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My car has the Check Engine light on and the code that I'm getting is P0401 Gas recirculation insufficient flow detected.
What is this?

What does the a / t oil temp light mean

I turn the key, all lights come on, I hear 1 click, but wont start. If I put it in Neutral, it starts... Any ideas???

how do i check my transmisson fluid?

what are the speaker sizes front and rear

car has hard time starting in morning the key just clicks for one or two times then it starts and runs find the rest of the day do u think it couls be the starter going bad

My 1999 Honda Passport has a rear tail light out. I replaced the bulb but it still doesn't work. Fuse?

just need direction already have the parts

What type of transmission fluid do you use for a 1999 Honda Passport? V6 engine.

i just changed the engine in my 98 passport and this engine turns over great but it just wont start. We have check and everything is plugged up and we have spark through the coil packs, resistance to the fuel injectors,fuel in the fuel rail, but still not starting.

i can't find lube zerk points on 95 pasport

I've noticed on the drivers and passenger windows an after market tint has been applied to the windows. I offer that as a possible additional source of drag. Is there any kind of lubricant (spray Silicone for ex.) that can be applied to the rubber door gaskets or brushes to facilitate a smoother roll up? Or do the motors just need replacing due to 16 years of service?

how do you replace the weather stripping on the drivers side of the car

Passport will not start, cranks but not "firing over". First thing I checked was fuses and relay for fuel pump both seem to be OK, I then Check for fuel pressure at the fuel rail via the valve, 0 pressure. Turned key off/on several times and nothing, prognosis fuel pump failure. Question there any other way to diagnose the fuel pump is bad without removing the tank and pump or running a temporary hot/ground to the tank once it's dropped down?

i dont know where t add oil the cap doesnt say oil on it

Where is the fuel filter locted?

i have 96 4x4,reverse work only when its in 4wheel i need to replace transmission or is there another problem?

Engine cranks longer when engine is warm and car sets for a while. Very short (regular) crank when engine is "cold"
after setting several hours or overnight.

Having problems in hot weather. When it's hot outside and the vehicle is at normal operating temp, it acts like it vapor locks, or maybe the fuel pump is on its way out. It is worse when going uphills, but will also act up on level ground. You have to pump the gas pedal to keep it running, and then it just barely stays runiing long enough to get off of the highway. I suspect the fuel pump, but would appreciate any input on this.

My car broke down as I had to drive it when it was overheated (to get off highway safely)- now mechanic tells me I need a new engine- how much would that cost????

After virtually no engine issues with this car at 113,500 miles, an idiot towing company lets a car come off their ramp tow truck and crash into the front of my Passport parked behind the towed vehicle. The initial problems addressed in addition to the body work needed, were AC condensor, heater fan assembly. At 114,400 the radiator blew and was believed part of the collision. Then at 117,000 miles the water pump goes out and trashes the engine, but is determined that there no connection to the previous front end connection. Does anyone know of this type of engine, water pump problem?

My water pump went out and all the water in the radiator runs out on the ground. I am not a mechanic, but is it something I should be able to replace?

I am only getting 160 mile to a full tank of gas. When on the highway, I am pushing the gas petal to the floor to get up to speed,and it feels like the gas goes in and out. Feels like the motor might be getting flooded. Wondering if this might be a bad fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, or maybe something else. Still does not explain where all the gas is going.

My car would not start so I jumped it and didn't connect the cables correct so I blew the ignition fuse and transmission fuse possibly. Can you explain where the transmission fuse is located?

i was on the highway and it was set on cruise control and all of a sudden the light came off cruise control when i try i enabling it again it doesn't

no codes, can't with a car this old..they said. transmission oil leak, brake light comes on, check engine light, a-p transmission light, exhaust leak.

We have tried the heavy oil 20x50 to reduce the "ticking" noise from the lifters but didn't really work. Any advise other than replacing the lifters?

What major problems would could occur what that amount of miles on the truck? 155723 miles

Just replaced the alternator but the brake and battery lights are still on.Plus my battery is only charging below 10 volts.The alternator is a remanf. one.I took the alternator off and had it checked at the auto parts store.They said it tested good but why is it not charging.I also have a new battery in my passport.Do you think it would be best to take the alternator off and just buy a new alternator

i have changed water pump,radiator,head gaskets,thermostat,and it still run hot where is the bleeder on this truck