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After sitting over night car will only start by spraying it with starting fluid. What could be wrong?
I had to drive through very high water. This pulled down the front under pinning of my car. I'm concerned about damaging my C-joints, etc. thank you!
It happened first time today. After about 10 minutes it turned off but came on again when I started the car again. Car ran great with no other problems. Battery is 3 years old, cables are tight and look pretty clea...
Car is still turning off going down the road after its gotten hot. I've changed the throttle position sensor thinking that was the issue. It shuts off with no warning.
I have repeatedly checked the pressure and they are properly inflated.
Changed out battery. Due for AZ emissions 2 days later. 02 Heat Sensor & Evap sensors showing Not Ready. Have driven car over 500 miles & had 3 emissions tests (they just told me to keep driving each time). No Check ...
There are a bunch of little things going on in my car: -Power locks don't work -Clock inside the dash board doesn't work -The memory on the trip clock doesn't keep the information when I turn the car fully off an...
Occasionally stalls when turning a corner when gas pedal not depressed
This problem coincided with the check engine light. What is the problem?
The indicator lights are (green) as to show that the A.C is on,yet there is no air coming into the car. This happens also when the A.C. is not in use and the fan is.
No sign of leakage, full oil replacement 4 wks ago. Put another litre in to get home. Light still on.
I'm having trouble getting the top mounting bolt out.
What size tools do i need, and where is the spark plug located. Need help asap
The back end "creaks",is noisy when going over rough road/bumps.Its not so much a knocking,but the only way to describe it is an old rust bucket,like the car is VERY OLD..also makes the creaking noise when getting out...
Mechanic checked/replaced sensor. worked for a short time- now not at all. check engine light is now on all the time.
while driving you can hear a ticking sound.
Repair shop told me they need to replace the "air fuel ratio sensor" at a whopping price of course. But that will only clear the engine light. I need the bigger issue solved. Car seems to be better, not great after dr...
Does this mean that I need to replace the entire motor or can I just replace the barren?