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Top part of hand grip is not attached to wall of car
Cold air was still blowing out of the rear vents but has since stopped and just blows warm air out of those and no air out the front. Seemed to notice an occasional single clicking noise coming from what seemed like t...
what is the effect of EGR to the engine if negleted?
don't park in rain build garage carry tarp
My 2003 Honda Pilot's rear rear windows doesn't work
The vehicle stability assist and VTM-4 engages without me turning it on.
The a/c works fine in the back but the front is blowing hot air.
My engine light came on and my car suddenly sounded as if it was running out of gas (tank was full). Mechanic found that inside the fuse box the wires were burned and had melted the fuse and he said this seemed to be ...
the front map lights don't come on when i open the door but the rear ones do. the front map lights work manually.
2007 Pilot ,129,000 miles had rear rotor replaced on one side ,resurfaced rear rotor on other side new pads just 10 months ago and now need it again.Grinding noise and slight vibration when braking.
2days ago dealer replaced belt,water pump,tensioner. small oil drops under car next day. 400 mile trip with no problems now larger oil puddle and oil in water. No previous problems of any kind.
dealer stated inner tie rods.replaced inner ,outer,sway bar bushings end links and struts.problem still there.any ideas?
Driver side window will not roll down but all other operate fine
I believe it is leaking out the seal where the pump suction stem inserts through a rubber grommet. I've tried sealing it with calk and other stuff but have not been successful.
It sounds like its coming from the front of the car.
Does this mean it is in need of the fluid changed? the fluid level is fine and doesn't smell burned?
I replaced the erg valve and this corrected for a short time and then it came back on. Any additional advise would be great.
All the switches work for a/c & heat but the defrost for the windshield and floor does not work and this is the part they say we need.
While servicing my 09 pilot with 54k miles, at local dealership, I was told my front compliance bushings need replacing. The quote is $780 is this a fair price? Also, is this a design flaw which will resurface every 5...
I just bought the 04 pilot and it was in VERY good shape but DID NOT HAVE a leak for at least 3 weeks and i need to see if Honda will help out with the problem.i am very mech. inclined and this problem started suddenl...
The vehicle was operating excellent. no engine noises. Changed timing belt (kit). Now subtle tapping in engine.
Can you tell me what suspension part needs to be replaced?
How long will it take to go out completely? Should I not drive it?
Just when in to have an alignment and Honda told me that I need right side axle seal replaced, replace Power Steering fluid and Brake fluid, transmission fluid. What will it cost me to have this done, estimate. ...
My 2009 Honda Pilot is making a "sloshing/gulping" type noise when i make turns or take corners. It sounds as if a half-filled water bottle is being turned upside down. The sound seems to come from the interior center...
Headlights and domelight "pulse" could it be alternator going bad? Any ideas appreciated regarding problem, cost to fix and difficulty of repair. Thanks
ATF is leaking between the transmission housing and the transfer case. The two ring seals have changed twice but it is still leaking. Thank you for your help!
Rattle (intermittent) in left engine compartment at 30 mph and only when the gas is depressed Rattle (intermittent) in left engine compartment at 30 mph and only when the gas is depressed At speeds below and above a...
Just started recently. Took it to the Honda dealer. They said that all three of mounts were bad needed to be replace. Could that be the reason for it to jump out of gear when I make right turns or hit a dip or do you ...