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The previous owner disabled the lock notification when you press lock on the keyless entry twice and I would like to re-enable it so I can tell when I lock my car.
need price of new radiator and spark plugs.
how to remove and install a starter
change ac compressor and now the clutch goes on 3 sec and off.there is full of freeon
I want to know how many hours am i gonna take to change the timing belt
3rd time my clutch went out in one week. 1st time the person put it on with the throwout barring on backwards. it went out 2nd time my clutch rod went out today on my way home it just went out again ALL IN ONE ...
i replaced my battery 4 days ago. Now i find that it is flat, so i assume that it's not being charged. i need to find step by step instructions for identifying, finding, removing and fixing the alternator. I hope s...
ignition switch won't stay in run position. will run if you hold key in run position. only planning on keeping car for 1 year. should i get one at a junk yard and is it easy to replace?
key will turn to run position but won't stay in that position. what do i need to look at or fix so it stays in run position.tried new ignition switch and does not fix problem
i need help with the wiring diagram after used motor install
my batt light battery stays on
I have a 1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 fuel injected, DOHC, Timing belt broke. The #1 and #2 cyclinders are fine. The #3 and #4 have no compression. How do I replace the two broken cyclinders.
Had a guy start the job, only has it taken apart and is now disputing what is owed for work done to this point.
How do I replace the water pump on my car. What do I have to take off
Does anybody else have problems with the air in their lude? My ac does not work in the first place but that doesn't bother me as much as the fact that just vent air is heated more than outside air. And now it's winter...
My prelude has been shuttering a lot from the front right wheel when I accelerate for about a month. The good majority of power is going to my left wheel when accelerating as well. Could this have anything to do with ...
honda has v-tech motor and i have a 89 acura with a brand new engine which also has the same motor. is it possible to switch motors put the acura engine in the honda prelude?
I could start the car and it idle perfect. But when I try to revving it up the car start sputtering and the car seem to not go fast and check engine light comes on.
My Prelude has an automatic transmission. The shifter takes several tries before it will go into "park".
No engine light on. But when first start car in mornings , the car reves up and down on its own until it warms up , then it runs fine. What can be sum possibilities for it doing that.
turn signal flashes faster, bulbs are ok.
brake lamp panel light won't turn off
Sometimes it is difficult to remove the key from the ignition lock cylinder. The dash shows a flashing green key. The lock cylinder is worn but, I need to know if the ignition switch should be replaced. When turning t...
In the morning (used to)the brake light stays on until I drive for about 10-15 minutes, now sometimes it stays on or comes on when I step on the brake to stop.
in the morning at 9 am this problum just started when weather started getting cold the car will rev and keep reving but wont turn over then when sun comes up and the engin get warm it will start right up and will run ...
always wears the front tires on inside
when i make a left turn i get a high squealing noise and the steering gets tight like i have no power steering
I have a 93 honda prelude h23a standard five speed. When i turn on my car it starts to make a wierd grinding and whinning sound. I had this problem before but i didnt get to it in time and had replace my transmission,...