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Had struts replaced and then came along an annoying clunk on drivers side rear and I am told all is tight back there etc. Could it be the stabilizer link? How can you tell if they are bad? I have 94,000 on pilot......
I've had the two error codes P0420/P0430 for years and need to pass inspection. Ive already decided to get the catalytic converter replaced even though its an old car bc its been great, almost no problems since Ive ow...
And I also noticed that the transmission seemed to be slipping after stopping and then going
Had power steering flushed but noticed leak
what is cost to replace timing belt and front axle seal
Last summer, I started having an issue with the climate control. When the weather started getting cooler, if I switched from A/C to heat, it wouldn't switch back to A/C with the climate control knob. After a few trips...
I had an autobody shop lift the top panel on my 2004 Pilot while it was in there for an accident repair since this water leaking has been an ongoing problem while raining and during a car wash. They didn't find any is...
This worked for 2 days but it came back on tried again but didn't work this time?
A friend is having trouble with her 2004 Honda Pilot's brakes. When the weather gets very cold, sometimes the brakes won't "catch." This usually happens when the car is first started, but has happened after she had be...
The map light for the driver and passenger does not come on when the door is opened but the other two dome lights turn on in the middle and back
Is this estimate reasonable? What can be damaged if not replaced?
Have checked p steering fluid. Isn't that kind of sound as it occurs at higher speeds. Feels more front than rear. Front U-joints? Rear diff?
This doesn't seem to affect the handing of the vehicle. However, when the light is on I can't shift into the lower gears. I successfully followed the owner's manual instruction to turn this light off. But then it c...
I replaced stabilizer link and rattle still happens on light to heavy bumps
The Dashboard switch does not light up green, nor work to turn the cruise control on and off. Any help would be appreciated.
when driving car seems to be tracking fine but steering wheel has play
Is transaxle fluid the same as transmission fluid?