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It goes for a min then it starts pushing gas out of the canister
I think its the hub well at least that's what a mechanic told me and of course being a woman and knowing a little about cars, I don't know it that's what it is
I cheked.the codes a.saids.that is the TPSensor , i replaced already but still. P1125 P1295 P1120
Both my driver side and passenger side doors will not open from the outside and if I roll the window down the door flys open and will not shut unless I roll the window back up
..backside of the large bolt-hole (about 1/8") seems to be preventing me from sliding it in, as there just isnt any room for anything except for flush metal sides: is there a trick, or a special way that I am not awar...
I put a new pump in but when i turn the car on it doesnt make any noise or pump any fuel i can trip the relay manualy and then it pumps is this a relay problem
I got all my power and it clicks when I turn key but won't turn on is there a safety sensor
started smoking, when I depress the gas pedal there is a clicking noise.
water is not circulating through motor
sunny weather car will not drive unless in 2 and not go above 30 mph. while on rainy days car drives perfect in drive. what can cause the problem?
seems like it tries to engage but do not go all the way in
How do they calculate and labor costs
Shift shaft seal accumulator seal & 2 pan gaskets. Honda quoted me $436
When i take off the timing belt cover, sometimes the belt is slack near the tensioner, sometimes it is taut...have already replaced the thermostat, and cleaned and flushed the radiator, and checked the cooling fan clutch
it just started today drove fine before went to put key in an lights come on but wont turn over dose not make any noise an it is like it is stuck in gear
whenever i drive and cut off the engine and try to put the passport on park it gives trouble and i havto try it alteast 3 to 4 times before it stays on park.also it wont start whilst on park and i havto bring it down ...
the key doesnt want to go to lock and the engine doesnt lock
But the wires from the aftermarket switch are colored differently than the ones on the original?????
Have checked injectors for pulse with noid light. No pulse. Have pulled and tested spark plug for spark. No spark. Have checked codes - getP1290, P1299, P1295, P1515, P1220. Replaced TPS and checked harness for con...
Windshield washer, radio and some inside lights don't work. I think a main fuse must be blown. I have checked fuses under hood and inside. Where/what main fuse's should I be checking?
is their some thing wrong with the brain that's what another shop I took it to said
The timing is set and it well NT run it truns over like it wants to and trys to but well NT I just need help thank u
the only runs on left side turn car off unplug left coils start car on right side turn car off plug left side coils in and restart car runs on all 6 at that point turn car off restartedand car only runs on left side o...