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good hyundai galloper 99 model..rear differential make load noises when running at low or high speed....pls advice how i can minimize the noise...are they any ouil i can use to help lessen tghe noise?
the doors lock automaticly when you close the door and leave for a few minutes. Is there any way that feature can be eliminated?
how much do you think it would be to replace the intake manifold if it is cracked
antifreeze leaking out
Hi, In my Sonata car, AC fan works only when its set to maximum speed. Fan does not get turn ON on lower speed.
I replaced the crankshaft dampener pulley and now the car wont start. It acts like it jumped time but what does the balancer have to do with the timing?
have issues with brske lights staying on started today
How do I change injectors myself? What is the process?
I wanted to know how to remove the fuel tank?
I warmed my car up n my heat stopped blowing. What could be wrong?
Wonder if I have snow packed up under and the wheel turning in rear quarter driver side is making a knocking sound at times. We just had 6" of snow and had to back out over some snow piles. Would a CV problem make a...
My 2001 Hyundai Sante Fe is at the garage getting fixed and they can not get the hood open. Telling me the spring is broke. Can u tell me how else they can get hood open. Emergency need car ASAP
Very occasional no start condition, has occured about 8x since owning the car. There is no check engine light. It cranks, but doesn't 'fire up'. It seems as if there is no gas or spark...It isn't the crank position se...
replacing timing belt 50000 miles
Just start happening today when the car is idling (stop sign red light) the rpm from 1500 to 1000 and doesnt go below that. Im unsure whats causing it and how to go about solving it????
About a month ago I had a leak from the power steering pump so i pin pointed where it was coming from by adding dye into the fluid in the resevoir and bought the replacement kit which immediately solved the leak. Ever...
My car was checked by the dealer's auto garage and the estimate to do the oil pan replacement is nearly $600. They said they had to "pull the engine" to work on it and t he oil pan itself is expensive. Is this price...
I called the hyundai car dealer parts and asked him if they had a car turn signal flasher and he had no clue what i was talking about there a different name or part number for it?
I have a 1997 hyundai sonata and need to replace the side mirror. How much does it cost to get the repair done
Looks like my turn signal flasher is out on my Sonata. Whre is it located and is it hard to replace?
What type of drive train does it have?
Why is my car hard to start after I get gas? Sometimes I have to wait several minutes before it will start and I'm afraid one of these days it won't start at all. It has 94,000 miles on it so it's not that old.
basically, my headlights won't turn off on my 97 hyundai accent. i've had one flat battery as a result, and since then i have to pull the 30A fusible link from the fuse box if i want to be able to start the car again...
where does drive belt tensioner assembly bolt to engine block on 2001 hyundai sonata v6
how much will it cost for both new front rotors and pads and driver side front caliper labor and parts
If the steering wheel is not precisely in a straight driection, the key will not turn to start the engine. Once when the steering wheel was in the correct position, the key would not turn to start the engine. Also, ...