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When it gets above 80 degrees the ac starts blowing hot air
Check engine light stays on and computer code P0420 shows up on EM test!
Won't pass emotions and inside lights stay on.
Then the security starts the horn honking. Then it's back to normal till I drive for a while and go to turn the motor off. It didn't start doing this til I changed the battery.
when it is not working the odometer and cruise still work. when coming to a stop i can hear a faint clicking coming from under the dash and then it usually starts working but sometimes goes for days before it starts w...
and also my door lock won't lock can you please help me
Tire wear looks normal so I rotated front to back but still have the shake. Its not to bad yet, I think it could be a CV joint as the rotors and pads look good and no shake when stopping. Anyone had this experience?...
I replaced the 120/40 fuse now it want crank it has power and the engine turns over but want crank any ideas?