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Where do you pour the transmission fluid, cause i had someone pour the fluid in the panel where you shift the gear. He opened t and pour it down there. Is that right ad if not will it hurt the car?
need location of fuel filter to be replaced
ive been told i have a sealed transmission, i dont have a dipstick to check it. does the transmission need servicing just like any other trans. or is a special needs trans.?
What is the function of an EGR Valve, and could a restricted air flow to that valve cause the engine to go to a reduced power mode?
When engine is cold the reduce engine light comes on and car shuts down on power-works after re starting-becomming more frequent. Recently replaced EGR valve.
how do I change the belt tensioner assembly?
Can someone tell me why my Passport only overheats in cold weather? I've driven all year with no problems, and now that cold weather is back, it is once again overheating. We thought the problem was fixed (new ther...
I bought this truck knowing i had to replace the head,so i did.hte engin started fine.the cat on the pas side was cloged bad so i dumped out what looked like powder then knocked out the restof the stouf and put it bac...
what do the spark plug coils hook up to on my passport,and why is there no spark ,
While driving it stalls like its going to stall out. The transmission has been check and its fine.
car won't start & main fuse is blown. if i get a new one will it start then. or is there another problem.
I am having an issue with the 4wd engaging. I haven't used the 4wd since possibly the summertime. But, when I push the 4wd button the 4wd light just flashes and will not engage. I drove around for a while and tried ag...
when i start the engine the valve makes a tapping noise
could you please tell me what the code PO730 means when it shows on my car computer. This showed up after i had my transmission flushed and filled
The transmission lite did not come on until they reflushed the transmission, after we had it towed over 100 miles, from it being serviced 2 days prior, and when we took it back to repair shop, they reflushed put 9.1 q...
The wire to the crankshaft positioning censor was exposed when my car was stolen. Now I've changed out the crankshaft positioning censor and it still will not turn all the way over, plus my dash board lights will not ...
Started in July right after I had the seals replaced. Have replaced the throttle positioning switch, solenoid inside tranmission, cleaned switch on bottom of transmission. Sometimes it will shift really hard, the...
the fuel,battery,and brake light stays on and the air or heater stopped working what could cause that problem
How do you replace the timing belt ...step by step...I LOVE my Passport and it was running Great then just died. The belt is not broke all the way but is coming apart so I think it skipped timing...
what i mean by engaged is that the brakes seem to be locked not allowing the tires to turn, when the car is in drive the brakes feel like they are being applied, not so much in reverse
What i thought was a 1997 is a 1994assport, reanti lock brakes are engaged, what can i do
my rear anti lock brakes have engaged after having some alternator problems(not charging battery) what should i do
1. where is the control moduel located on the 1997 honda pasport. 2.where are how can I find a diagram of the breaking system on line.
my reanti lock brake light is on,what is causeing the problem
when i turn on my engine for my Honda passport there is a very loud continues loud clicking noise that seems to be coming from the right side of the engine. what do i need to do to fix this?
How do you clean a noisy lifter?
how can i open the back door child lock is on and the outside door is bad.
When attaching the pressure guage to the low service port it indicates I need to add freon. When adding freon the pressure guage needle goes to the red zone(Danger) instead of the green zone. What causes this?
Where do you refill the a/c? I have the freon and an attachment but I think the attachment is wrong because where I believe the refill point is the attachment does not fit.