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checked all fuses ??

This doesn't seem to affect the handing of the vehicle. However, when the light is on I can't shift into the lower gears. I successfully followed the owner's manual instruction to turn this light off. But then it comes back on in a short time of driving.

The rear A/C on our '09 Pilot has stopped blowing. I read that a failed power resistor in older model Pilots was the problem, but unsure about our model. Has anyone here had a similar problem and how much did it cost to repair or replace?

I reset parking break but didn't help. First time this has happened. Recently had break fluid,flushed and pads checked.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the left map light does not come on when any door is opened. The right light comes on normally when any door is opened. The left light will turn on if the lens is pressed to turn it on. My Honda Dealer is talking about the fix costing hundreds of dollars. Does anyone know how to fix this without excessive cost?

I replaced stabilizer link and rattle still happens on light to heavy bumps

The Dashboard switch does not light up green, nor work to turn the cruise control on and off.

Any help would be appreciated.

I just had front end aligned and rods replaced.

when driving car seems to be tracking fine but steering wheel has play

Squealing brakes, grinding brakes, metal on metal

My daughter-in-law also has a Pilot and complains of the same thing.

When I turn the ignition on I hear a noisy radiator fan motor. Would you suggest replacing just the motor with a Honda OEM motor? There are shroud / motor assemblies on the market that are considerably less than the Honda motor and am wondering of I expect these to last?

If its not a difficult job I could possibly do it myself.



This started after I changed tyres sometime ago.

My pilot makes a knocking sound when idling. Could this be sticking lifters ?

Could this be lifters? Valves?

The a/c just stopped blowing cold air. It only blows warm-hot. Last summer it wasn't keeping up with our record high temps. Turns out the cooler fan wiring had disconnected. Once I reconnected it and added some A/C PRO it worked great till winter. Now, one day it just stopped being cold. I checked all the fuses and relays under the hood. The system has pressure, the compressor, and compressor clutch engage and the fan is blowing.

Is transaxle fluid the same as transmission fluid?

IS this a common problem with this vehichle

Took it to the dealer. They told me the compressor is not coming on; the clutch is not there ! Clutch might have broke off due to a locked compressor. Cost to replace approximately $1200.

Does the clutch break off like that? How to check for a locked up compressor?

The low tire pressure light has not come on, but the TPMS light came on while driving the other day. Stayed on about 10 minutes and then turned itself off. Any idea?

duel control only passenger side is cool I g

the noise sounds like the if the valves were clicking.. the car has 125k miles on it and it is looking is performance gradually.. Would someone know what type of issue this might be and what would the cost be?

Hi i have a 2005 honda pilot with 103k but evertime i put the left turn signal my dash and radio.flash with the relay and also when i hit the brake ,i have already replaced all the bulbs and nothing if any one has any idea please help

I had to have both front rotors replaced at 40K miles because of warped rotors. Now dealer says I need front compliance bushings need to be replaced. is there a correlation here? rotors were replaced under warranty.

the car has 197,000 miles

My vehicle has 72,000 miles and although I've owned other vehicles and never had 72K on them in such a short period of time, I've never had bushing problems. Does anyone know if there is any other problems, I should be aware of?
I also just replaced my brake pads and rotors and am still hearing squeaking sound when I brake. Is there something I should be looking for?

This has happened twice now, you can try and apply the brake pedal however the brake pedal is very stiff and the brakes do not come on causing a concern. The ambient temperature has been -30 C...does that play a factor on brake fluid or do we have an issue with a master cylinder, booster etc??? No engine lights have been on during this situation.
Please help if you can.