleand throttle body.my brother and i removed the fuelpump and cleand alot of gunk that looked like clay off of the little screen on the pump.I then put fuel system treatment and it ran great for about 2 dys and then back to running like crap.I really like this car and was going to give it to my son for highschool.can someone please tell me what the heck is wrong with this thing?oh and now when i am going down the road it will accellerate and slowdown constantly.

Need to replace the dirver's side door panel after an accident

i know it has something to do with the ignition/ dist but what does it really take to get it fixed. and if my car has a lot of miles on it is it even worth it. i do have a recent timing belt though also. Im just wondering if i should get this done and i feel like knowing more information about it will help me to make that decission

I bought my Santa Fe 6/25/12. The hands free was one of the selling points for me. Worked beautifully, except for voice command, for 3 weeks. The bluetooth would not stay on. I took it in to Hyundai this morning. I was told the day before they were having problems with them and would probably need a new radio. The tech worked on it and was still working after 4 hrs. I was told they couldn't guarantee it would keep working due to phones not pairing?? Will a new radio fix this problem or is this common for Hyundai hands free bt radios?

what exactly do they do in a tuneup other than spark plugs

Di I need to remove anything to replace it?

This problem is driving me nuts, i have replaced the tires and had them balanced. i think the problem is in the engine, while drining at highway speeds i shifted into nutral and the shaking stopped, shift back to drive and shaking starts again.

could this be the spark plugs or wires.

car has 90k

My car vibrates at high speeds. What does it need?

bought a speed sensor but don't know where to put it

My check engine light is constantly on. My car has been stalling and cutting off when stoped at a light or stop sign. I've been told that it has something to do with an ETS motor that is attached to the Throttel Body. I need to know what does ETS stands for.

I took my 2008 Hyundai Sonata with 56,000 miles on it into the dealer to have the air conditioning unit looked at because it blows warm air -- basically when I'm driving slower around town, but it blows cold air just fine when I'm driving faaster down the freeway. They said the air compressor needs to be replaced to the tune of about $1,000.

My boyfriend wants me to just try recharging it instead. He knows nothing about cars -- is this something a novice can do? And, will this possible "fix" work actually for awhile, or will it make things worse? -- should I just bite the bullet and get the thing replaced?

Catalyst ssytem efficiency below threshold.

when my boyfriend sprayed with starting fluid it started then cut out..fuel pump??? is it in the tank?

rear right side power window will not roll up and I can hear
the regulator working.

this just happened a few minutes ago as i left a store to go home. when i got into the car and backed out, i felt a little thump and then noticed that i had no power steering. a few mins later i realized that the air conditioner was also not working. any suggestion???

this just happened a few minutes ago as i left a store to go home. when i got into the car and backed out, i felt a little thump and then noticed that i had no power steering. a few mins later i realized that the air conditioner was also not working. any suggestion???

I just want the cheapest estimates at actual places that repair one headlight and labor. So I won't have to go to all the places. What is the point of this website?

is this because i have 62000 miles on it. If not what should i be looking for to fix it.

speedometer drops to zero mph while driving on frfeeway

ive driven the car already 154 miles there the only two left to set . Thanks my vehicle is a 2002 hyundai accent.

Live in Las Vegas, NV. Very hot weather right now but I have never had my engine light come on. I always make sure I tighten the gas cap after filling up. Also, while stopped at a red light my car would like surge forward so I put it in neutral now while stopped.